Bob Reina launched Talk Fusion in 2009 to progress the economy by providing a more interactive and attractive marketing platform to business and families seeking to increase with the all in one marketing tool.

Talk Fusion is the leading global video oriented marketing solution. The company aims to raise the net worth of a firm by increasing sales and income to maintain clients and beat competing companies. The feature provides business benefits by allowing companies to market their products on an engaging and eye-catching platform.


Talk Fusion’s products have spread to over 140 nations by the person to person marketing move. The marketers offer interested individuals and unions a free 30-day trial before they can decide to acquire the full all in one video marketing solution. The company actively contributes to the society to raise the living standards of families and operations of animal charities.


On August 15th, 2016, Talk Fusion was awarded the Communications Solutions Products award by the Technology Marketing Corporation for the second time this year. The awards are a platform to recognize innovations in voice, data, and video that progress the products and services of people and business. The vetting procedure also includes upgraded technology that was worked on in the last twelve months. During the period that Talk Fusion received the second award, it also launched a new website and introduced the WebRTC Recorder, which is the trial version of the WebRTC technology.


The WebRTC recorder feature allows live communication of users across various locations, and with a broad range of devices in the smartphone, desktop or tablet categories. The first video chat app launched in March 2016, in the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Rich Tehrani, the CEO of Technology Marketing Communications (TMC), stated that Talk Fusion is a leading and evolutionary company, providing high-rank products to the business communication market. He added to say that it was an honor to award the fast growing company. Bob Reina later commented that Talk Fusion’s Information Technology department staff commits their efforts towards giving their clients products that meet their exact needs and extra benefits.


The Chief Technical Officer of the company affirmed that by commenting that the award was a confirmation of the unshakable effort and entrepreneurial spirit of his team, in creating efficient products.

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