One thing that the year long study performed is it brought to light a little discussed aspect of business marketing. We here about recognition, awareness and conversion rates, but little about perception.

When you are shopping around for a product or service and you scour the internet ads and marketing copy, you will recognize known products and businesses, you will become aware of one’s you knew little about and you may end up buying something from either one. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: and

But what is your perception of that product or service before you decide to buy or not? And more importantly, how do you think that perception plays into your buying decision? It may be subconscious on your part, but perception is a big part of reality.

Podcasting has now been proven to raise or change a consumer’s perception of a product, and usually in a favourable light. Knowing this, businesses will now, if they haven’t before, make a conscious effort to not only bring the awareness of a product to a consumer but to target their perception of it as well. Let’s say you trade on the forex market, and only trade pairs in Europe.

You could trade currency pairs in Asia, but your perception is that Asian currencies are too volatile. A broker will want more business trading those pairs, he or she knows what the perception is, so they will make a podcast designed specifically to change that perception. In days past, brokers may have only focused on the recognition aspect of their marketing because they thought they were not in the business of changing people’s minds or trading habits.

With this new research that Edison did though, business owners and entrepreneurs now know that it is in their best interest to not so much change peoples’ minds, but to alter their perception of a product for the purpose of higher conversion rates.

You could say that a business owner/podcaster has to change their perception of a sales tactic and implement it accordingly in order to change the perception of a potential customer. It goes hand in hand most of the time and actions like these are what changes marketing trends.

The Capital group CEO Time Armour has recently been discussing a bet placed by billionaire investor Warren Buffett who has looked to show the public how their fund managers are often not achieving the best results for them, an argument made by Tim Armour on a regular basis. Buffett gambled $1 million in a charitable wager based around his belief a single investment made on a low yield passive S&P 500 company.

Tim Armour and Warren Buffett share a view that many hedge funds do not achieve the results they should as they are not managed in the correct way that allows the highest yield for investors. Tim Armour has spent a large amount of time in recent years explaining how he believes many funds are charging large fees and basing their investment strategy on a flawed theory of making a large number of trades made on a regular basis.

Tim Armour has recently explained he feels the investments made by many hedge fund managers are not of the highest quality and have been affected by consistently falling interest rates he believes will soon begin to rise once more. The change Tim Armour believes is coming is based on his belief the markets will react to the arrival of new President Donald Trump.

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Capital Group CEO Tim Armour also stated he believes the bond market will quickly turn towards a more defensive view of the world that will arrive once the post election joy and confidence begins to wain over the course of 2017.

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In the medical field, professionals see a lot of different diseases. Some of the diseases are life threaten while others do not cause potential death but produce a lot of pain and suffering. One of the ways that medical professionals are able to help people fight diseases is through medical research. Many diseases have been slowed through medical research. Medical research has developed medicines to help the progression of numerous diseases.

Although medicine is helping many people to fight against all kinds of diseases, a lot of the medicines that have been developed through medical research do not cure diseases. The need for finding cures to all types of diseases is a major focus in the medical profession. One part of the body where medical research has been extensive over the past generation is the lungs. Regarding the body, the lungs play a major role in how people are able to go about their daily lives. Read more on

The lungs are responsible for the breathing that people do and the quality of breathing that people are able to do. When people have a lung disease, the amount and quality of breathing that people are able to do suffers because of the disease. Different diseases cause different levels of problems concerning the lungs.

According to PR Web, through medical research there have been a variety of medicines that have been discovered that help the symptoms of lung diseases. However, through medical research, there have been treatments that have been discovered that help to resolve the problems caused by lung diseases. In addition, medical research has found some treatments that actually help to cure some lung diseases.

One of the treatments revolves around stem cell treatment. The Lung Institute is an organization that has contributed greatly to stem cell research, see: The Lung Institute has been able to find ways that stem cell treatment can help to aid in various lung diseases.

The Lung Institute has several medical doctors who have expertise in the area of stem cells. With this expertise, the doctors have been able to help many people who come to The Lung Institute find ways to improve their condition related to the lung disease that they are battling.

One of the sectors that have been full of challenges is the correctional facilities around the country. The main issues have always been connected to the lack of proper technology that can track, report and monitor the activities surrounding the inmates. Until five years ago, it was close to impossible to control the communication going on between the prisoners and their families, and the result was illegal items getting into the facilities, crimes being committed on the inside and even worse end results. This chaos is the situation that Securus Technologies walked into, and with time, they have managed to turn the situation around. It, therefore, does not come as a shock that they received the Gold Stevie Award for Sales and Customer service at the 11th edition of the awards.


The awards are held annually to celebrate executives and businesses that have been outstanding in their respective sectors. This year’s awards, which took place at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, involved more than 2,000 nominees. The number was a 10 percent increase from the candidates of the previous year. There were 53 different award categories and 600 representatives of the different companies taking place in the awards.

While receiving the award on behalf of the business, the senior vice president in charge of operations at Securus, Danny De Hoyos stated that the corporation had always placed the happiness and satisfaction of the customers over and above everything else at the company. He added that this was the one principle that was helping them attain the success level they were enjoying.


One of the judges at the event also spoke about the awards and said that the business growth and customer care quality that had been demonstrated by Securus was commendable. He added that their willingness to adapt to an ever-changing climate was one quality that would take them very far.



Life Line Screening is a wellness facility based in Independence Ohio that uses preventive screening to detect ailments. They offer their services in community-based centers, such as the churches, corporations, and senior centers. The preventive screening offered are painless, safe, faster, and affordable. They also don’t require the use of instruments into the body and require less or no prior preparation. Life Line Screening engages the use of highly experienced technicians who use state-of-the-art equipment to perform the procedure. The results are later analyzed by a group of qualified doctors. The results aim at providing the patient and his or her doctor with reliable information that facilitate treatment commencement and or lifestyle changes that can prevent further damage by the disease.

Diseases Screened

Founded in 1993, Life Line Screening is dedicated to providing important information to individuals. Through their E-Newsletter, patients are advised on lifestyle changes to make to control chronic diseases as well as prevent such diseases. Life Line Screening specializes in health screening, carotid artery screening, atrial fibrillation screening, cholesterol screening, peripheral arterial disease screening, osteoporosis screening, diabetes, and heart disease screening.

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Methods of Screening

Life Line Screening uses three types of screening, such as Ultrasound screening, which uses high-frequency sound waves that are directed at the body and echoes returned are recorded. The facility uses a Doppler Color flow ultrasound technology for screenings such as abdominal aortic aneurysm screening. The second method is the Finger-stick blood screenings. In these screenings, the soft pad of the finger is pricked to collect a few drops of blood. The facility uses lab-accurate instruments that are FDA approved. These screenings mostly detect important risk factors for diabetes and heart diseases. The third method is the Limited electrocardiograph that is used to detect irregular heartbeat. This condition increases chances of stroke.

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