One might think that the inmates in a prison are safer than they would be on the violent streets of some neighborhoods. The truth is that some of these inmates are actually in danger in the jails because many times other inmates will strike when they know the police are unable to help. If a planned attack goes down, inmates could be in serious danger, and many are innocent and don’t even realize the hit is coming.


When you involve gangs into the equation, now you really have a problem because they work like a pack of dogs. maybe an inmate with no gang affiliation just wants to be left alone and do their time, but the gang strikes out and the inmate has to defend themselves. To help protect these inmates, we have to work hard to keep the gangs from getting weapons and from getting the orders to each other to commit these crimes.


Securus Technologies placed the inmate call monitoring system we use to keep tabs on the gang members inside our prison. This monitoring sytem is extremely helpful at being able to pick up on conversations that could lead to violence, allowing me and my team to spring into action and try to protect anyone in the jail that has been made a target. Once I understood how the LBS software worked, I used it to pay closer attention to certain high-ranking gang leaders.


One day we heard a top-ranking gang leader talking to his brother on the outside, trying to describe to him how weapons are snuck in the jail. That same minute, another gang member was talking about which inmate needed to be spoken too about not wanting to work with the gang. We were able to put the two together and keep an inmate from getting seriously hurt.


The real estate market in Ohio has grown significantly. The values of homes and condos in Central Ohio, for instance, have risen by a significant 8.1 percent within a period of one year. The highs are not expected to go down anytime soon. Besides the home values rise, a recent announcement was made by the national home builders stating its intention to build 240 homes in New Albany, Ohio in 2018. With these developments, the rise in the values of homes will continue for years to come.

Ohio has become an attractive area to reside in given that the areas’ cost of living has remained relatively low compared to the other parts of the country. For the past few years, the technology sector in Ohio has been on the rise. The public school system of Ohio has been recognized to be one of the best in the country, a fact that has made many people forego sending their children to private schools. The advantages of staying in Ohio are not expected to change.

For more than 20 years now, Tammy Mazzocco has been a real estate agent in Ohio. Many homebuyers have found their dream home through her assistance. Being in the real estate industry all her professional time has given her extensive knowledge regarding the markets and history. Tammy Mazzocco specializes in serving the New Albany area. She has however helped clients from all over the state of Ohio. She attributes her achievements to staying focused and being goal oriented.

Unlike all other real estate agents, Tammy Mazzocco views her clients as family. She gladly walks her clients through the process of finalizing a home sale. She has a track record that speaks volumes about her ability to make her clients stick with her. Tammy Mazzocco ensured that her clients get the best experience they can when either selling or buying homes in Ohio.

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Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group. He has worked hard in that position and he has been able to do a lot for the company in the time that he has been working there. As a CEO, he has made some major changes to OSI Group and that has been beneficial in the way that things work with the company. Thanks to everything that Sheldon Lavin has done with OSI Group, the company has been able to grow and has had a lot of success.

Because of this, Sheldon Lavin is going to continue to create more opportunities for the company. He wants to show people that they can get what they are looking for from the food industry provider and that they will be able to enjoy everything that the company has to offer thanks to the experiences that people have had with the business.

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Since OSI Group has been in business, they have been providing their food to people around the world. Although they are the biggest supplier of food for McDonald’s, they also work with other major chains like Subway and Starbucks. All of this is also included with the smaller businesses that the company works with. They are just as dedicated to the small pizza shops in small towns as they are to the major corporations like Subway and Starbucks. Sheldon Lavin has helped to grow these smaller relationships and has created a culture within the OSI Group that has a sharing environment for everyone in it.

For Sheldon Lavin, running OSI Group is something that he is comfortable with and confident in. He has come a long way from his previous CEO positions. He even won the Global Visionary Award in 2016 because of the work that he did.

Sheldon Lavin tried to make sure that OSI Group was as sustainable as possible and that was one of the biggest reasons that he won the award and why he was able to make a change for the people who worked with the company and who were a part of the company that worked in the food industry.

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In the modern times, investment has become a recent trend owing to the growing state of the economy. Today, almost everyone understands the need to invest their savings rather than keep them in a dormant state. However, owing to the daily bustles, most individuals find it difficult to figure out the suitable investment to place their wealth and hence falling victims of a scam.

On an investor’s point of view, wealth/investment management can be termed as the mathematics of investing his/her savings to enhance his/her financial situation. However, on a financial advisor’s perspective, investment management is usually the ability of an advisor to provide a full range of financial services or in words funds in which an investor can place his/her money.

Investment advisors are expected to have detailed information regarding every financial fund available in the market. However, to avoid complexity, many of the investors ought to specialize in financial products they can easily relate. Besides, being in the industry for an extended period gives most advisors such as Mathew Autterson the confidence to handle any financial fund with much ease.

About Matthew Autterson

When it comes to listing the top best investment professionals, the name Matthew Autterson always appears among the top ranked. Mr. Autterson boasts of being in the investment field for more than two decades. The Denver-based financial advisor works as the principal wealth advisor at WIN Wealth Management. As the principal, Autterson’s primary duty has been to assist clients to adjust their investment strategies to move along with their financial goals.

Besides, Matthew Autterson partnered in the establishment of Winterscheidt & Autterson, LLP., a well-established CPA firm based in Denver. Matthew Autterson schooled at the Buena Vista University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Before venturing on his own, Mr. Autterson was working with one of the largest financial advisors located in the state of Minnesota as the vice president.