Andy Wirth is the Chief Executive Officer, and President of Squaw Valley Ski Andy has to love for the wellbeing of other people. It makes him contribute to environmental improvement programs and organizations in Lake Tahoe.

His love for skydiving made him be the founder of Wounded Warrior support which sought out money for the Navy Seal Foundation. The foundation’s aim is to support the operation team members and their families. He founded this support program after being involved in skydiving accident of which he would have severed his hand. Read more: Just Breathe: Andy Wirth on the Upswing in Tahoe

Andy’s arm injury made him stay for three months in the hospital.

Andy’s involvement in the Squaw Valley Ski began even before he was born because his father worked there as a ski patrol. He also lived with his parents on Squaw Valley Road where he learned how to ski at Squaw. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

Squaw Valley Ski Resort is located in Lake Tahoe and is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. It has the combination of mountains with better knowing, amenities and terrain (read more: Interview with Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth | Tahoetopia). The ski resort is made up of five mountains, and there is a 3,000 vertical feet staircase. Ski divers use it to reach at the 9,050 foot of the highest peak in the resort enabling them to enjoy the steepest terrain.

Squaw Valley has been named to be a well-known resort with golf courses, spas, and elite clubs. This resort is the biggest in housing ample parking which makes the skiers enjoy their diving to the fullest. As the Chief Executive Officer, Andy has helped the company in offering some money for environmental projects.

Lately, Andy Wirth was appointed the Chairperson of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. His role comes after considering Andy as one of the able people who can help the airport to move to a higher level. It has come in consideration of Andy’s experience in resort management and his history of working with airlines.

NutriMost is unlike any other weight loss program. It examines each individual’s body chemistry. The computer scanning technology and Body Composition Analysis helps the doctor to formulate a plan tailored to each individual to lose weight. Each individual gains and loses weight in a unique manner. Due to this fact, tests are done to pinpoint what works for every person.
The Body Composition Analysis looks at the body’s homeostasis to a certain degree. Hormonal balance, along with minerals, vitamins, fat storage, etc. are examined to find out if they are within normal range. Further, the computer scanning technology also looks to see how the body functions within certain levels.

The Body Scan reveals what foods the body likes to consume. This informs the doctor of what foods optimize weight loss. All these tests calculate a metabolic age. The metabolic age tells us what age are body actually metabolizes at or what age our body is functioning at. Essentially, it tells us how old we really are based on our metabolism. Nutrimost helps improve our metabolism and health.

For example, Gene Shellar is overweight at 270 lbs. with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatty liver, and a sleeping problem called apnea. After signing up for NutriMost, he lost at least 80 pounds and has no fatty liver problem or sleeping apnea. His biometric levels normalized and he’s healthier than ever living without diabetic concerns.

There are a vast number of cases according to NYC FatLoss in which individuals have lost at least 20 pounds in the first 40 days of this program. The rationale behind this is that NutriMost is individualized and geared towards each individual’s body chemistry. NutriMost is under the direction of a physician (see, It is a revolutionary and effective way in losing weight.


CT Woman loses 80 lbs with Nutrimost

NutriMost Weightloss Program Helps Shed Pounds

FOX Focus: Lose weight with help from NutriMost, experts weigh in


George Soros is the founder and Chair of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundation. He survived the great Nazi occupation during the World War II and fled for refugee in England. George attended the school of economics in London and graduated. He later moved and settled in the United States and ever since he has built up massive wealth from international investment funds and his foundations.

George Soros is an active philanthropist and a great contributor to the community. His foundations the Open Society has been providing funds for black students attend the Cape Town University in South Africa. Open Society Foundation is now operating in more than 100 countries working tirelessly to promote the values of open society, human rights and transparency.

George has been one of the history’s most successful financiers for his famous 1992 predictions and gains over the British currency devaluation. The Soros’ Quantum Fund made enormous profits from what was thought to be a devaluation. The risk-taking organization borrowed billions to place the bet that pound would devalue against other currencies.

