Online reputation management is increasingly becoming critical to the survival of both small and large businesses. Even a single negative review on the front page of Google can hurt a brand if thousands of consumers look for the particular business, every day. However, most businesses only get a wake-up call after lots of negative reviews and bad publicity on the Internet. As such, this article from suggests step-by-step techniques that can help businesses control the damage to their online status.
Five Steps to Damage Control

The first damage control technique is to purchase a software that can search all the keywords that associate with your brand name. Afterwards, try to gather as many major keywords which are associated with the search related to your business. After compiling, run a campaign targeting these major keywords.

The second step should be to optimize these keywords for the social profiles. Make sure that all of the major keywords also show one of your social profiles including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. The benefit of relating your social profile is to tackle any negative review by forcing the search engines to balance such negative profiles through positive comments on the social media.

In the third step, use a software like KnowEm to create several secondary social profiles. Since social media channels, regardless of its size, have high domain authority, it will not take much time for the social profile of the company to appear on the first page of Google. With the passage of time, the negative listing will move towards the second or third page; whereas, the first page will be dominated by the positive social image.

Make contributions on the other high profile domains by commenting on these as a guest contributor. As these websites also have a very strong presence on the Internet, your guest post will likely appear on the first page of major search engines, quicker than you may think.

The fifth step is to link your articles and posts on the authoritative domains with two or three social channels that you own. Making such links is as easy as inserting a link in the social media pages. Doing so, will allow a natural link building process that will enhance your image by pushing more positive content to the first page.

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