People who work in a traditional office setting might not be aware of how much it impacts their job performance. An online article highlighted the positive aspects associated with working in a shared environment. People who share an office space with others are more likely to feel good about the work they do. They feel as though they are making more of a contribution through the projects they complete. This positive aspect also applies to people who work as independent contractors in a shared office space. The ability to work in a professional environment combined with the ability to interact with others, significantly improves the job performance of people who would otherwise work alone.

People who share coworking spaces have the ability to enlist assistance from others working in the same environment. Since there is no job competition, people often gain new insights and inspirations for their projects. These shared office spaces can also be used for business conferences and seminars.

Advanced Work Environments

Workville NYC ( is a company offering people looking for Manhattan offices for rent the opportunity to work in an shared office environment. Their offices are designed to provide both visual appeal and constructive structure. They have a wide range of available spaces including offices designed for private use, open offices with dedicated desks and conference rooms. The spaces available from Workville NYC can be leased by people who are remote workers, people traveling through town on business or people who have steady employment as independent contractors. Each space can be leased for the amount of time the person needs it.

In addition to providing various types of work spaces, Workville NYC also provides their clients with a full range of amenities. Each work environment includes fresh brewed coffee and WiFi. Workville also has a daily cleaning crew working hard to make sure the coworking spaces always look professional. Their offices also include comfortable lounge areas where people can gather to share experiences. As a company offering advanced work environments, Workville NYC offers 24 hour access to their buildings. This allows people to work during hours that are convenient to them, reducing the amount of stress placed on completing a project on time.

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