Soros and his partners reaped almost over 20% of the $7 billion made from that prediction since it was hedge funds. George has been on the edge in giving predictions over the global markets. He warns the investors that the world market is in crisis, and they should be cautious in any investment plan. George Soros had overseen the market crisis that hit the global back in 2008 and predicts there would a more serious crisis soon.

Soros takes a case study on China economy which is struggling to develop new growth models. The China currency devaluation problem on is transferring to the rest of the World markets. This crisis resulted in the global currency, stock, and commodity markets to be under siege at the beginning of the year. The strength of China’s economy is a concern as there is a shift from investments and manufacturing toward consumption and services.

George Soros believes that China has a significant adjustment problem which will amount into a crisis in the long run. He is an author of more than a dozen books, articles, and essays on issues of politics, society and economics which have been featured in the newspapers and magazines around the globe. His views on investments, markets predictions, and economic issues are highly sought and followed by many investors around the World.

To gather more about George Soros and his global markets predictions. ValueWalk reminds its readers of the historic day Soros earned $1 billion in a bet on the devaluation of the Sterling Pound by the Bank of Britain. This day of 17th September 1992 has come to be known as Black Wednesday.

JustFab is a company that is on to something that others online retailers should take note of. This is a company that has made some curvy women very happy by catering to a new crowd of females. There are lot of plus sized women that have been shopping exclusively on plus sized websites. In the past they may have felt like there was nothing available for them on sites like JustFab, but that has changed.

According to The Curvy Fashionista website, JustFab is among the growing number of online stores that have made it so much easier for plus sized females to shop online. The site has become immensely popular, and the appeal to curvy females is going to give the site a whole new dimension of fans. That is why there is so much excitement in the air for women that are looking for the high maxi miniskirts and denim jeans.
Read more:
JustFab: Women’s Shoes, Boots, Handbags & Clothing Online
JustFab | CrunchBase

There is a ton of buzz about this type of web environment that has online stores that cater to people of many different sizes. It is rather easy to do this because JustFab is not a brick and mortar store. There is no extra room that is needed in a physical building to house a wide variety of clothing sizes. That may be part of the reason that this company has decided to implement the curvy line of products for females. The company was not losing anything by doing this. If anything, JustFab is going to gain a lot of new customers that are hearing about this new line.

A lot of plus sized women where already shopping for accessories like purses online. They were already getting sneakers and jewelry. In other words, many curvy women were already fans of the JustFab brand. They may have been buying accessories, but many women were checking out all of the clothes and wishing for something that was in their size. These plus sized women do not have to wish and wait anymore. JustFab has done something very special and given these women access to the clothing they have longed for.

Learn more about JustFab:

Beneful dog food products are a must have for every pet owner and lover. The products are manufactured taking into account the needs, desires and age of a dog. They ensure that dogs are completely nourished and that they are healthy at all times. The products come packed in different sizes, textures and tastes. The products offered by Beneful are categorized into different recipes. The recipes are fourteen and all contain a combination of ingredients that are instrumental for pet growth and long life. The products meet AAFCO nutrient profiles. In addition to ensuring healthy life, Beneful dog food products are also available for puppies to ensure that they are playful and are also available on Amazon as snacks. The products are categorized into wet food, dry food and dog treats* (*
Beneful Chopped blends* (* are a type of Beneful wet dog food that are designed for adult dogs and puppies. It is made up of barley, peas, carrots and beef. They ensure that a dog maintains its body size in accordance with its age. To ensure this, the product contains directions and instructions on what is the best proportion for a pet.

The Beneful dry food originals is one of the commonly purchased kind of dog food. The product is made of real beef, peas, carrots, ground yellow corn, and chicken by product meal, soy flour and rice flour. According to dog owner, Beneful dry food is crunchy and tender which makes it one of dogs’ favorite meal.

Another food product in the dry food category is the originals with chicken. This product is wholly made with chicken as the main source of meat and contains ingredients such as peas and corn gluten meal that are available in all kinds of dry dog food products.

