Guilherme Paulus is currently a billionaire in the Forbes List of the wealthiest men in the world. The man who booms in the tourism sector co-founded a leading tourism agency called CVC Brasil when he met Vicente Cerchiari in 1972 when he was 24 years old. Vicente left the company about four years later. With the guidance of Guilherme Paulus, CVC Brasil has been in a position to provide more than 10,000 clients with high-end travel packages coupled with affordable prices.

When he met Vicente, a leading government official, Paulus didn’t have the capital to establish a tour and travel agency. Their conversation coincided since they aspired to invest in the tourism industry. Since he was a committed student at that moment, Paulus learned more about the industry before joining the sales and marketing department. He would later show some interest in starting an agency that has since assisted clients to travel to their destination through various touring packages.

At the same time, Guilherme Paulus chose a strategic location for the agency. He realized that many Brazilians lacked the opportunity to book their air tickets at their convenience. Therefore, he intended to build the business in order to provide such clients with the chance to travel by convenient transportation systems while developing the country. Throughout his career, Paulus has recognized that it’s vital to give back to the less fortunate who need emotional and financial support. For instance, he is a contributor to the PIET foundation that caters to young generations who aspire to join the tourism sector. His interest is providing extensive care for poor teenagers by channeling funds toward medical care, educational classes as well as psychological counseling.

Guilherme Paulus has received outstanding recognition from different states and governments including France. He is admired for creating many employment opportunities to the youth as well as the established entrepreneurs who would like to be in the business. In 2017, he received Entrepreneur of The Year Award following his contribution to developing the tour industry. Until now, Guilherme Paulus has established a strong reputation as the head cheerleader of the sector.

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Heriot-Watt University has been around since 1821, it is one of the United Kingdom’s top leading universities for business and industry. Heriot-Watt University is well known for its amazing research staff members and having smart, well educated graduates who specialize in fields such as science, engineering, and even business. Gareth Henry, a 2001 graduate from Heriot-Watt University decided to start a special Scholarship program for a small select few of Heriot-Watt University students who are in need of financial help. “I am giving out one call per term ( three times a year) if needed, and I’ll also be giving them advice on getting a job and career advice” says Gareth Henry. I hope though this scholarship program the students can see what they can achieve though hard work and studying Actuarial Sciences.”

Currently Gareth Henry lives in New York City where he used to work in senior roles in investor relations for several years. He praises the connection of the Actuarial Maths offering at the Heriot Watt, especially for those who are wanting to work in the financial industry. Gareth Henry believes that the Heriot Watt’s program’s scholastic processes, well put together modeling lessons will be very helpful in the future in addition to understanding Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, robot advisory, and quantitative investing.

The Actuarial Science degree offered af Heriot-Watt university is one of the few courses that are accredited by the United Kingdom actuarial profession. If a student does well on the courses they can get exemptions from several professional exams, this gives graduates an advantage. Graduates who qualify as UK actuaries can possibly get credit from the Society of Actuaries. it is truly a great course to take for people interested in a career in finance.

The person chosen for this Scholarship program must be enrolled in a Statistics and Actuarial Mathematics course, be in need of help and be a resident in the UK.

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Transformers movie franchise has made significant revenues in the entertainment world significantly. As an outcome, (Jiangdong) is taking advantage of movie’s success and partnering with Hasbro and Paramount, which are major companies in the entertainment industry across the globe, to release this year’s sequel titled “Bumblebee.” This film is about a robot/car named Bumble, which found itself in a junkyard in California in 1987 when trying to run away from the war on his planet. After being revived by 18-year-old Charlie, who is trying to find her identity, she learns that the car is unique.

