Document dumps can prove very damaging to a person’s reputation. Personal information is supposed to remain personal. Memberships to online communities and website should be kept private. This does not always happen. Hacking occurs, and terrible consequences arise. At this point, Status Labs is able to step in and help.

The publication of bad reviews is not as dramatic as a hacking, but it can be just as harmful. The same is true of published news reports about criminal, civil, or personal matters. Again, this is where Status Labs can help.

Now, the Austin, TX-headquartered company Status Labs is getting help. Mike Paul, the man knows as “The Reputation Doctor”, is joining the company as a board advisor. He is not just going to lend his name to the company. Paul is going to serve as an active contributor to strategic planning.

Paul is well known for his ability to utilize public relations concepts to help address crisis scenarios. In other words, when a reputation suffers drastic and unexpected damage, Paul goes to work at helping to effectively address the situation.

Mike Paul has handled a number of high-profile clients for his own company. He has been a frequent guest on cable television and other media. This is because he truly does know what is necessary for impacting reputation management.

Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, welcomes Mike Paul to the fold. Under Fisher, Status Labs has done tremendously well. The company has helped around 1,500 clients in 35 countries deal with a number of reputation horror shows.

The revenue generated by Status Labs has grown by over 900% since the company was founded in 2012. Signs of the company’s good fortunes are reflected by the opening of offices in New York and San Paulo. The Austin office has even moved to the prestigious local business district.

With the addition of Mike Paul, Status Labs is going to achieve even more success. For those in dire need of reputation-crisis counseling and support, the success of Status Labs is a good thing. The company will grow, and become even more successful.

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