Achieving self-reliance through financial independence has always been the primary goal of everyone. That is why we all wake up and head to work whether it’s freelancing or keeping up with nagging bosses to get there. However, achieving financial independence is impossible without planning. And planning is not easy either especially to the Average Joe with no professional background. Fortunately with individuals like Richard Blair who dedicate their lives to providing professional retirement and wealth planning it is now possible for individuals in Texas to pursue self-reliance. Unlike most wannabe financial advisers, Richard does not go just by any order instead of using his rich experience in the finance arena, Richard developed a three-pillar approach which has proven to be incredibly beneficial. Below is more insight on these three pillars.

The first

The primary objective of the first pillar is to carve out a financial path which is what the client will use as a map or road guide to achieving his/her financial goals. To create this map, Richard Dwayne Blair first goes the extra mile in learning the goals, ability to withstand risks and growth opportunities of his clientele. This helps him to come up with an effective map as he can understand each of his clients from a personal perspective and also aids in creating long-lasting relationships with each of his clients.

The second

Richard Dwayne Blair uses the second pillar of financial planning to help the client identify prospective profitable long-term investments based on the factors mentioned above such as the goals and ability to withstand risks. Once the client decides on a specific investment choice, Richard goes on to reallocate the required assets and helps bring it to life and in a way that the client can adapt to both high and low demand market movements.

Third pillar

Richard uses this third and last pillar to walk the client through the implementation of the goals and monitors their progress ensuring that they are on the right path.

Who is Richard Dwayne Blair?

Richard Dwayne Blair is the brains behind the famed Wealth Solutions Inc. Under his belt, the company has helped myriads of Austin and Texas residents achieve financial independence through top-notch financial advice that follows the three pillars approach highlighted above.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the esteemed University of Houston and has been in the finance arena for more than two decades. This gives his Current and prospect clients have every reason to turn to the company and let Richard Blair guide them as they try to make their way to the apex of success. Consequently, Wealth Solutions Inc. has been here for more than two decades and is fully certified a factor that gives even more reasons for anyone seeking self-sufficiency to turn to Richard’s company. He boasts a rich portfolio of high profile clients who are now living comfortably thanks to Richard Dwayne’s unique approach.

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