Billionaire investor George Soros has donated millions in the past to help the Democratic party win elections. In recent years he has turned down his givings after going on a 25 million dollar spending spree to try to defeat George Bush in the past elections. He is back at it again and is shelling out several more millions of dollars trying to help get Hillary Clinton elected as our next president. He has donated approximately 25 million dollars according to the Federal Election Commission records. He has also confirmed the donation amount in recent interviews at Some of his associates have even speculated that he may give away more as election day draws near.

It was reported that George Soros was planning to attend the Democratic National Convention to watch Hillary Clinton accept the Democratic nomination for President. George Soros is a Hungarian-born billionaire that is 85 years old and currently resides in New York. George Soros is very opposed to Donald Trump and his Run for the presidency. He has even gone so far as to claim that he is doing the work of Isis by instilling fear in the American people. He has great faith in Hillary Clinton and is expected to donate Millions more to help her win the presidential election.

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George Soros is a liberal Democrat that has in the past been highly involved with politics and uses his wealth and influence to help candidates try to win elections. He in the past has donated extremely large sums of money to keep Republicans out of office. After spending a great amount of money in the past, he had decided to take a break from politics and focus on giving financial advice and contributing to magazines and serving as a guest analysis on large television networks on He is also a published author who has created several extremely popular book regarding politics and investing. Lately, he has been in the news predicting economic crisis for Europe and warning countries to take action before it is too late.

The very real possibility that Trump could clench election victory has brought him back into the forefront of politics to help Clinton get ahead and to support the Democratic party in hopes of victory. He feels that Trump is one of the worst things that could happen to The United States. We are sure to hear much more from George Soros before the election is over and he seems to be gearing up to open his wallet a needed to support the Democratic party and its nominee for President.

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