It is relevant to note that this is not the first time that Jiangdong is getting involved in the release of a Transformers sequel. In 2017, the entity collaborated with Hasbro in releasing “Mission Red,” which featured Red Knight and Optimus Prime, as they fulfilled their goal of protecting the energon fuel source. In partnership with Hasbro, has also put life into Red Knight by presenting to fans an action figure of the robot. Since its release in December 2018, anyone who wants to access this version of Red Knight can only use Jiangdong. is one of the largest online companies in the retail industry in China, and it was established in 2004 by Richard Liu Qiangdong. Richard Liu decided to take the business into the e-commerce arena after the then computer accessories business which he had started in 1998 risked closure due to the SARS epidemic that was experienced in 2004. Currently, the company’s assets are worth about $60 billion. Jiangdong has succeeded by taking advantage of partnerships and business opportunities that present themselves. As an outcome, the company launched a sales promotion titled “Super Bumblebee Day,” which played a significant role in boosting the company’s revenues as it coincided with the January 4 release of the film in China. has more than 300 million customers who are mainly in China. This customer-base benefited companies such as Panasonic and Hasbro, among others, significantly. The customers bought the available bumblebee themed products from all companies by making orders through the platform.

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Ted Bauman recently wrote one his newsletter’s for Banyan Hill publishing about Apple and the company’s stock. Bauman had some information to give his readers regarding his predictions of the company’s future. Apple is a company that many look up to and would be willing to pay higher prices for in the past.

However, Ted Bauman does not see this as something that will continue. Steve Jobs once donated some Apple computers to the schools in the United States. When he did so, he told many he was committed to education. It also seems, he bought the loyalty of buyers from the generation of students who used those Apple computers in their school.

Today, it seems as though Apple sales and revenue are beginning to decline. There are not as many people who are willing to pay more for an Apple product as there used to be. Ted Bauman warns many that the stock for Apple will continue to fall if the company does not find a new loyalty of customers soon.

Apple is a company that used to own the market share for the smartphone. But today, they only hold this market share in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan. Overall, the global market share for Apple and its smartphone is only 20%.

Ted Bauman was born and raised in the Washington DC area. After completing high school, he moved to South Africa. While in South Africa, Bauman worked for many organizations. Ted Bauman worked as an ambassador to the United Nations while he lived in South Africa.

He spent more than two decades in South Africa. When he moved back to the United States, he settled near Atlanta, Georgia. He worked as a consultant for some time. However, he found his real passion, which was working with Banyon Hill Publishing, not too long after he settled back in the United States.

Bauman and his wife have a daughter. He enjoys spending quality time with his family. Every morning before Ted begins working; Bauman takes his daughter to school. He enjoys watching her excel in all she attempts.

Alastair Borthwick lived a rich life full of adventure as a writer that covered the world of climbing back in 1930’s Scotland. During this time, the world was going through a great deal of changes and uncertainty as the economy had fallen apart. Unemployment was high and people were finding themselves out of work for extended periods of time. They were looking for things to do that were affordable for people with little to no income and climbing fit the bill.

While climbing and hiking are popular amongst everyone today, it was not like this when Alastair Borthwick first began writing about the topic. The rich were pretty much the only ones who were climbing and they would frequently share their experiences in far off locations. Unlike the elite, he wrote from the perspective of the common people who were taking to the hills of Scotland. From hobos to young people, he met a variety of characters and got into many adventures at the time. He published his book on the subject in 1939 named Always a Little Further.

Even today, the book is still selling and is seen as one of the most important works on the subject. It still inspires people to get into the world of hiking and trying to see just a little bit more of the world. His works on the subject were first published in the Glasgow Weekly Herald. The Open Air column in which his columns were featured about climbing was not the only thing that he did for the paper. He also worked on other features such as the crossword and other columns.

In 1935, Alastair Borthwick left his position at the Glasgow Weekly Herald and joined the Daily Mirror back in 1935. The paper was headquartered in London and he soon left to begin working for the BBC. He was seen as a very gifted speaker and was able to inspire many people throughout his career with his work. Throughout everything, he remained modest about his accomplishments and continued to represent the every man from his early days.