OSI Group, the leading food processing plant, has been around for a long time. They produce an amazing array of food items, such as meats, vegetables, sandwiches and pizza for fast food chains, supermarkets, restaurants and food service places in general.

Aurora, Illinois is where OSI Food Industries is located. The President of the company is David McDonald and the Chief Executive Officer is Sheldon Lavin, they have played the leading roles in the success of OSI Foods.

Their achievements have resulted in OSI being able to extend it operation around the world.

Some of the places you will find OSI Food Group is…

India – In 1995, OSI Food Industries were able to collaborate with Vista Processed Foods, a reputable supplier in several areas in India. By the year 2012, OSI Food has set up a plant that furnishes fresh and frozen foods to people throughout India and several Middle Eastern countries.

Germany – In the year 2016, OSI Group was able to form a partnership with Edeka, the biggest supermarket chain in Germany, where the employees are able to manufacture custom-made products.

Philippines – GenOSI was established in 2017. This state of the art, meat-processing plant has the ability to produce 51 million pounds of fish, chicken and beef annually. These items are supplied to restaurants and food service businesses.

This is just a snippet of OSI Food Group accomplishments.

OSI company started when Otto Kolschowsky came to the United States from Germany and after being in this country two years, he opened up a family-owned and operated meat market in 1909.

Otto’s family business was thriving, so he expanded it in 1917 and changed the name to Otto & Sons.

As time past, Otto & Sons became renowned for selling quality meats. In fact, in 1955 they were one of the suppliers of ground beef patties for a new eatery called McDonalds.

Ray Croc the founder and CEO of McDonalds soon desired the two Kolschowsky’s brothers as the only supplier of beef for his flourishing restaurant chain.

Otto’s sons used the latest technology in processing plant, to keep up with McDonald’s demand for more beef, as both businesses rapidly increased.

To keep their operation running, they needed financial assistance.

They were introduced to Sheldon Lavin, a consultant in the field of finance, as well as the owner of a financial firm. He gave them the assistance they needed and they changed the name of the business to OSI Group, in 1975. For more info about us: https://www.mapquest.com/us/iowa/osi-industries-llc-6772346 click here.

From then on, Sheldon Lavin became more involved in the OSI Food Group and he soon would function as the person who would develop the company into a global enterprise.

Lori Senecal, a woman who has achieved great success in her career, at the Crispin Porter and Bogusky company she was the global chief executive officer. Lori over the years has attributed her raising fortunes to well educated and comfortable early life. She states that her older siblings motivated and advised her to achieve her dreams goals and be successful in her career.

Lori Senecal graduated with sales and a marketing degree and immediately after joined the global world and turned her life into a huge success. She has a magical touch, and through her talent, she has managed to raise the status of leading organizations and companies. Her unique personality and ability to intertwine her work, employees, and success have given her fame and admiration from her colleagues. For more details visit Adweek.

According to Campaignlive, Lori Senecal conceived TAG Ideation and launched a unit dedicated to young-adult marketing. Lori has vast experience in data analyses and multinational accounting since she has worked in companies like Molson, Nestle, Staples, Weight Watchers, Nabisco, Xbox, Applebee’s, Sprint, and InBev. She is well familiar with Coca-Cola since she was the global accountant director and at DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inclusive Lori served as the Chief Marketing Officer. Lori believes that the modern day advertising is a mixture of well-calculated social media marketing and visual images that leave the message replying in a consumers mind.

Lori Senecal has her hand loaded with responsibilities, as the CP+ B Global Chief executive officer she manages and coordinates all the nine international firm offices globally. She oversees the expansion and growth CP+Bs and also focuses on the firm global development. She joined CP+B in 2015 where she has increased the culture and business aspect of the company creating a current global agency that is collaborative, agile and inventive. She has been named the among the four agency executives in 2016 to watch. Check out Crunchbase for more.

Lori has advanced skills and knowledge on E-commerce, and she mentors young entrepreneurs, she has incubated and pitched startups organized by various companies. At Isaac Award Organization, Lori is the jury chair lady and also the co-founder, it’s an organization that celebrates and honors students with different inventions.

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MB-2 Dental is an large dental practice type development firm. MB-2 Dental was created by skilled and experienced dentists looking to develop as well advance their career by performing a variety of dental services to patients throughout the country.

MB-2 Dental provides dentists with the new growth as well as ownership opportunities within the industry. In addition, experienced and ambitious dentists will gain clinical independence as well as additional experience practicing dentistry. Finally, MB-2 gives a skilled dentist the opportunity to earn exceptional income and at the same time meeting new and exciting people.

MB-2 currently has offices in six states. The company’s main headquarters is located in Carrollton Texas. MB-2 Dental has an exceptional leadership team including Dr. Chris Villanueva and Justin Puckett.

Dr. Villanueva is the original founder as well as CEO of the organization. Dr. Villanueva has extensive experience practicing dentistry as an associate dentist. In addition, Dr. Villaneuva has 10 years experience as an Dental Director. This dentist enjoys practicing dentistry as well as learning and understanding the business side of running a successful dental practice. Dr. Villaneuva is a valuable asset to MB-2 Dental. He is a graduate of the University of Florida Dental School.

Justin Puckett is currently the President of MB-2 Dental. Mr. Puckett has extensive training and experience within business management as well as law. Mr. Puckett has a degree in Accounting and Law. He did practice law for a number of years however, he seemed to enjoy learning about the field of dentistry as well as the business aspect of running a dental establishment. Justin Puckett has exceptional leadership and management skills.

MB-2 makes certain that they employ only the most experienced dentists to become a part of their professional team. In addition, dentists are taught how to run a business which includes HR issues, any legal problems that may arise, meeting certain compliance standards and building a long term relationship with their dental patients.

