David J. Osio, the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group, continues to provide financial support for a variety of different causes. One of the organizations he has supported for years is the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO). Besides financial support, he also served as a member of the Orchestra board. The result of these contributions has helped the Symphony to stay in operation for many years and continue to bring joy to the community.

Another organization he is a longtime supporter of is The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation in Venezuela, which he supports by sponsoring their yearly EPK events. Medical research for children is a particular area that Osio is focused on supporting and improving. He hopes that other people will join him in contributing to this cause.

The Davos Financial Group advisory group has offices in New York City, Miami, Geneva, Panama City, and more. In each of these cities, Osio is focused on making a positive impact through charitable giving. Other organizations he has supported are the Wayuu Taya foundation, UMA Foundation, and the Funding Foundation. In addition, Osio supports the arts. One of such contributions was made to the Saludarte Foundation of Art in Miami, which helped to make the latest exhibition of artist Carlos Cruz Diez possible.

David Osio started his career as Director for Escritorio Jurídico MGO in Caracas, Venezuela. Before that, he studied at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela, where he completed a Law degree with honors in 1988. He later completed a specialization at the Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA) in Caracas in 1998.

In 1993, David J. Osio founded the Davos Financial Group of companies, which was dedicated to providing financial advice to a select group of clientele. One of the main selling points to clients is the set of services that is tailored to meet the needs of each client. Two of the main services are asset management and financial advisory services. Each of the licensed companies holds agreements with major banks, spread around the world, which makes for a competitive and diversified investment platform. Their website has more information about them and is located at davosfinancial.com.

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There is a huge number of different products out there for hair care, all of them with different specific goals and effects on the hair as well as different levels of quality. This makes research and choosing widely important. There are a number of products out there that are not actually good to be using for extended periods of time as they have harmful and clogging chemicals in them. This makes knowing the ingredients in a product important as well. If one knows the ingredients in a product, they can determine if it is healthy or not to be using every day without causing issues.

WEN cleansing conditioners, produced by Chaz Dean, are made up of all natural ingredients and no additives for lathering, such as sulfates. Natural products are better for the hair and preventing things like brittle and dry hair, or even breakage. Chaz Dean knows how much women care about their hair, and how heavily they invest their time and money into it. This is why he wanted to create a product that was capable of producing results without needing to go to a salon and spending a ton of money for name brand products or care. With his WEN hair care line, he has done this, especially with each bottle only costing $40 dollars.

Many cosmetic and beauty shops offer WEN cleansing conditioners, but if not, they can also be found easily online. Retailers such as Guthy-Renker, Sephora QVC and Amazon selling WEN’s product in abundance with fast delivery times. A writer for Bustle Magazine tested out the product and published her review on Bustle, showing pictures of her experience with the product. Despite her hair issues, and her very fine hair, she saw great results with WEN, which is why she now recommends it to her friends and her readers.

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DeVos’ name will always appear in a roundtable discussion about popular reformers and philanthropists the nation has ever had. He started his journey in politics at Calvin College. Since then, he has always been active in politics leading variety of campaigns and party organizations. His work in education reforms cannot be ignored. Many people are applauding his bold move and tenacity to ensure children get quality education that can shape them to be better individuals in the future. DeVos remains optimistic that the government will live up to its role to provide quality education to all children regardless of their social and economic alignments. DeVos is unperturbed by the recent branding of his movement as “Radical.” He continues to fight bravely to ensure every child gets quality education.


More about Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos is a businessman and Philanthropist who hails from Michigan. He runs The Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation with his wife Betsy DeVos. The couple, who have been married for 30 years now believe that the foundation will serve as a catalyst for partnerships that position themselves to improve both local and global communities socially and economically. Dick’s principles are hard work, humility and compassion. He always strives to make a difference in people’s lives and his own life. Through the foundation, Dick and his wife have donated thousands of dollars to religious, educational, juvenile and civic groups since 1990.


The couple’s strong love for better education inspired them to start West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010. The Academy became the first charter school in the United States formed to offer affordable lessons to young people who are aspiring to be aviators in the country. In 2010, DeVos donated $22.5 million to Kennedy’s Institute of Arts. His foundation has also donated thousands of dollars to organizations advocating for free market economy. He also offers scholarship programs for MS and MBA students.


