DeVos’ name will always appear in a roundtable discussion about popular reformers and philanthropists the nation has ever had. He started his journey in politics at Calvin College. Since then, he has always been active in politics leading variety of campaigns and party organizations. His work in education reforms cannot be ignored. Many people are applauding his bold move and tenacity to ensure children get quality education that can shape them to be better individuals in the future. DeVos remains optimistic that the government will live up to its role to provide quality education to all children regardless of their social and economic alignments. DeVos is unperturbed by the recent branding of his movement as “Radical.” He continues to fight bravely to ensure every child gets quality education.


More about Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos is a businessman and Philanthropist who hails from Michigan. He runs The Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation with his wife Betsy DeVos. The couple, who have been married for 30 years now believe that the foundation will serve as a catalyst for partnerships that position themselves to improve both local and global communities socially and economically. Dick’s principles are hard work, humility and compassion. He always strives to make a difference in people’s lives and his own life. Through the foundation, Dick and his wife have donated thousands of dollars to religious, educational, juvenile and civic groups since 1990.


The couple’s strong love for better education inspired them to start West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010. The Academy became the first charter school in the United States formed to offer affordable lessons to young people who are aspiring to be aviators in the country. In 2010, DeVos donated $22.5 million to Kennedy’s Institute of Arts. His foundation has also donated thousands of dollars to organizations advocating for free market economy. He also offers scholarship programs for MS and MBA students.


Besides philanthropy, Dick DeVos is an author of several books including “Rediscovering American Values” that gained inspiration from Gerald R Ford’s foreword. His book is available on Amazon at affordable prices and was at one point New York Time’s best-selling book. DeVos is an active participant in Republican politics. He is also a national champion sailor and skilled jet and helicopter pilot. Dick and Betsy have been married for over 35 years now. They have seven children and six grandchildren. His passion and love for Michigan continue to attract admiration from many people.


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