Beneful dog food products are a must have for every pet owner and lover. The products are manufactured taking into account the needs, desires and age of a dog. They ensure that dogs are completely nourished and that they are healthy at all times. The products come packed in different sizes, textures and tastes. The products offered by Beneful are categorized into different recipes. The recipes are fourteen and all contain a combination of ingredients that are instrumental for pet growth and long life. The products meet AAFCO nutrient profiles. In addition to ensuring healthy life, Beneful dog food products are also available for puppies to ensure that they are playful and are also available on Amazon as snacks. The products are categorized into wet food, dry food and dog treats* (*
Beneful Chopped blends* (* are a type of Beneful wet dog food that are designed for adult dogs and puppies. It is made up of barley, peas, carrots and beef. They ensure that a dog maintains its body size in accordance with its age. To ensure this, the product contains directions and instructions on what is the best proportion for a pet.

The Beneful dry food originals is one of the commonly purchased kind of dog food. The product is made of real beef, peas, carrots, ground yellow corn, and chicken by product meal, soy flour and rice flour. According to dog owner, Beneful dry food is crunchy and tender which makes it one of dogs’ favorite meal.

Another food product in the dry food category is the originals with chicken. This product is wholly made with chicken as the main source of meat and contains ingredients such as peas and corn gluten meal that are available in all kinds of dry dog food products.

To ensure that dogs have healthy teeth and their cavities are in good shape, the healthy smile dental twists has been produced by Purina Store. Its main purpose is to ensure that teeth are strong and that a dog’s breath is good. It is available for puppies and adult dogs and help prevent plaque and tartar.

Last but not least is the Tuscan style medley which is designed for adult dogs to promote their healthy living. It is made up of beef, spinach, carrots and rice flour.

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