Using New Technology To Simplify Gift Registries

The technology behind gift registries is evolving quickly. Once upon a time, people had to list out the things they wanted as gifts for their weddings, anniversaries or baby showers. Then, guests had to coordinate among themselves to make sure that the same gifts weren’t bought by multiple people. It was sure to happen though. Even with the technology used today, duplicate gift items are bound to be purchased. The Huffington Post just published an interesting article on the subject that included the experiences of one of the journalists as they were getting married and planning their gift registry.

The article was especially important to me. I work with some of the leading technologies in visual search and image recognition. These companies are paving the way for the way that consumers shop. The article shared insights of what it was like before these types of technologies existed. The writer shares an account of having to go through registry for their wedding by using these scanners at a retailer location to scan items that they wanted as gifts. The process had several obstacles, like the scanners didn’t always work. Then, they ended up having duplicate gifts at their wedding because the gift registry didn’t update quickly enough to keep up with guest purchases.

The article points out that visual search companies can help fix this problem. Visual search companies like Slyce are equipped with the capabilities of revolutionizing the gift registry industry. Consumers can use Slyce to take pictures of any object in their environment in order to use image recognition that product in one of many retailer markets. Slyce works with major retail stores like Home Depot, and they just started working with Neiman Marcus and Urban Outfitters last year. The company is continuing to grow and expand their network of retailer relations.

The app from Slyce is relatively easy to use. Consumers of all generations are able to use Slyce to simplify their online shopping experience since one of the major hurtles to online shopping is finding the right product based on a keyword search. It is easy to see how this technology can help couple with their gift registry for their weddings. Slyce can recognize products based on pictures of the product, QR codes, barcodes or 2D images.

March 14, 2016, was National Potato Chip Day. While some might be surprised to learn that such a thing exists while others happily run to the nearest convenience store to scoop up a bag, one company decided to take the opportunity to give back in a big way. The company, SKOUT, decided to partner with a food bank(SF-Marin)to provide 20,000 people with meals in an area where 1 in every 4 people is at risk for hunger. They did it by using their companies app; encouraging users to send virtual gifts to friends. For every virtual gift sent, Skout turned it into actual cash and donated the money to the SF-Marin food bank, until a goal of 20,000 meals were provided.

SKOUT, an Andreessen Horowitz-backed company founded in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom, is the world’s largest meet-and-greet app. They span 180 countries and boast 16 different languages, all chatting and connecting on the app which bears their namesake. The goal of the company and the app is to create a safe way to make friends and meet new people. The app has a generalized location feature for its adult users, a messaging and virtual gift feature, and even a nightlife feature that allows users to find the best nightlife in major cities like Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. They can even purchase tickets and see the event’s guest lists. Although the company has enjoyed wild success with their app and are very proud of the global aspect of it, they are very community service oriented and always try keep an eye in the local community.

Skout is a regular and willing contributor to the community they are based in and even regularly encourage their employees to get involved in volunteering and giving back.The company doesn’t just preach it, though, they practice it as well. National Potato Chip Day was not the first time that SKOUT has partnered with SF-Marin food bank to provided meals for the hungry or impoverished. In 2015, the two companies partnered for National Grilled Cheese Day and donated a total of 10,000 meals.

While the two companies are completely different, they both uses technology and old-fashioned elbow grease to work toward the same goal, ending world hunger. Both companies feel fortunate to have the other as a partner in the fight. SKOUT and SF-Marin hope to continue working together to solve this global problem, one potato chip at a time.

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Madison Street Capital has recently uploaded a video to YouTube. The video shows different scenes throughout a city that have Madison Street Capital and their website, or some other information, written across a park bench or building. It starts out at an office building and one billboard has Madison Street Capital written on it and the other has the firm’s website written on it. The scene then switches to a sidewalk and shows a bicycle lane with Madison Street Capital spray painted below the bike symbol. I then moves onto a manhole cover that says, “SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE. SECTOR EXPERTISE. GLOBAL PRESENCE.” The next scene then shows the back of a street sign that says “capital” and then has an arrow pointing to “M & A”. Then it changes to a closed ticket booth that says Madison Street Capital and once again the company’s website. Then the same thing is shown on a bus stop sign and on a wall under a bridge. The video does a good job of showing how Madison Street Capital is really involved in every different sector in the market, including transportation, construction, advertising, finance and so many more.

