George Soros is the founder and Chair of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundation. He survived the great Nazi occupation during the World War II and fled for refugee in England. George attended the school of economics in London and graduated. He later moved and settled in the United States and ever since he has built up massive wealth from international investment funds and his foundations.

George Soros is an active philanthropist and a great contributor to the community. His foundations the Open Society has been providing funds for black students attend the Cape Town University in South Africa. Open Society Foundation is now operating in more than 100 countries working tirelessly to promote the values of open society, human rights and transparency.

George has been one of the history’s most successful financiers for his famous 1992 predictions and gains over the British currency devaluation. The Soros’ Quantum Fund made enormous profits from what was thought to be a devaluation. The risk-taking organization borrowed billions to place the bet that pound would devalue against other currencies.

Soros and his partners reaped almost over 20% of the $7 billion made from that prediction since it was hedge funds. George has been on the edge in giving predictions over the global markets. He warns the investors that the world market is in crisis, and they should be cautious in any investment plan. George Soros had overseen the market crisis that hit the global back in 2008 and predicts there would a more serious crisis soon.

Soros takes a case study on China economy which is struggling to develop new growth models. The China currency devaluation problem on is transferring to the rest of the World markets. This crisis resulted in the global currency, stock, and commodity markets to be under siege at the beginning of the year. The strength of China’s economy is a concern as there is a shift from investments and manufacturing toward consumption and services.

George Soros believes that China has a significant adjustment problem which will amount into a crisis in the long run. He is an author of more than a dozen books, articles, and essays on issues of politics, society and economics which have been featured in the newspapers and magazines around the globe. His views on investments, markets predictions, and economic issues are highly sought and followed by many investors around the World. Learn more about his profile at

To gather more about George Soros and his global markets predictions. ValueWalk reminds its readers of the historic day Soros earned $1 billion in a bet on the devaluation of the Sterling Pound by the Bank of Britain. This day of 17th September 1992 has come to be known as Black Wednesday.

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