According to findings by researchers, it is clear that most employees thrive in co-working spaces. Co-working spaces refer to membership-based work spaces whereby diverse groups of remote workers, freelancers and independent specialists work in shared communal setting .These findings on the success of shared office space were based on surveys and interviews offered to various co-working space founders, dozens of workers working together within the shared communal setting as well as community managers. According to the survey, most people within the shared office space tend to look at their work and efforts as meaningful.

Why Co-working Spaces Thrive


Unlike traditional offices, shared office space is made up of different individuals who work within a broad spectrum of ventures, projects as well as companies. Due to little internal politics and direct competition, there is no need for finding a perfect persona to fit in the gaps. Working amidst people of different work specialization helps one develop a strong work identity because the working is distinctive and interesting.Additionally, co-working spaces encourages a culture of helping each other as well as developing unique skills necessary to assist other community members. Lastly according to the Co-working Manifesto, shared office space encourages learning, collaborations as well as sustainability among others. Since these spaces are 24/7 accessible there is high job control therefore recording impressive returns.


Advantages of Co-working Space


Under this communal setting, workers are able to decide on deadlines as well as breaks to attend the gym together. They can as well choose to work in a quiet setting or even share tables to encourage full interaction. This helps create a friendly working atmosphere within the working premise. Furthermore, workers can decide to perform their duties from home so long as no repercussions are involved with the decision. Workville is one of the good examples of excellent co-working spaces.


About Workville


Workville Manhattan offices for rent perfectly blend co-working space with luxury therefore creating an inspiring environment that is flexible and friendly. Workville is located in New York City and features shared offices, move in ready offices and open desks among others. Members within this co-working space also take meetings, calls and spread to work in different areas such as the lounge area, cafe and the 3 outdoor terraces. Workville community is made up of high quality business persons and talented startups that strive to build a culture of great success. Some of the services provided within this shared office spaces include private phone, dry cleaning services, fast internet and fresh coffee among others.

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