Capitalizing on her success, fashion personality and legend Lauren Conrad is heading into uncharted water, wading into the realm of party planning and entertainment. The highly respected and revered fashion authority, author and social media maven has set her sights on the party planning and entertainment sector with her unique, intriguing, and contemporary vision.

Thought of as the next Martha Stewart, Lauren Conrad’s Paper Crown and LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s has captivated the fashion scene nationwide. Believing she can do for party planning and entertaining that she did for contemporary women’s fashion, Lauren seeks to wave her mythical wand.

Virtually a household name to women in the 24-49 year old demographic, she is recognizable across many social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With a foot already in the door with her recently published book, “Celebrate”, Lauren isn’t having any difficulty recruiting a new following that’s embracing her ideas. Posed with the question about being compared to American icon Martha Stewart, Lauren Conrad commented, “Those are some big shoes to fill, and I really don’t see myself doing that.”

Lauren believes her knowledge, wisdom and savvy about party-planning and entertaining will have you the talk of friends, neighbors, social circles and the town too! She stresses that party planners do not concentrate on perfection, but that it’s okay to having everything set to perfection. Decorations, utensils misaligned or set improperly, brings attention to them and your overall party scheme. Remember, the party and entertainment is not about perfection, “it’s about bringing people together and making them feel comfortable,” according to Lauren.

The foundation for all parties, gatherings and get-together’s is about fun and enjoyment. Even though you may pamper your guests with memorable food and beverages, stunning decorations and get up and dance entertainment, always see that they are enjoying themselves.

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