Equities First Holdings, LLC has provided its customers with other financial solutions, supplying capital contrary to stocks to make them meet their professional and personal goals. EFH provides financing against public exchanges all over the world. The company has more than 650 completed transactions of more than $1.4 billion. It offers its clients low fixed interest rates with high loan-value.

The company has offices in nine countries including the EFH Hong Kong Limited, EFH London Limited, EFH Australia Pty Limited, EFH Singapore Limited. The company and its subsidiaries work with sophisticated individual investors. They are not intended for retail investors.

Equities First Holdings, the global lenders, foresees a growing trend among borrowers seeking stock as collateral loans for working capital. The company is a leader in the alternative financing solutions for shareholder sees more traction in stock-based and margin loans. This is done in an economic climate perceived by banks and other lending institutions that tightened their lending rules. For those who are not qualified for credit-based loans and need to raise quick money for a project, this company is a better alternative.

While there are numerous existing options for people, many banks have slashed borrowers’ options. They have increased interest rates and tightened loan qualifications, Al Christy, EFH CEO and Founder, sees the stock-collateralized loans as a major alternative for those seeking necessary working capital. These loans have a better loan-to-value ratio that the fixed interest rates and margin loans. They also provide certainty throughout the transactions.

Market fluctuation is inevitable in a three-year loan term. However, these loans provide hedge because there is a decreased investment risk on the borrower’s side. These loans have a non-recourse feature that lets them walk out of a stock loan even when the value depreciated. The initial proceeds of the loan can be kept without obligation.

EFH CEO notes that some people consider these loans to be identical. There are marked differences although they use securities for collateral. Borrowers can be pre-qualified with a margin loan. The money is also to be used for specific reasons. There are variable interest rates, and the borrower expects 10 to 15 percent loan-to-value ratios.

Kate Hudson is another celebrity who has chosen to contribute her name, her time, and her creativity to this month’s very special awareness for not only women, but men’s forward battle in finding a cure for breast cancer in as near in the future as possible. She has found her way to join those who are like-minded, both men and women, through her active wear clothes line called Fabletics.

Her website where she sells most of her product has a three-part registration center: Step 1 is making your personal style profile quiz to let the site know best how you might benefit from Forbes’ recap of their push to take on Amazon. Step 2 is to choose your favorite picks out of profile results. Step 3, of course, is our favorite one: shopping! You then sign up to purchase one outfit per week, and of the inventory, one new outfit is featured as part of your choice monthly. There is an anytime cancellation policy, and money back guarantee for any outfit returned.

“As a fashion company, our flexible-subscription business model makes it possible to pass along the substantial savings we realize to our customers.” This comes from TechStyle, the actual owner of the company and website promotions.

On Twitter and Facebook, the blessing behind the company, co-founded by Kate and JustFab, women are presented after registration on the site with a new outfit designed exclusively for Fabletics. She has the choice to purchase or pass for the month. The draw is that the outfits are so fabulous as work out clothing to keep anyone feeling beautiful during their progress of keeping active, fit and healthy.

The awareness of health is of utmost importance to us all in this shared attempt to enjoy working out and keeping our exercise regime consistent. Staying healthy includes annual breast exams, pelvic exams and eating healthy. Kate’s Fabletics website is all about choosing the best offerings possible. You automatically join the VIP club as a shopper. Your style profile is taken seriously, and your choices in outfits are programmed to collaborate with your entries on the website forms, which can be updated at any time.

Ms. Hudson has become an ambassador for the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer charity.

Hudson admits she loves pink, but has the savvy to know that women will only workout with joy if they feel spectacular in the progress of reshaping their bodies, their spirits, their world. She has over one million followers on her website, and there are eleven retail stores nationwide that feature her active wear on social media like Facebook. There will certainly be more in the future. JustFabs is part of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) which contributes to not only cancer research, but HIV/AidS research.

Learn more about Fabletics: https://www.youtube.com/user/Fabletics

David J. Osio, the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group, continues to provide financial support for a variety of different causes. One of the organizations he has supported for years is the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO). Besides financial support, he also served as a member of the Orchestra board. The result of these contributions has helped the Symphony to stay in operation for many years and continue to bring joy to the community.

Another organization he is a longtime supporter of is The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation in Venezuela, which he supports by sponsoring their yearly EPK events. Medical research for children is a particular area that Osio is focused on supporting and improving. He hopes that other people will join him in contributing to this cause.

The Davos Financial Group advisory group has offices in New York City, Miami, Geneva, Panama City, and more. In each of these cities, Osio is focused on making a positive impact through charitable giving. Other organizations he has supported are the Wayuu Taya foundation, UMA Foundation, and the Funding Foundation. In addition, Osio supports the arts. One of such contributions was made to the Saludarte Foundation of Art in Miami, which helped to make the latest exhibition of artist Carlos Cruz Diez possible.

David Osio started his career as Director for Escritorio Jurídico MGO in Caracas, Venezuela. Before that, he studied at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela, where he completed a Law degree with honors in 1988. He later completed a specialization at the Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA) in Caracas in 1998.

In 1993, David J. Osio founded the Davos Financial Group of companies, which was dedicated to providing financial advice to a select group of clientele. One of the main selling points to clients is the set of services that is tailored to meet the needs of each client. Two of the main services are asset management and financial advisory services. Each of the licensed companies holds agreements with major banks, spread around the world, which makes for a competitive and diversified investment platform. Their website has more information about them and is located at davosfinancial.com.

Learn more: https://www.xing.com/profile/David_Osio

There is a huge number of different products out there for hair care, all of them with different specific goals and effects on the hair as well as different levels of quality. This makes research and choosing widely important. There are a number of products out there that are not actually good to be using for extended periods of time as they have harmful and clogging chemicals in them. This makes knowing the ingredients in a product important as well. If one knows the ingredients in a product, they can determine if it is healthy or not to be using every day without causing issues.

WEN cleansing conditioners, produced by Chaz Dean, are made up of all natural ingredients and no additives for lathering, such as sulfates. Natural products are better for the hair and preventing things like brittle and dry hair, or even breakage. Chaz Dean knows how much women care about their hair, and how heavily they invest their time and money into it. This is why he wanted to create a product that was capable of producing results without needing to go to a salon and spending a ton of money for name brand products or care. With his WEN hair care line, he has done this, especially with each bottle only costing $40 dollars.

Many cosmetic and beauty shops offer WEN cleansing conditioners, but if not, they can also be found easily online. Retailers such as Guthy-Renker, Sephora QVC and Amazon selling WEN’s product in abundance with fast delivery times. A writer for Bustle Magazine tested out the product and published her review on Bustle, showing pictures of her experience with the product. Despite her hair issues, and her very fine hair, she saw great results with WEN, which is why she now recommends it to her friends and her readers.

Check out: https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/