Securus is the company that is responsible for making life easier for people who are in jail. While they are not necessarily able to provide commodities like comfortable beds, constant contact with family, and delicious meals, they are able to make the idea of jail life slightly more bearable for the inmates. They work to do this through commissary programs, kiosks, phone calls and emails to people who are on the outside. They can provide some simple things that make inmates feel better about the idea of being in jail and make the experience slightly more comfortable for them.

The phone calls and emails that are provided by Securus are done so through a kiosk. This makes it easy for the inmates to contact their loved ones on the outside and actually makes it easier fro the employees of the jail to monitor the communication that they have with the outside. It can also be easier to catch anyone who is talking about prohibited subject matter. It is all handled through the kiosks. Inmates are actually able to purchase their commissary through the kiosk in some prisons which eliminates the need for staffing a commissary store and can help the inmates get what they want while reducing the number of correctional officers needed by the jail.

Another way that Securus is making things better for inmates is through the use of automated forms. These are for grievances and complaints. They can be completed quickly and easily on the kiosk. They can also be sent directly to the administrative person that they need to be instead of having to go through the correctional officers and others who may not know exactly where the complaint should go. It is important to note that the forms are made for people who can read and write.

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