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The fashion industry is one of the most exciting industries on earth. This particular field of work utilizes some of the brightest of minds. These bright-minded individuals have produced some stunning attire over the years and the Academy of Art University has played a big role in the field’s success. The Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion hosted its annual Spring Show between May 18 – June 9. This event is basically a student showcase to some degree as it publicized many fashion pieces from the school’s graduating class. Preparing the students for runway success is the goal and this event certainly didn’t disappoint.

Ideas and passions are reflected thanks to the school’s diverse mix of people,” said Elisa Stephens, president of AAU. The student-base here is rather large, and students come from all around the globe. This includes the nations of Nigeria, Mexico, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Indonesia. The professional world is full of collaborations and the Academy of Art University personifies this notion the best. The school’s students have come from all walks of life whether it’s the middle class, or it’s the general wealthy. Eden Slezin, former-graduate of AAU, is the very definition of a hard worker that’s from the middle class. Brandon Kee, former-graduate of AAU, has become a huge success, and he has starred on the hit television series “Project Runway.” The next season of the show will be his 16th season of competition.

The Academy of Art University does a phenomenal job of preparing its students for the workplace. This fine institution offer graduate degrees, offer undergraduate degree and offer certificates. The school also utilizes some of the most technologically advanced innovations of today. What more could anyone ever ask for? The Academy of Art University is definitely reaching for the stars one student at a time.


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