MB-2 Dental can help support your dental practice so that you meet your long term business and financial goals. The organization helps skilled dentists get back into the field of dentistry. However, MB-2 feels that it is important for a dentist to also learn how to run an effective dental practice from the ground up.

Please visit www.mb2dental.com. The web site is updated on a regular basis to bring you the most up to date information.

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It is rightly said that health is wealth, but due to the professional obligations and hectic routine of the people these days, caring for health generally, takes a backseat. However, one must not neglect to go for a regular health screening to ensure that their body is functioning normally, or if any health concerns need medical attention. If you are feeling that you are going through any discomfort in your body or facing any symptoms persistently, then consulting a physician and going for essential health screenings would help you identify the cause of the problem.

If any health concern is neglected for a long time, even if it seems a trivial one at the beginning, tends to become malignant in the future. To avoid such a scenario, consulting with the doctor and going for health screening is essential. It would ensure that corrective measures are implemented at the right time before the situation becomes irreversible. For more info about us: https://twitter.com/Life_Line click here.

It is often seen that people die or lose their loved one because they neglected their health or the hints that the body was giving to them. Health screenings would provide complete peace of mind and ensure that you do not have any adverse thoughts about your health and know things precisely as they are. It gets rids of the doubts you have in mind and provides a clear picture. Lifeline Screenings, a health screening service provider, started in 1993 is amongst the topmost and the most credible health screening providers in the country. It has completed over a million screenings till date and continues to add to it every single day. Lifeline Screening provides a comprehensive list of health screenings, starting from liver function test to cardiovascular-related screenings and from C- reactive protein test to allergy test, and more.

If you are going for health screening at Lifeline Screening, make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes, haven’t eaten a heavy meal, not wearing a watch, haven’t put any oil or lotion on your body, and is relaxed. There is nothing to worry about as most tests at Life Line Screening are painless and non or minimally invasive.

Freedom Debt Relief is a company that has a program that helps reduces debt significantly. The company has its location in Phoenix. Freedom Debt Relief program has three steps to debt reduction. That includes debt evaluation which involves a call and walks you through the available option by a consultant. Debt evaluation enables you to evaluate whether this is the right program for you. After the evaluation, the consultant customises a plan for you based on your needs. Finally, the experts negotiate a settlement for you from the creditors, and once an agreement is final, then you take up the payment plan.

There have been many Freedom Debt Relief reviews from various clients on how the program assisted them. One client says that the program made them feel they were not alone and given the high level of customer service, that made the client feel better.

Another Freedom Debt Relief review and testimonial came from a lady whose husband had been laid off and-and due to the financial crises they were in, that unsettled their marriage. The client decided to call the company and take up the program, and she says that after talking with a consultant and getting to know what they were offering, they were able to work out their marriage.
Kavyon P., a client, gives Freedom Debt Relief review a testimonial saying he couldn’t have done it without the program. He says he is debt free thanks to the program and appreciates the high level of customer service and precise yet effective methods to reduce debts.Many more clients who got help have given their freedom and debt reviews which are great to hear. Freedom Debt Relief review and testimonials is a breath of fresh air, to hear people who didn’t have any hope and are now hopeful and living their lives happily.

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Richard Mishaan is an interior designer who has built a name both for himself and his company, Richard Mishaan Design, by practicing exactly what he believes in. To put it in his own words, a great interior design is not about the space that you are given to work with but it is all about having the ability to take a small space and then transform it into something that is both beautiful and magical. This is the footprint that can be found in all of the Richard Mishaan Design projects completed in New York, Columbia and other cities as well.

In order to understand the principles and the creations of Richard Mishaan Designs, it is probably best to start by taking a look at the man behind the designs first. Richard can best be described as a mix master of interior design and that term is borne out of the fact that it is hard to predict what the outcome of any of his projects will look like until you actually get to see it. The only thing guaranteed about any creation from Richard Mishaan Design is that it will be spectacular. Personally, he believe that good interior design is not about having a lot of money to spend on the design but about having an eye to identify exactly what should go where.

Although Richard Mishaan Design has been behind some of the most spectacular interiors of hotels and residences in various cities around the country, it may be best understood by taking a look at Richard’s own home. The last home in which he lived with his wife, daughter and son for 18 years was a family space filled with beautiful furniture and museum quality art. Not to mention that part of the furniture included a special couch that he had owned for 20 years and cemented the fact that the best things always last much longer than the average.

Prostate cancer is most common among men over the age of forty. In an effort to increase awareness of this disease, The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, The National Football League Alumni Association and LabCorp teamed up to offer free screenings which began in September, and will be extended through October 15th. Two thousand men age 40 an over will receive free screenings once they meet the eligibility requirements. The screening are being performed at one of the 1,750 LabCorp locations throughout the nation. After the first two thousand free screenings, all other Prostate Specific Antigen screenings will be at the reduced cost of only $25.00.

All men are urged to take advantage of this opportunity for early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment. Also get the peace of mind in knowing that you are cancer free. Signing up before the deadline date allows you to schedule the screening for any time within a six month period. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have events and entertainment planned at each of their treatment facilities. You can enjoy music, singing and pep talks given by celebrities and NFL players who have experienced cancer up close, with a loved one or themselves.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America sponsored the kick off press conference along with the NFL Alumni Association and featured medical specialists in cancer treatment, Chief Executive Officers of LabCorp, A U.S. Representative and other strong advocates for cancer. You will witness testimonies from cancer survivors and people who are still battling the disease. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have locations in Phoenix, Arizona, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Chicago, Illinois, and Atlanta, Georgia. In each location, the city and the residents have opened their hearts in support of this endeavor. The CTCA strongly promotes PSA screenings to detect if you have, or to eliminate the worry of prostate cancer.

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