Besides philanthropy, Dick DeVos is an author of several books including “Rediscovering American Values” that gained inspiration from Gerald R Ford’s foreword. His book is available on Amazon at affordable prices and was at one point New York Time’s best-selling book. DeVos is an active participant in Republican politics. He is also a national champion sailor and skilled jet and helicopter pilot. Dick and Betsy have been married for over 35 years now. They have seven children and six grandchildren. His passion and love for Michigan continue to attract admiration from many people.


To say that there are a lot of restaurants to consider for dining out in New York City is an understatement. I have lived in smaller cities where there was nothing more than Applebees, Texas Roadhouse and a plethora of fast food establishments. What I have gathered from living in New York is that these restaurants are often the locations for private parties as well, from this article in GOOP. I quickly learned this when I started living here and got invited to my first party at a restaurant.

It was at a place called China Blue. I am a big Chinese Food fan so no one had to twist my arm to get me there. I quickly found that this was a restaurant that had a lot of room for guests. I had never considered a restaurant as a party location before, but this was a lovely place to have a party. It was a huge gathering – a sizable group that I would not have guessed could fit in a restaurant – that was in attendance for a wedding reception. The private room was big enough to comfortably seat everyone. I was impressed with the catering, and I thought that the room was decorated quite nicely.

My second party, if my memory serves me correctly, was at another restaurant called the Red Farm. I had already been here before on a date so I was familiar with the menu. I think that I was impressed with this area largely because it wasn’t a ground floor restaurant. You actually have to go up at a 2nd floor in West Village to get to this. I had been to restaurants in Tribeca, Greenwich Village and the Upper West Side, but Red Farm was the only restaurant I was familiar with in West Village at the time.

Red Farm is a place that has a lot of menu items that contains seafood. I have had fish and lobster here. The private room is a well light spot that has a lot of room for guests. I think that both China Blue and Red Farm are good places to eat and have parties, but I have always been a lover of Italian cuisine. That is where my heart is when it comes to spending a night out with friends. That is why Tarallucci e Vino has had my vote as one of the most popular spots for my friends and me.

I have been to a couple of parties here, and I always think that Tarallucci e Vino does a great job with the menu. That is why I always attend a party when I receive an invitation here. A chance to get free food from this place is heaven. I think that a lot of people would agree that Tarallucci e Vino is one of the top Italian spots in all of New York City. Families and couples love it. There are several locations in the city, and I believe another Nomad location was just completed.

Many people find it easy and quick renting their entire house or part if it on Airnb and therefore they consider it as a simple way to make good cash. By hosting visitors in your house, you are able to raise cash required to settle payments for your property. However, it has been noted recently that there are some unexpected incidents associated with hosting travelers. These problems include property damage by the temporary renters. Unfortunately, these types of damages are rarely included in homeowner’s insurance covers and so as the owner of the property it is your responsibility to cover for the damages brought about by your renters. This therefore leaves many amateur hoteliers with financial and legal issues not anticipated for. However, considering the following factors can be of great help before renting your property.

Factors to Consider When Renting on Airbnb

There are various factors to be considered when hosting travelers on your property. However,here are three major issues that need to be considered at all times to avoid big losses. These factors include insurance coverage, risks and protection. Since many homeowner insurance polices do not cover short term rentals, it is important to look for a better way to cover all the damages made by temporary renter because you are personally liable and responsible. Additionally you should consider the type of risks associated with hosting travelers in your property. These risks include theft, lawsuits depending on their actions and damage of neighbor’s property among others. Protection provided by Airbnb is of secondary coverage and it is offered only if you completely exhaust your resources.

Before making a final decision on whether or not to host the short-term guests, it is important to consult with a professional such as Richard Blair to get proper advice on the way forward. Richard Blair, who is the founder of Wealth Solutions, is a qualified and professional investment manager with wide experience in issues related to wealth.

