Who thought that a boy raised in one of the most hostile environments could rise to become a world-renowned urologist? Dr. David Samadi is transforming the lives of men with prostate cancer with his expertise in open and robot assisted laparoscopic modalities. He has helped thousands of men around the globe to regain their sexual health after undergoing prostate surgery.

About David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi is the current chair of urology and chief of robotic surgery at the Lenox Hill Hospital. He also serves as the professor of urology at Hofstra Shore School of medicine. He is also a certified oncologist and urologist who has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of urologic diseases. Dr. Samadi’s focus is on minimall invasive surgeries for prostate cancer. Dr. Samadi lays special emphasis on the use of open laparoscopic and and robot assisted laparoscopic techniques to minimize the adverse effects such as sexual dysfunction and incontinence.

Building skillset

David Samadi was born in 1984 and was raised in the Persian Jewish community. His family separated during the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Together with his brother, Samadi found their way to Belgium where the survived on their own. Samadi was lucky to land a fully funded scholarship that enabled him to continue with his early education. Samadi studied both in Belgium and London before moving to U.S where he completed his high school studies.

David Samadi then enrolled Stony Broke University where he earned his degree in Biochemistry. David went on to further his studies by enrolling for master’s degree from Stony Brook school of medicine. He then completed his residency in general surgery and other in urology at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein School of Medicine respectively. Dr. David Samadi also completed a fellowship in oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

The genesis of SMART Technique

While he was on robotic prostatectomy training in France, Dr. David Samadi learned the different types of prostatectomy. Dr. David looked at the existing surgery procedures and realized that they resulted in potentially catastrophic complications. He then created the SMART technique that results to less damage on the tissue and also promotes faster healing on the patients. As a result, patients take less time to heal and their sexual function is maintained.

Dr. Samadi’s Awards

Dr. David Samadi has won many coveted accolades over the years. Some of the notable awards that he has won include the Patient’s Choice Award, Community Partner Award and America’s Top Doctor Award. Dr. Samadi has also featured in several magazines that include New York Magazine.

Dr. David Samadi’s Social Media: twitter.com/drdavidsamadi

Clayton Hutson is a live sound engineer and manager who currently owns his own business. Hutson and his company provide musicians with the talent and equipment necessary for live shows and tours. Hutson’s work has primarily been in the genre of rock music and he has worked with musical legends such as Guns N’ Roses.


In 2005, during a tour with the band Garbage, Hutson traveled all over Europe, North America, and Australia. During this tour he participated as a monitor engineer. The company also provides production design, show producers, stage management, and logistics management.


In a recent interview, Clayton Hutson talked about how he started his business, what his workday looks like, career regrets, and more.


Hutson considers his previous experience to be responsible for the success of his current company. He began his new firm after the recession had a major impact on his previous employer. He decided it was time to venture off on his own. It was a risky move, but his talent and experience gave him the confidence required to create his own company.


When asked how he attracts new clients, Hutson said he pays attention to details and shows no hesitation in working long hours. His methods have led to a positive reputation among performers and musicians. This created a scenario where word of mouth became a primary advertising method for Hutson.


Exciting new technology has brought about swift changes,” Hutson said when questioned about current music industry tends. He says that in order to satisfy clients, he must always be keeping up with new technological developments. These technologies include different types of lighting and different types of systems to move those lights around. Hutson also made mention of some of the more ambitious talents in the music industry such as Lady Gaga. The trend of incorporating complex acrobatics into a concert excites Clayton Hutson.


When asked about his normal workday, Hutson reminded the interviewer that he was recently hired by Kid Rock as a stage manager. Hutson begins his days at 7 in the morning and is usually the first person to work. When Hutson arrives at the Venue he begins by getting familiar with his surroundings. Hutson works in different buildings all the time and its essential that he learns what he is working with.


As the interview grew closer to an end, Hutson began to explain how his ideologies differ from his peers. He says the biggest difference between his thoughts and the ideas of his peers is the fact that he believes skill is more important than attitude. “It’s often impossible to fully train a likable but untalented worker,” he said. Learn more: https://reporterexpert.com/kid-rock-tour-big-success-thanks-clay-hutson/

It takes some studies to understand the concept of finance. Al Christy Jr spent much of his life studying the market strategies. He invested much of his money and gave loans to help learn the trend involved. In the year 2002, Al Christy began Equities First Holdings in Indianapolis to offer a quick credit.

Equities First Holdings provide cash to both the corporate entities and high profiled individuals. The firm deals with people who show determination in increasing their level of net worth. The money helps to solve the short-term financial issues. Also, the cash assists to startup of new businesses and expand the existing ones.

The firm follows models in operation formulated by Al Christy, the founder. The set rules and regulations give guidance to make sure the reputation of the company maintains. The guide even helps to skip much scrutiny by the regulatory agencies. The firm has offices in the United Kingdom, Japan, Sydney, and China.

When Jeunesse Global got started in 2009 few could picture how they would revolutionize the health and beauty market. The company was started by two former retired individuals who were looking to spread their ideas and products out to the world via a network of salespeople. They set about trying to bring on new products and new ideas, and they have been wildly successful.