To ensure that dogs have healthy teeth and their cavities are in good shape, the healthy smile dental twists has been produced by Purina Store. Its main purpose is to ensure that teeth are strong and that a dog’s breath is good. It is available for puppies and adult dogs and help prevent plaque and tartar.

Last but not least is the Tuscan style medley which is designed for adult dogs to promote their healthy living. It is made up of beef, spinach, carrots and rice flour.

If you’ve been searching for hair products on websites like, that are free of harsh chemicals and made from natural ingredients, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of WEN hair. This hair care line was created by stylish Chaz Dean. Several celebrities have endorsed the product, stating that Wen makes their hair shinier, healthier and thicker.
Emily McClure from Bustle decided to try the Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner ( for seven days, to see how effective the product is. If you’re wondering whether Wen products are for you, perhaps this review will help.

McClure had to use a lot of the product in order to thoroughly clean her hair. She states that she instantly felt that her hair was thicker after just one use. Emily also said her hair became shinier with consistent use. On the fourth day of the experiment, when she didn’t have time to wash her hair, she added some curls to her hairstyle, but they fell quickly. However, her hair was still shiny and free of frizz.

McClure’s hair was considerably healthier by the end of the week, and her friends even took notice. Emily says that this amazon best-selling conditioner is best for women who wash and style their hair each morning, and works well for women with naturally thin hair as well. Wen hair products also got positive feedback from the Guthy-Renker.

It is not uncommon for global markets to face crisis from time to time but George Soros warns his clients to be careful this year, given that the pattern of the following predicted crisis is going to be harsh on the economy and bad for investors in particular. What does this mean? If you look at China as an example, you will find that this country has been struggling to find a growth model that is suitable for the future market and the way it is devaluing currency on is going to spread the existing issue to the rest of the world, according to George Soros. Returning to a positive interest rate is going to be challenging for the developing world as well. All these facts indicate that the current situation is no different than the recession in 2008, says George Soros. In essence, China’s economy is in jeopardy so are the economies around the world due to a number of factors such as global currency, depleting stock market, lowering commodity market as well as the sinking yuan. These factors have enabled investors and manufacturing crowd to switch to services and consumption. In fact more than $2.5 trillion has been wiped out from the global equity value as per the recent report that George Soros can confirm. Soros further went on to say that China needs major adjustments in order to prevent the crisis from happening. The financial market according to him is bound to face major challenges very similar to the year 2008. George Soros has been warning his clients and customers with similar predictions as well.

George Soros is a noteworthy figure in devising finance plans and strategies for individuals and firms. He has devised many operating plans for a number of industries through his hedge fund company that is more than $23 billion worth as of the current year. Businesses have been able to put his ideas into action by defining the process or system in an effective manner. As is true for every firm on, a sound operating plan can be helpful for current as well as long term situations. It should be devised in such a way as to be able to provide an understanding of the processes that create value and contribute to the success of the firm. To accomplish these objectives, the plan should be able to provide all of the information for the questions such as what value does the firm create? What resources are needed to create this value? And what factors influence its operations?. Every firm’s operational plan based on George Soros’s ideas include many components of the business with one or more conditions such as operations that are critical to the firm’s success, major change in the overall operation and details that go into the process. George Soros has come up with many strategies that are helpful for his clients’ business process and goals. His strategies show how to organize logical plan that can be presented to potential investors as well.

WEN hair is definitely one of the best new conditioners on the Sephora beauty market. It opens up the opportunity to grow and help you achieve serious growth with your hair. It is the best way to get a better looking set of hair naturally and fast. The coolest thing about WEN hair is that it is a product that works. A spokesperson for Bustle gave this product a shot and used it straight for about seven days to distinguish how it works and just to witness the overall aspects of it. The product says that it can give you a unique look fast. It’s a worthwhile product that can help open the opportunity to have fluffier hair without all the horrible chemicals.

The girl who used Wen hair product noticed how her hair would slowly look fluffier with time. It eventually improved and changed, and you will come to find that WEN is very reliable in terms of finding unique ideas and tricks to guide you on the right path. WEN is very unique because it has ingredients that are meant to help cleanse the hair and give it that natural shine. The reason why it works so well is because you use it almost like it is just an ordinary gel.

