Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm founded infinity Group Australia in the year 2013. Since its establishment, it has grown into one of the most helpful companies in Australia. It is a debt reduction organization that is committed to helping thousands of Australians to improve their finances, make their future bright and minimize their depts.


Infinity Group Australia has been in existence for a period of five years, and it was recognized as the most innovative organizations for the year 2018. The firm was recognized and ranked by the Australian Financial Review among other nominated companies across the country. The core values of the firm are to develop and create a relationship with customers which is built on trust, passion, integrity, and care. Infinity Group Australia is committed to helping most homeowners who have been offered poor deals with various financial firms.


About Graeme Holm


graeme holm spent approximately six months doing his research and development of the factors that were affecting the mortgage market in australia. at the start, he did not have any ongoing advice, guidance, support, and services for homeowners. the firm then came in and changed the approach, it provided an independent banker to help customers pay back their loans much faster.


the firm provides its clients with a performance report every month which has details on the assistance and reviews in creating and maintaining their budgets to ensure they have a bright future. under his name, the company was able to win the award as the best firm in providing their customers with wealth creation, debt reduction, and retirement solutions.


How Infinity Group Australia Helps Everyday Australians


The firm is working closely with thousands of Australian families to help them get what they need. Infinity Group Australia works closely with customers across the country through multiple meetings to get the tune and help the clients in implementing a cash-based budget on a weekly basis. The budget includes fuel, entertainment, weekly groceries, and travel expenses.


The firm assigns a personal or an independent banker to help customers pay their loans much faster. It also provides its clients with monthly reports which help them to measure if they can adjust their weekly budget. Also, it enables them to know if they are performing towards their expectations and life goals. Clients also get a six months report and reviews that enable them to focus on the success and bright future. Learn more :


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