One of the product ideas from Jeunesse Global is not so much a new idea in and of itself, but rather a new spin on an idea that has already been out there. The concept is an energy drink, but the way that Jeunesse Global does it is different from the major makers of these types of beverages. Instead of just chalking theirs full of caffeine and sugar and calories like everyone else, Jeunesse decided to go about things in a different way.

What you will not find in a can of Nevo are any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. You will also only find fifty calories per can. That is important because a lot of people care deeply about watching their weight even as they have a very active life. It is understandable that they would prefer an energy drink that does not load up on as many calories.

The fact that there are no sweeteners or other artificial flavors or colors with this type of energy drink is a blessing as well. A lot of people tend to forget that they are getting all of those extras in their energy drink when they consume it as well. This can be completely avoided by working on only drinking Nevo for energy. Jeunesse Global has put so much time and energy into getting it just right for you.

You can find this product through any one of the people who work for the Jeunesse network. You might be surprised to find out that you know someone who works for the company. You should speak to them if possible and get their take on this new product and how it might benefit your life. They can probably provide you with the answers you have been looking for.


If you’re into some high-end markets – especially real estate – then you’ve probably heard of José Auriemo Neto. That’s because he is the current CEO and chairman of JHSF.JHSF currently the leading real estate company in Brazil’s high-income real estate market. It deals exclusively with shopping center acquisition and management, upscale hotels, executive international airports, and investment properties.Though it was founded in 1972, the huge profits it’s been bringing in has nothing to do with longevity and everything to do with adaptability and being able to snag an opportunity when one arises.

It takes a special sort of person to be able to run a business like this profitably. That’s where José Auriemo Neto comes in.As chairman and CEO, he has brought in several reviews and awards. Though JHSF caters mostly to Salvador, Manaus, and Sao Paulo, JHSF has been rated in the top by American architects by the amazing work led by Chairman Neto.He’s also helped to ensure that JHSF uses great sustainability methods.

By keeping up to date on the best practices in every aspect of construction and development, he’s ensured that JHSF builds responsibly. They sponsor many projects, including health and educational projects, as well as taking responsibility for and protecting the well-being of the communities it operates in.None of this could be done without the amazing leadership skills of José Auriemo Neto AKA The King of Luxury. His success, drive, and leadership and social skills have put him at the height of power in the real estate industry.

The rewards of working with appreciative cancer patients are certainly many. Those wanting to enter this challenging work field can apply for one of many new job openings now through CTCA. This amazing cancer treatment provider offers patients cutting edge treatments and the best care possible. This employer is looking for employees that desire to use their compassionate nature to make life easier for this institution’s many patients. The company currently has positions open on first, second and third shifts. Even part time and weekend positions are available. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of this country’s best healthcare providers in the way of higher salary rates, substantial health benefits and more employment amenities.As Cancer Treatment Centers of America prides itself on its top quality care, it is not hard to figure out why this healthcare institution offers their important and very valued employees so many job benefits.

Continuing education is often provided, and this might include pursuing advanced training in some cases. It is not uncommon to find the employees at CTCA that have worked there for decades. This work environment is relaxed and yet still remains challenging. CTCA might have just the right job that you are searching for.Housekeeping, laundry, maintenance and grounds keeping services all need more workers that want an exciting job. Dietary employs many satisfied individuals ranging from seasoned nutritionists, kitchen staff, cooks and dishwashers. The food in CTCA facilities is scrumptious, and these jobs are highly important, as those undergoing cancer treatments need to keep their meals nutritious to better their health. Dietitians and nutritionists work with each patient to develop a meal plan that the patient can easily follow. The buildings at any CTCA campus are remarkably clean and beautiful. The hard work of these and other staff members is evident everywhere.

Accounting specialists, IT techs, research jobs, pharmacy positions and various clinical care jobs are currently open through the CTCA job website page. Doctors and nurses interested and qualified in oncology care should consider applying. Surgical staff is also needed, and X-ray technicians, lab staff and a number of different therapist jobs are now being promoted. Non-clinical work is also always available. This includes, switchboard operators, friendly concierges, healthcare administrative positions and other hospitality positions. Come join one of the best cancer teams in the country at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Browse the full job list online at this center’s unique website.Anyone interested in getting into the oncology field are welcome to contact CTCA for job information. With promising new cancer treatments on the horizons, job seekers will find thrilling job positions through this reputable cancer treatment center. Apply for your dream job at CTCA soon.

OSI Food Solutions, the leading provider of chicken, beef, and poultry products on the eastern seaboard and beyond has increased their capacity to produce chicken by more than double. They are based in Aurora, Illinois (their Midwest division) and they have made some very interesting moves to maintain this high level of production. The main production center is located in Toledo, Spain and the bulk of operations managers meet here for discussions on how to operate the company. They have offices located around the world to keep operation streamlined and efficient. The investment was 17 million euros and it has made them more powerful than any other meat producer in the west.

