It is not uncommon for global markets to face crisis from time to time but George Soros warns his clients to be careful this year, given that the pattern of the following predicted crisis is going to be harsh on the economy and bad for investors in particular. What does this mean? If you look at China as an example, you will find that this country has been struggling to find a growth model that is suitable for the future market and the way it is devaluing currency on is going to spread the existing issue to the rest of the world, according to George Soros. Returning to a positive interest rate is going to be challenging for the developing world as well. All these facts indicate that the current situation is no different than the recession in 2008, says George Soros. In essence, China’s economy is in jeopardy so are the economies around the world due to a number of factors such as global currency, depleting stock market, lowering commodity market as well as the sinking yuan. These factors have enabled investors and manufacturing crowd to switch to services and consumption. In fact more than $2.5 trillion has been wiped out from the global equity value as per the recent report that George Soros can confirm. Soros further went on to say that China needs major adjustments in order to prevent the crisis from happening. The financial market according to him is bound to face major challenges very similar to the year 2008. George Soros has been warning his clients and customers with similar predictions as well.

George Soros is a noteworthy figure in devising finance plans and strategies for individuals and firms. He has devised many operating plans for a number of industries through his hedge fund company that is more than $23 billion worth as of the current year. Businesses have been able to put his ideas into action by defining the process or system in an effective manner. As is true for every firm on, a sound operating plan can be helpful for current as well as long term situations. It should be devised in such a way as to be able to provide an understanding of the processes that create value and contribute to the success of the firm. To accomplish these objectives, the plan should be able to provide all of the information for the questions such as what value does the firm create? What resources are needed to create this value? And what factors influence its operations?. Every firm’s operational plan based on George Soros’s ideas include many components of the business with one or more conditions such as operations that are critical to the firm’s success, major change in the overall operation and details that go into the process. George Soros has come up with many strategies that are helpful for his clients’ business process and goals. His strategies show how to organize logical plan that can be presented to potential investors as well.

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