Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian businessman and entrepreneur that has single-handedly helped to boost the amount of start-up business in the country and assist those seeking an education in business. He has worked with the Russian government to give aid to new businesses or potential businesses. He also helps with financial assistance for those seeking to enroll in business school.

He is also the creator of Endemic Capital. The company was created in 2013. The company provides angel funding to startup businesses and to those that are headed for business school. He is also the creator of A Ventures Ltd. which is a company that provides financial assistance to struggling companies and small businesses.

It also provides a scholarship to INSEAD which is a Russian business school and is also where Alexei Beltyukov attended business school as well.He currently serves as Vice President of the Skolkovo Foundation wich is an organization that works with the government to provide grants and financial assistance to Russian citizens that express an interest in working in the business field.

He also has a deep desire to further education for students all over. He is currently working to bring educational materials that help give students a helping hand with his company Solvy. The company focuses mainly on math educational materials for high school students. His math platform helps students more completely understand concepts of math and automatically generates quizzes and homework for teachers which makes their jobs much easier.

According to, Alexei Beltyukov is a multifaceted business man and philanthropist that is working to make his country a better place and continues to develop ideas that will give a hand up to those seeking to improve business in Russia. Many individuals and businesses have benefitted from his generous acts of kindness and the overall economy is much better because of his focus on the economic well being of the country.

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