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that operates around the world. They currently have offices in the United States, Ghana and India and they are quickly expanding. They offer a variety of services in different areas, including asset management industry focus, corporate advisory, business valuation, valuation for financial reporting and financial opinions. Within each of these further categories, the company provides every service from mergers and acquisitions and capital restructuring to company valuation and tax compliance to purchase price allocations and goodwill and intangible asset impairment to independent third party fairness opinions and solvency and capital adequacy to mergers and acquisitions advisory and portfolio valuation services.

Madison Street Capital according to bloomberg business has been able to help facilitate transactions between Dowco Technology Services Limited and Cansel Survey Equipment Incorporated, TruGolf Incorporated and Grenville Strategic Royalty Corp, and Hatch Chile Company and Farragut Capital Partners. The company has recently been in the news as the were announced as a finalist in the International Mergers and Acquisitions Awards. The firm also makes the news quite a bit because of the notable actions that their founder and Chief Executive Officer does. He recently spoke at McGill University and was quoted in an article.

George Soros according to New York Times, and many other liberal donors are planning to bankroll a $15 million campaign to mobilize Latinos and a lot of other immigrants this fall. According to strategists who are involved, this spending will be the largest Democratic turnout effort ever donated to immigrant voters and Latino. Most of the money will be spent through organizations in states with growing or the large population of Asian and Latinos. Today, we will discuss this further.

Super PAC

The outreach will be coordinated through Immigrant Voters Win PAC; a new Super PAC. Strategists stated that the goal is to turn committed Latinos and immigrants who are already voting for Democratic out, and to persuade swing voters. They are hoping for at least 400,000 new Democratic voters in November.

Democratic and Republican

The enthusiasm gap of Democratic fueled the effort. Republican voters were turning out in droves to vote for Mr. Trump while millions of Democratic voters were sitting out the battle of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Hillary Clinton. Democrats are also using the fact that President Obama hasn’t delivered the immigration overhaul he promised, and how he has deported more than two million people. In addition, a group financed by the political network of Koch brothers called the Libre Initiative is predicted to spend more than $10 million until November; they are investing heavily in turning out Hispanic voters who are voting for the Republicans.

Both of these efforts were fueled by the demographic surge that wants to reorder the American presidential politics. This has given the Democrats millions of new voters and stirred rage on the right.

Mr. Soros

  1. Soros will contribute $5 million to the super PAC. In 2004, he helped to organize a $200 million voter-mobilization campaign in order to unseat George Bush. His contributions to the political organization in this cycle will exceed $13 million soon, which is his largest spending since 2004. Soros has donated another $5 million to a Democratic campaign in some states.


  1. Soros and other Democratic supporters are hoping to gain a lot of votes from the Latinos and other immigrants by creating this campaign. Mr. Soros’ contribution to this cycle has been his largest spending since 2004. The organizers of this campaign stated that they want to start at the beginning of May; they will send emails and call around 728,000 Latino and Asian voters in Nevada, Florida, and Colorado.

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George Soros is a man on a mission. In fact, Soros has several missions. He has already made more than enough money. His current net worth is more than $27 billion. His main mission is to promote human rights and to try to establish an open society in countries that oppose than principle. But his other mission, at the moment, is to alert the world that another economic meltdown is in the works, and world leaders must come together to solve that pending crisis. Soros was interviewed by several news agencies recently. But a interview is important because Soros stresses the urgency that is needed to halt the damage another global recession will create.

Global leaders must come together to develop a plan to reflate the sagging global economy. Soros believes now is the time to develop a cohesive plan that produces coordinated expansion rather than contraction. Signs of economic contraction are popping up around the world. Even Japan’s economy is contracting. Brazil, Taiwan, Russia and countries in Asia and South America are heading toward economic contraction. Even the European Union is on the verge of an economic contraction, but world leaders are ignoring those signs.

In the Bloomberg interview, Soros mentioned a very important fact. The civil war in Syria and the violent radicals of ISIS don’t pose the type of security threat to the United States and other countries as another global recession. Another recession will cause more job and home losses. Add those issues to the depression, violence, suicides, and divorces that will follow from another an economic meltdown, and it isn’t a pretty picture. Those issues will take a greater toll on the people of the United States and the other countries than the ISIS call for a holy war. The threat of a global recession is a clear and present danger that must be addressed by world leaders.

But politicians don’t like to talk about recessions. There is no political future in predicting a recession, and then standing by and watching it takes its toll on the people. Most politicians underestimate the damage that is done by weak economic growth. They try to put band Aids on open wounds rather than identifying and correcting the cause of those wounds. The causes of the upcoming economic wounds have already been identified, but world leaders have little say about a solution. The ball is in China’s court, and they are holding it rather than playing fairly, according to Mr. Soros.
The world leaders must develop a plan that ensures economic growth in spite of China’s economic issues. That’s not easy considering the world depends on China commodities. But it is time to move on from the hammer-lock that China has on the world. But the truth is, no one knows how to do that.

