In a period of time when many retailers are looking to close their physical locations and concentrate wholeheartedly on the Internet and Online based retailing options the Fabletics brand is looking to turn the tables by moving offline after achieving initial success Online. Fabletics has become such a force in its short three years of life that it has developed to have an estimated value of more than $250 million based on its Internet based membership programs; these programs offer individual consumers a range of clothing options in the workout and leisure wear areas at discounted and special offer pricing.


Fabletics began life as an Online retailer who offers a glimpse into a lifestyle many customers aspire to achieve, the main marketing campaigns of Fabletics revolve around the lifestyle and personal image of investor Kate Hudson. The actress has created social media marketing campaigns that include her own choices from the Fabletics range that have usually become high quality sellers for Website members.


The question many Online retailers have faced when attempting to develop a fashion based brand is how to get their products into the hands of customers who wish to try the garments before they buy. Fabletics has made a major impact with its use of popup physical stores where members and non-members of the brand can explore the many options available in a techniques that has become known as reverse showrooming; the idea is based on the traditional showrooming problem facing retailers where customers try on clothes in a physical store before seeking out lower priced items Online. Executives and insiders at Fabletics have reported they do not care whether a customer purchases clothing options from the Internet or from a physical store, which means members have the opportunity to try on clothing options that are then loaded onto their Online shopping cart. With anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of visitors to the every growing number of physical locations Fabletics operates already being members, plus 20 percent of new members joining in popup stores the reverse showrooming technique is proving a major success for the active wear brand.


Not only is Fabletics finding success among industry insiders, the brand is also benefitting from a large number of positive reviews provided by real life members expressing their love for the brand. Across the board of content the positive reviews have been flowing in for Fabletics, including in terms of the quality of the clothing available that has been praised as matching that found from brands that traditionally cost more than the average of $50 per outfit. Customers also seem to enjoy the option of skipping a month if they are not in need of a new workout outfit at that particular time.

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