You will notice that it does help shine and clear the hair, but at the same time, it will slightly oil up the hair as you continue to use it. This will happen actually when you decide to stop using it for a day or two, so be sure to be consistent and use this consistently. It overall will give your hair volume when you need it the most, and you will notice the pump very naturally after just a week of using this. It will definitely be worth using for the future. Wen hair is sold online thru



Brian Bonar came to San Diego with the hope of opening restaurants that people would love, but he wanted to fit into a community that has its own style and culture. There is a great downtown area in Escondido that houses his Bellamy restaurant, and there is a ranch area where he is creating a place to hold banquets or parties. Someone who came from Scotland to San Diego has to get used to the area, but Mr. Bonar has decided to go all in for the San Diego way of life.
Modern Luxury has it that Escondido has a lot of people who are used to the old restaurants that sit in the downtown area, and they like to see places that have names like those of the people who started them. Mr. Bonar has no relation to a Bellamy, but he wanted to use a name that matched with what all the other people in the area have in that part of town.

His restaurant is really like a European bistro, and he wants to have a lot of really nice food that people would expect to find in a place that has a waiting list and a maitre d’ in a tuxedo. Mr. Bonar has his excellent executive chef at Bellamy right now, but that chef is going to move out to the ranch when the time comes. The empire that Mr. Bonar created is going to keep moving around San Diego, and he probably has another place in mind that people in San Diego have not heard of yet.

There is a lot that can be done with the ranch where Mr. Bonar is building, but he is cementing his reputation has a man who makes great food at Bellamy. A review that came out for the restaurant praised it for the food that was made just for a European bistro, and Mr. Bonar has kept the menu nearly the same to make sure that all his customers get the things that they have grown used to over time. He has regulars, and he charms people who come into Escondido just for his food.

Southern California is a really different place because it has its own culture and community that likes to move slower than everyone else. That is something that Mr. Bonar has taken to by taking people even farther out of San Diego. It is easy to get around the area, and people love to drive to Escondido to see his Bellamy restaurant, and he will probably have more people coming out to his ranch for events. His Scottish roots have been moved successfully to San Diego, and they are creating the best food that the denizens of the area have ever had.

Thor Halvorssen, the president of the Human Rights Foundation, appeared on Fox News’ Intelligence Report with Trish Regan and discussed how presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is attempting to violate our basic human rights with his socialist campaign. Halvorssen’s father was a political prisoner in Venezuela, his mother was shot to death while Venezuela was under the Hugo Chavez regime, and his first cousin is currently in prison in Venezuela so Halvorssen has experienced Socialism first hand and has hands on experience with this type of government.


He understands that Sanders wants a redistribution of wealth but Thor Halvorssen states that this is not the way to end poverty in the United States. He states there are countries that do not violate basic human rights that do have socialist governments and that it is all possible as long as there are boundaries set in place. There needs to be separation of powers and certain branches of government, if not then you could possibly end up with a socialist government under authoritarian rule. These types of governments use socialism as a “mask”, Halvorssen says, to take control of the country’s finances. They claim that they are going to redistribute the wealth, set firm prices for products, when in reality they keep the money for themselves.


Trish Regan asks Halvorssen to explain Socialism because she believes that many Sanders followers do not understand what a Socialist government could do and Halvorssen explains that it all depends on the context because there are many countries that have a democratic government but enforce socialist policies. These countries would be found in Northern Europe such as Denmark or Sweden. Halvorssen also explains that having socialist policies are extremely different from having socialist governments and that many people believe Socialism, Communism, and Marxism to be the same thing.
Halvorssen’s main objection to socialist governments is that they give those in power the opportunity to essentially loot the country of its wealth and his example of Venezuela shows that when you allow that to go on for so long you eventually end up with a humanitarian crisis. However, he also goes onto say that he would prefer Bernie Sanders to be the Democrat nominee because Hillary Clinton has taken campaign donations from dictators and he sees that as terrible for our country. Find Thor on Facebook for more updates and information.