Matt Badiali has for a long time made accurate predictions for investors in the natural resource industry. He currently serves as the chief resource investment expert for Banyan Hill Publishing. He is the brain behind the Real Wealth Strategist where he shares a lot of his insight on investment opportunities. He recently took time to comment on the precious metal, silver.

The price of silver had taken a hit owing to fear in investment circles. Its slow growth rate was a point of concern for many market players. Matt Badiali however believes that the time has come for the story to change. Silver currently holds a lot of promise for investors according to the natural resource expert.

The price of silver recently hit a two-year low and is not very far from its 2015 low. As of September 4th, the precious metal’s stock was retailing at $14.15. The price is a few cents away from the prices during the 2009 Great Recession. Matt Badiali was keen to point out that the situation is not unique to silver as other precious metals were not doing well either.

The advent of cryptocurrencies has taken most of the blame for this steady decline. A lot of investors pumped money into the alternative haven that eventually caused other metal prices to decline. Matt Badiali however insisted that the decline was in respect to dollar terms.

The demand for silver was still high especially in industry circles. Green technology, electric cars as well as solar technology industries need a large supply of silver to remain afloat and achieve their targets. Silver had gotten to an emotional extreme making it a great area of speculation. This claim was further supported by the silver-to-gold ratio that has grown to a ten-year high.

Matt Badiali indicated that every time silver reached an extreme in the past, its prices skyrocketed. The end result was great gains of up to 110% for the prudent investors. As the signs pointed towards this, he believed that it was only a matter of time before the market trend changed.

After spending a huge chunk of his career investigating and monitoring natural resources, he has developed a knack for pointing out ‘gold mines’ in the industry. Investors who pay attention to what he says have reaped big.

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About Graeme Holm


graeme holm spent approximately six months doing his research and development of the factors that were affecting the mortgage market in australia. at the start, he did not have any ongoing advice, guidance, support, and services for homeowners. the firm then came in and changed the approach, it provided an independent banker to help customers pay back their loans much faster.


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