Trading in the Forex market can be very confusing to newcomers to currency trading. You want to make money by taking advantage of imbalances between different national currencies but you don’t really know how or where to get started. Greg Secker is an expert when it comes to the Forex Market that teaches people his valuable skills when it comes to currency trading.

Thomas Cook Financial Services was the first company that Greg Secker worked at when he first became a trader. While there he was tasked with building a new company called Virtual Trading Desk. This was the very first online platform that featured Forex Trading in a real-time environment. People using his software could get real-time quotes and execute foreign exchange transactions over the internet, which was revolutionary at the time.

While working for Mellon Financial Corporation as an executive he learned from some of the best in the business when it came to Forex trading. He closely studied them and learned their strategies. Eventually, he earned enough in his personal account that he could retire from the industry and open up his own Forex trading floor in his own home. After a period of time he decided he should help others wanting similar financial success and so a new company was born.

In 2003, George Secker established the Knowledge to Action Group, an umbrella company for his other businesses. He also owns and operates Smartcharts Software, Learn to Trade, FX Capital, and Capital Index. Collectively these organizations teach people his strategy to make money buying and selling foreign currencies.

Learn to Trade is an award-winning company which holds two-day seminars teaching participants George Secker’s strategies. He has said that he started teaching other people for two reasons: opportunity and boredom. He left the financial industry because he felt himself stagnating even though he was making great money at it. He thought he would feel a lot more inspired getting out of that world and instead teaching others how to work the Forex market to their benefit. He enjoys hearing from his former customers and how attending his seminar really made a positive impact in their lives.


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