2017 was a great year for OSI Food Solutions. They doubled their capacity of meat production from 12,000 tons to and astounding 24,000 tons! This means they are supplying the world with enough food to feed an entire country for a year if they donated meat. This is incredible! No other company can boast such high numbers, and OSI is only continuing to grow. The operating production plant in question is the plant located in Spain. They are now capable of producing 45,000 tons of beef, chicken, and pork. These are the most popular meats around the world by far so the fact that OSI can produce so much must mean that their factories are running smoother than competitions’. For instance, in Spain alone the demand for meat (specifically chicken) has grown by more than 6% year over year for the past 10 years and in the last 3 years the market has seen an annual growth of 8%. These numbers cannot be ignored by serious investors.

OSI Food Solutions made this production increase possible by investing in upgrades to an existing production facility. They created more than 20 new factory jobs and added a 22,600 square foot production hall to the poultry production facility. They have extra space for supplies, food, storage, refrigeration, waste, and a social area for the employees to enjoy. The addition capacity and job creation will serve the company well and will certainly benefit the overall economy.

Learn More: www.inc.com/profile/osi-group

General information about Jennifer Walden a cosmetic surgeon.

Jennifer Walden grew up in Austin. In the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, she acted as her class salutatorian. In New York, Jennifer built a thriving practice after she had completed a fellowship of aesthetic surgery at Manhattan Ear, Throat and Eye hospital. She acted as the co-author of Aesthetic plastic surgery book.

A review of Jennifer Walden’s story.

Jennifer Walden said that for eight years she practiced plastic surgery. She said that she exclusively focused on cosmetic surgery which included face-lifts, rhinoplasties, eyelid lifts, and breast augmentation. Jennifer reported that an enlargement cost $7000, a nose job costs between $8000 and $ 9000. Jennifer performed liposuction on the inner thighs, arms, and abdomen and at low chances invasive procedures which included injecting Botox as well as soft-tissue fillers. Jennifer knew she was a rarity because few doctors went into cosmetic plastic surgery.

Among the board-certified 8100 plastic surgeons countrywide, 851 were women, and among them, only 180 were members of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in American Society. The surgeon was male-dominated, and one of the reasons that Jennifer thought was that it was because one went through 5 years of training in post-medical school. One then went to a fellowship for one or two years to become a surgeon. It meant for a woman delaying to bear children. The unwelcoming nature of the culture of surgery to women being rough explained why there were fewer women who worked in medicine.

Jennifer Walden explained that it was advantageous to work in plastic surgery as a female because most of the cosmetic surgeries face-lifts to tummy tucks to augmentations get done on women. Jennifer explained that most of the patients were comfortable when they talked about their body parts to a woman.


If you want to be able to reach out for help for mental health disorders, it is time for you to make use of an amazing company known as Talkspace. Talkspace is actually an app that you download onto a mobile device, giving you access to hundreds of different professionals who are all reaching out to help you when you’re dealing with problems. Your problems can range from anything related to mental health to personal and even relationship problems. Because of the work that Talkspace has put into the app, it is one of the most used since it was created many years ago.

The main reason Talkspace is a wonderful asset to a lot of people is because it has helped so many people over the years with a number of problems. No matter what you’re looking to accomplish with this, it is time for you to give the company a try for yourself and know that you’re reaching out for professional help that is sure to work and be better than any other type of therapy that you have made use of in the past.

Now that you know about Talkspace and how it works, it is just a matter of downloading the app for yourself and creating an account that you can use whenever you want and need. This company is a great choice for so many different people, so it is well worth taking a look into for yourself simply because it is going to change the way that you feel about receiving therapy and reaching out for proper help once and for all. Talkspace is a great option that is also more cost-effective, so you aren’t going to be spending a lot of money just to be able to get proper help for your needs.

When an entrepreneur builds a product and fails, it’s always the wise step to go back to the drawing board. In the case of the CEO of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall, he doesn’t need to worry about failure yet, because his ideas have still been successful lately and have been so profitable that it’s hard to see why he’s not one of the most successful businessmen today.

The Recap of InterviewIn one of the most compelling interviews lately from Inspirery, it is revealed that Dr. Clay Siegall’s Seattle-based medical company that specializes in various targeted drugs for therapy is one of the most progressive and persistent medical technology companies in the market today. It is the mission of the company of Dr. Siegall to address the mortality issues in the society that have not been given the right answers yet. It is also the hope of his company to make sure that it goes through with its research unvexed and undiscouraged because the path to resistance is so great, that it might be just easy to give up.

When Dr. Siegall founded Seattle Genetics in 1998, he didn’t expect his company to be where it is right now. He didn’t expect that he could build strategic relationships and partners with big companies that can help him create more than 20 FDA-approved drugs. He didn’t expect that he could build networks with Bayer, Pfizer and many more big brands today that before were just dreams and wishes. Right now, these companies form the profit line of his company and have been the source of income of Dr. Siegall’s projects.

Professional Life of Dr. SiegallTruly, the remarkable success of Dr. Siegall comes from his professional track record. Aside from being the CEO of Seattle Genetics, he was also able to work for Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Mirna Therapeutics and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center as a Board of Director and Board of Governor. His degree as a BS Zoology graduate at the University of Maryland could be the good reason why he has the backbone of the education that he has right now and why he is ahead of the curve in the professional competition.