Decentralized markets are untested waters. Most companies stay away from them as if a sign saying, “Shark” were present. The shark of course would be fragmentation and fraud. Decentralized markets lack the security and safety of centralized markets, but also contain a lot more possibility. Possibility that reaches past the horizon to places most cannot even see. This is why Malcom CasSelle wants to go there, because of the unseen possibility.

Malcom CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins, and the president and CEO of WAX. He has been a top executive in a slew of internet-based companies across a wide margin of years. He has served in social media companies, online paywall companies, and has founded a few of his own. CasSelle is an innovator, always looking for the next step the digital market will take. This time he sees it venture into the decentralized zone, which is why he is going there with WAX.

WAX, or Worldwide Asset eXchange, is an online payer to player market that operates fully in the decentralized zone. It is able to do this through a brilliant innovation by the designers and CasSelle, blockchains. WAX uses the unending strings of data to create smart lists that accurately determine legitimacy. In this way players can be free of any worry, and can trade their assets for other commodities, or even money. The network will be the first in the gaming world to offer a return of investment for money spent. This is a rather unprecedented development, and would have long lasting effects on the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

CasSelle is a graduate of both MIT and Sanford University, holding a bachelors and master’s degree in computer sciences. He served Tronc Inc. before coming to OPSkins. He was the CTO and president of new ventures for the company. CasSelle is also an early stage investor, taking part of trends that have enlarged considerably. He was an early stage investor for Bitcoin, Facebook, and Zynga. As president of WAX CasSelle hopes to revolutionize the industry.


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