About Richard Blair

Through Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair provides financial planning services, advisor services and information on funds for high net worth clients. Through his involvement in different firms such as Worldwide Ventures Gp LLC and United Global Securities, Blair has assisted many people hit and attain their investment goals. His major areas of specialization include planning and estate tax, asset protection, employee benefits, insurance and integrated financial planning among others. Under his management, Blair holds over $55 million in assets and this is a clear indication of his wide experience and capacity.

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In just three years, Fabletics has grown from a small, U.S. based subscription shopping service to a powerhouse retailer. They now have six brick and mortar stores and growing and serve subscribers in seven more countries. They specialize in active wear but also sell casual clothing and accessories like underwear and bags. Fabletics even has a line for men now!

Because Fabletics designs and manufactures its own products, they cut out the “middle man” role that most retailers play. This way, they can offer high quality clothing to their customers at bargain prices. You also can’t find their clothing anywhere else and items change often, so don’t hesitate when you see something you love! If you want to try before you buy, you can check out one of the Fabletics stores to see and feel products in person.

Fabletics is super easy and fun to use. It just feels like online shopping, but with perks! First, head to their website to create a profile and take their style quiz. The quiz determines your personal style and helps them give you personalized product recommendations. Then you can either shop as a guest like on any other online store or sign up for a VIP membership. This gives you perks like earning points toward free stuff, free shipping on orders over $49, and up to 50 percent off regular product prices on Pinterest. Each month you can either make a purchase or choose to “skip the month.” If you forget to do either, you will be charged $49.95, which can be used as a credit toward your next order!

Unlike other subscription boxes or services, Fabletics gives its customers complete freedom. You can always choose exactly which items you want to receive each month, so you never get any disappointing or boring products you don’t want. Whether you live for Pilates, are training for a marathon, or just have to chase after your kids, Fabletics sells clothes that fit your brand of active lifestyle. From sports bras and shorts to leggings and hoodies, you’re sure to find a flirty, fun look that will keep you comfortable no matter where your day takes you.


According to findings by researchers, it is clear that most employees thrive in co-working spaces. Co-working spaces refer to membership-based work spaces whereby diverse groups of remote workers, freelancers and independent specialists work in shared communal setting .These findings on the success of shared office space were based on surveys and interviews offered to various co-working space founders, dozens of workers working together within the shared communal setting as well as community managers. According to the survey, most people within the shared office space tend to look at their work and efforts as meaningful.

Why Co-working Spaces Thrive


Unlike traditional offices, shared office space is made up of different individuals who work within a broad spectrum of ventures, projects as well as companies. Due to little internal politics and direct competition, there is no need for finding a perfect persona to fit in the gaps. Working amidst people of different work specialization helps one develop a strong work identity because the working is distinctive and interesting.Additionally, co-working spaces encourages a culture of helping each other as well as developing unique skills necessary to assist other community members. Lastly according to the Co-working Manifesto, shared office space encourages learning, collaborations as well as sustainability among others. Since these spaces are 24/7 accessible there is high job control therefore recording impressive returns.


Advantages of Co-working Space


Under this communal setting, workers are able to decide on deadlines as well as breaks to attend the gym together. They can as well choose to work in a quiet setting or even share tables to encourage full interaction. This helps create a friendly working atmosphere within the working premise. Furthermore, workers can decide to perform their duties from home so long as no repercussions are involved with the decision. Workville is one of the good examples of excellent co-working spaces.


About Workville


Workville Manhattan offices for rent perfectly blend co-working space with luxury therefore creating an inspiring environment that is flexible and friendly. Workville is located in New York City and features shared offices, move in ready offices and open desks among others. Members within this co-working space also take meetings, calls and spread to work in different areas such as the lounge area, cafe and the 3 outdoor terraces. Workville community is made up of high quality business persons and talented startups that strive to build a culture of great success. Some of the services provided within this shared office spaces include private phone, dry cleaning services, fast internet and fresh coffee among others.

Securus is the company that is responsible for making life easier for people who are in jail. While they are not necessarily able to provide commodities like comfortable beds, constant contact with family, and delicious meals, they are able to make the idea of jail life slightly more bearable for the inmates. They work to do this through commissary programs, kiosks, phone calls and emails to people who are on the outside. They can provide some simple things that make inmates feel better about the idea of being in jail and make the experience slightly more comfortable for them.

