As a diversified holding company and an equity management firm, the Connecticut-based company of Southridge Capital affords services for the companies in its care that run the gamut from consultation, to negotiation, to financial analysis and the implementation of actual and specific financial strategies. Southridge clients are justified in a high degree of confidence, because they are steered by a company that has already invested nearly two billion dollars in growth companies over a period of two decades, as well as by a five person management of highly select and fiscally savvy individuals, more than qualified to deal with every corporate concern, from becoming a first-time public company, all the way to recovering from bankruptcy. The Southridge Capital team takes its position within the community very seiously, affording it the same degree of seriousness and sense of responsibility it accords for its position as helmsman for the companies it serves, expending both considerable time and money on an array of charitable endeavors. For more details visit Ideamensch to know more.

Owner, founder and CEO of Southridge Capital, Stephen M. Hicks, who is also an enthusiastic entrepreneur, recently shared his ebullient interest, regarding cryptocurrency and pot, two trends that excite him, on Hicks firmly believes that Southridge stands tall in its field in no small part due to its ability to customize a plan for each client. In his own words;”Our expertise lies in our ability to customize a financing plan…and then execute that plan without fail.” Analyzing the objectives of each specific client and also having the degree of risk that each new investor is able and willing to accommodate is key. Tailoring a plan that is specific to the needs of the client also entails judging how to preserve the delicate balance between equity and debt for each individual client. Some clients may require strategies designed to bolster their creditworthiness, while others may benefit from balance sheet optimization strategies. Fortunately, Southridge Capital has the tools and experience to implement whatever approach is best suited to the need of the client. Check out their website

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