Doe Deere would like to do more than head a successful cosmetic company like Lime Crime. True, she is the founder of Lime Crime, one of the most successful cosmetic companies around today. However, there is more to this pastel haired beauty than meets the eye. She always felt that she had plenty to contribute to the world. Now, she would like to teach women to approach life in a special way. Forget about the experts that tell you there is only one way to look or dress. She wants to inspire women to add a creative touch to their makeup and fashion.

Doe Deere Dares to Break Rules
The fact is that Doe Deere dares to break rules that the fashion world sets down to follow. She is very strong in her belief that fashion and makeup is an extension of a woman’s personality. Her makeup line provides a way for women to experiment with whimsical colors and create the kind of look that fits their personality. Her other beliefs are easy to follow too. Doe Deere believes that you should be bold, mix colors, mix patterns, wear the fashions you like, and dress the way that you feel your best. Doe Deere’s beliefs are inspiring a new generation of women to think outside of the box and find their creative path.

About Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the successful founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. However, she is not like your traditional CEO. Doe Deere is on a quest to prove that cosmetics are more than a tool used to enhance your looks. Cosmetics are all about self expression. In the way, that a small child play with water colors. They keep playing around with colors until they find something that makes them feel good. She would like women to use that approach in applying their makeup. In 2008, Doe Deere launched Lime Crime Cosmetics with this philosophy in mind.

Doe Deere is inspired by the world around her. In addition, she likes to create cosmetics and try them out for herself, instead of on lab animals. Thus, her customers are assured that the product line is cruelty free and made with the finest ingredients possible. In fact, they all have Doe Deere’s seal of approval first. Doe Deere believes that her success is due to understanding her customer. Thus, providing her with a good opportunity to create the type of cosmetics that they truly desire.

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Document dumps can prove very damaging to a person’s reputation. Personal information is supposed to remain personal. Memberships to online communities and website should be kept private. This does not always happen. Hacking occurs, and terrible consequences arise. At this point, Status Labs is able to step in and help.

The publication of bad reviews is not as dramatic as a hacking, but it can be just as harmful. The same is true of published news reports about criminal, civil, or personal matters. Again, this is where Status Labs can help.

Now, the Austin, TX-headquartered company Status Labs is getting help. Mike Paul, the man knows as “The Reputation Doctor”, is joining the company as a board advisor. He is not just going to lend his name to the company. Paul is going to serve as an active contributor to strategic planning.

Paul is well known for his ability to utilize public relations concepts to help address crisis scenarios. In other words, when a reputation suffers drastic and unexpected damage, Paul goes to work at helping to effectively address the situation.

Mike Paul has handled a number of high-profile clients for his own company. He has been a frequent guest on cable television and other media. This is because he truly does know what is necessary for impacting reputation management.

Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, welcomes Mike Paul to the fold. Under Fisher, Status Labs has done tremendously well. The company has helped around 1,500 clients in 35 countries deal with a number of reputation horror shows.

The revenue generated by Status Labs has grown by over 900% since the company was founded in 2012. Signs of the company’s good fortunes are reflected by the opening of offices in New York and San Paulo. The Austin office has even moved to the prestigious local business district.

With the addition of Mike Paul, Status Labs is going to achieve even more success. For those in dire need of reputation-crisis counseling and support, the success of Status Labs is a good thing. The company will grow, and become even more successful.

I had a dog a couple of decades ago, and I used to feed him Puppy Chow. I am not sure what happened to the brand because my dog died. After I mourned the loss I really didn’t want to get another dog for quite some time. I had a friend that was moving into an apartment recently that gave me a dog. She couldn’t move the dog into the apartment so somehow I ended up with a dog to feed again. It was like getting acquainted with the dog food world all over again. I found myself researching the best brands on the market. I had to get reacquainted with what was out there.

I saw a lot of brands, but I thought that Purina‘s Beneful was among the best in all that I saw. There is a company that made a lot of people realize the need to healthy dog food. I saw this company putting together things like vegetable blends and all types of meats. I was sold from that point on.

The Beneful brand on Purinastore has worked quite well for me and the dogs that I have. This is a company that has variety for pets of all sizes and breeds. That is why I was so interested in this company. It was like I was seeing a new line of food that wasn’t available when I was younger. I think that this is showing that companies like Beneful are more concerned about dog health than ever before. The dog food industry is embracing a healthier line of dog food, and it appears that I got a dog right before all that this started.

I see even more brands that are hitting the market with things like organic food for pets. There are foods for both cats and dogs that are quite noteworthy. I have made a decision to get acquainted with some of these other brands, but I always go back to Beneful. This is the one that I have had the most success with. It is a brand that is recognized as one of better brands.


Flooding can cause all kinds of problems. A prolonged period of rain can cause problems that may include destroyed homes, contaminated water and other problems that may include the possibility of exposure to diseases of all kinds. In the last few weeks, many people in Brazil have been exposed to such problems as a result of heavy flooding. Weeks of rains have caused serious problems in the Rio de Janeiro suburb of Xerem have caused a great deal of hardship for many people living here.

Those in Xerem have seen such flooding lead to problems such as water that is not drinkable and homes where they can’t live because the water levels are far too high. Officials in the region have rushed to make sure that those living here are able to have access to shelters that can provide them with basic necessities such as clean water and a comfortable place to sleep that isn’t waterlogged. State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes toured the region in recent days in an effort to help learn what local area residents need. In a report by Extra, Cortes’s efforts to help assist regional officials here are detailed by reporters who had access to his efforts.

Cortes is a highly skilled doctor with an extensive background in medicine. Sergio Cortes speaks on Linked In about the need to make sure that those living here have the kind of help they need. In his opinion, it is best to help area residents by bringing them supplies such as bottled water that allows residents to drink water that has not been contaminated by the regional floods. Their aim here is also to prevent possible disease outbreaks of all kinds that may result in problems such as hepatitis and other illnesses that can cause all kinds of both long-term and short-term problems. Cortes and other officials on twitter want to do what it is possible to head off the possible spread of such problems. To this end, they have helped bring measured intended to head off such problems before they start such as antibiotics that can be given to those with possible symptoms as a result of exposure to water in the area. Officials here are hopeful they can head off such problems as much as possible.

To learn more about how Cortes is coping with this problem and what he intends to do in the future, follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.