The phone calls and emails that are provided by Securus are done so through a kiosk. This makes it easy for the inmates to contact their loved ones on the outside and actually makes it easier fro the employees of the jail to monitor the communication that they have with the outside. It can also be easier to catch anyone who is talking about prohibited subject matter. It is all handled through the kiosks. Inmates are actually able to purchase their commissary through the kiosk in some prisons which eliminates the need for staffing a commissary store and can help the inmates get what they want while reducing the number of correctional officers needed by the jail.

Another way that Securus is making things better for inmates is through the use of automated forms. These are for grievances and complaints. They can be completed quickly and easily on the kiosk. They can also be sent directly to the administrative person that they need to be instead of having to go through the correctional officers and others who may not know exactly where the complaint should go. It is important to note that the forms are made for people who can read and write.

Online reputation management is increasingly becoming critical to the survival of both small and large businesses. Even a single negative review on the front page of Google can hurt a brand if thousands of consumers look for the particular business, every day. However, most businesses only get a wake-up call after lots of negative reviews and bad publicity on the Internet. As such, this article from OnlineReputationReviews.com suggests step-by-step techniques that can help businesses control the damage to their online status.
Five Steps to Damage Control

The first damage control technique is to purchase a software that can search all the keywords that associate with your brand name. Afterwards, try to gather as many major keywords which are associated with the search related to your business. After compiling, run a campaign targeting these major keywords.

The second step should be to optimize these keywords for the social profiles. Make sure that all of the major keywords also show one of your social profiles including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. The benefit of relating your social profile is to tackle any negative review by forcing the search engines to balance such negative profiles through positive comments on the social media.

In the third step, use a software like KnowEm to create several secondary social profiles. Since social media channels, regardless of its size, have high domain authority, it will not take much time for the social profile of the company to appear on the first page of Google. With the passage of time, the negative listing will move towards the second or third page; whereas, the first page will be dominated by the positive social image.

Make contributions on the other high profile domains by commenting on these as a guest contributor. As these websites also have a very strong presence on the Internet, your guest post will likely appear on the first page of major search engines, quicker than you may think.

The fifth step is to link your articles and posts on the authoritative domains with two or three social channels that you own. Making such links is as easy as inserting a link in the social media pages. Doing so, will allow a natural link building process that will enhance your image by pushing more positive content to the first page.

Many people today realize the importance of having a diverse income stream. Such a varied income stream can help protect them from problems that may occur such as unemployment. One professional who knows this well is Richard Blair of Richard Blair Wealth Solutions. Richard Blair is the founder of his own company, Wealth Solutions and a noted expert in the field of financial matters. He sees many current, important trends that he thinks people should pay attention to when thinking about the kind of financial choices they may want to make. One such choice is that of renting out a room in someone’s home.

Considering Choices

Richard Blair wants people to consider their particular options. He shows that renting out a room in one’s home can be useful but it may also have pitfalls that people are not aware of before they begin. He knows that the idea can be tempting but it can also lead to all kinds of problems that are not readily apparent for the person who has not done this before. He warns people not to rush forward and make such a decision carelessly without considering other issues. His advice is about being very careful and thoughtful before even thinking about this process. Such attention to detail should include insurance that covers any problems that might develop when a stranger is staying in someone’s home. Such insurance can help the owner relax as they welcome people who can help them pay their bills and make their lives easier at the same time.

Wealth Solutions

Wealth is about many factors of all kinds as Blair fully understands. His work is about being able to offer help with various aspects of financial management that people confront all the time in their lives. Blair is well aware that managing financial matters can be just as hard and complicated as earning it. His aim at all times when working with clients is to offer them help with understand how individual finances can vary from person to person. They know that he can help them see insights into fiscal matters that might have otherwise eluded them. He knows that the fiscal markets can change on a dime and so can the aims of the person. This is what pushes him to come to work each day because he knows that he can make a difference in the lives of his clients.

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Wealth solutions: Insurance And Other Considerations When Renting On Airbnb