OSI Food Solutions, the leading provider of chicken, beef, and poultry products on the eastern seaboard and beyond has increased their capacity to produce chicken by more than double. They are based in Aurora, Illinois (their Midwest division) and they have made some very interesting moves to maintain this high level of production. The main production center is located in Toledo, Spain and the bulk of operations managers meet here for discussions on how to operate the company. They have offices located around the world to keep operation streamlined and efficient. The investment was 17 million euros and it has made them more powerful than any other meat producer in the west.

2017 was a great year for OSI Food Solutions. They doubled their capacity of meat production from 12,000 tons to and astounding 24,000 tons! This means they are supplying the world with enough food to feed an entire country for a year if they donated meat. This is incredible! No other company can boast such high numbers, and OSI is only continuing to grow. The operating production plant in question is the plant located in Spain. They are now capable of producing 45,000 tons of beef, chicken, and pork. These are the most popular meats around the world by far so the fact that OSI can produce so much must mean that their factories are running smoother than competitions’. For instance, in Spain alone the demand for meat (specifically chicken) has grown by more than 6% year over year for the past 10 years and in the last 3 years the market has seen an annual growth of 8%. These numbers cannot be ignored by serious investors.

OSI Food Solutions made this production increase possible by investing in upgrades to an existing production facility. They created more than 20 new factory jobs and added a 22,600 square foot production hall to the poultry production facility. They have extra space for supplies, food, storage, refrigeration, waste, and a social area for the employees to enjoy. The addition capacity and job creation will serve the company well and will certainly benefit the overall economy.

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