What started as a limited business deal among six countries that wanted to coordinate steel and coal production in 1986 turned into a elaborate supranational 28-member European Union that is governed by an assortment of subsidiary agencies and an array of capitalistic institutions, according to George Soros. Soros sat down with a German magazine recently to talk about the European Union and the health of that consensus seeking group. The New York Review of Books published the interview on their website. Soros was in rare form during the interview. He didn’t disappoint Soros fans that listen to every word the 85-year-old billionaire has to say.

Soros had a lot to say about the independent nation-states that have their own governments and their own political agendas. Soros said those agendas are complicated, but they are not as complicated and complex as federal system in the United States.

The EU has expanded its membership, and the group has become very heterogeneous. Germany’s Gross Domestic Product is more than 300 times larger than tiny Malta, and the per capita income of Luxembourg is five times higher than Greece’s. The population, economic resources, and geographic size of the EU members are vastly different, and the cultures and histories of the members are not as similar since the expansion of the EU. That expansion has made the Union more divided, cumbersome, and considerably less popular. More tha 70 percent of EU citizens say their voice doesn’t count, according to Mr. Soros.

The cultural differences, as well as religious and human rights differences, are causing the EU to disintegrate in terms of cohesiveness and effectiveness. The European Union has been battered by recent unexpected events, and the member nations are not able to agree of the course of action that will right the EU ship from those events. Mr. Soros believes the EU is on a collision course with itself, and there isn’t much time before members explode. In fact, several members are in an explosive mode thanks to the migration crisis.

The migration crisis is turning out to be too much for the European Union to handle. The threat of terrorism is sending a bolt of fear through every EU citizen, and they are blaming that fear on the open-door policy of the EU. When the migration started, European members were following the open door policy, but that changed as more migrants flooded the borders and more terrorists attack developed in Europe. Several countries have set up border control now, and other countries have completely closed their border to the asylum-seekers.

Mr. Soros believes there is a solution to the migration crisis, but he thinks the damage done to the EU by the migration may be unrepairable.

Queens of Drama is a popular scripted reality television show that premiered (and continues to air) on the POP television network. The series stars a medley of talented soap opera and drama actresses who utilize their skills to craft the story of fabulous women coming together to create a production company targeted towards making, rather intentionally ironically, soap operas. The main draw for the show is not it’s plot, however, but it’s talented stars, including established icons of the dramatic, daytime medium as well as bright new up and comers.

The most well established and critically acclaimed of all of these actresses is easily Donna Mills who acts as the ladies self appointed leader. Mills’ career spans decades and first began with her induction into the, now cult classic, television series, The Secret Storm. From there, using the show as a springboard, she was able to work with a vast array of now famous directors such as Woody Allen in Don’t Drink the Water and Clint Eastwood in Play Misty For Me. However, her most famous role was as the Machiavellian mistress, Abby Cunningham in the popular soap, Knots Landing.

Next after the queen bee, Mills, there is Hunter Tylo who acts as the primary antagonist for the show and Donna Mills close friend. Hunter Tylo has had a very tumultuous career in soap but has achieved a great deal of success nonetheless. Tylo first got her start on the, now cult classic film, The Initiative, though she is known primarily for her portrayal of Doctor Taylor Hayes on the popular soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful.

One of the most multi talented members of the cast is the young Crystal Hunt who has worked as a model, a producer, actress and pet seller. Hunt is primarily known for her role as Lizzie Spaulding in the popular day time soap opera, Guiding Light, a performance for which Hunt received a day time Emmy. She has also appeared in numerous large budget films such as Magic Mike XXL, The Derby Stallion, Sydney White as well as 23 Blast. Crystal Hunt is also extremely well known for her Facebook following.

Otherwise she’s been hard at work producing her first film, and making sure that her career isn’t limited to just being in front of the camera.  Crystal can be found on Instagram, but she also has a great acting reel on YouTube showcasing the best moments from some of her performances throughout her career.

Last up is Chrystee Pharris who is primarily known for her performance as the sexually conflicted and oft tried Simone Russell of NBC’s lauded soap opera, Passions. Pharris is one of the only actress on the show whose main body of work is in sitcoms, such as Sister, Sister, Moesha and the Steve Harvey Show, which lends her a comedic edge and brings some great levity to the show.