It was recently announced that Benedikt Sveinsson and Mark Holyoake would be stepping down from the board of Iceland Seafood International. There are multiple people that are in line to potentially replace them that have had years of experience in the seafood industry. Sveinsson had been with the company for more than 4 decades in several different roles. He became the Chairman of the company in 2010 after becoming their Chief Executive Officer in 2006.

Mark Holyoake became the majority shareholder of International Seafood Holdings in 2010 after the British Seafood Group collapsed. International Seafood Holdings has been selling its shares in order to allow for the entry of other business entities. While Benedikt Sveinsson has mixed emotions about stepping down from the company, he believes that it is the right timing for him to leave his position of Chairman.

The seafood industry is going through a period of time that includes a lot of consolidation. Both Benedikt Sveinsson and Mark Holyoake see the company continuing to grow for many years even after their departures. Mark Holyoake stated that he has enjoyed every moment that he has spent working with the company since he made the purchase back in 2010. The people in the company were all fantastic and he saw it as a privilege to be able to work with them for as long as he did. While Mark Holyoake thanked the whole company and praised it for being such a strong company, he thanked Benedikt Sveinsson in particular for his decades of dedication to the business. As the chairman, he led by example and provided excellent wisdom and friendship.

Mark Holyoake is a British executive who is based in Ibiza. He entered the world of real estate in the 1990s after attending the University of Reading. In 2006, Mark Holyoake founded the company Oakvest which managed, developed, and purchased real estate in both the residential and commercial sectors. Recently, he began showing interest in expanding his real estate business into Portugal which would make it the first time that he has ever done this type of business in the country.

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Paul Saunders recently published an article highlighting issues to do with employee burn out. In this article, he showed why it is important for business owners to emphasize eliminating burn out in their organizations. There are many benefits that come with creating a stable working environment. In the past three decades, Saunders has been in the finance sector where he has worked with various organizations and even running his own firm. He has sufficient experience to guide others on what deserves to be done in order to create the best working environment. He believes that employee burn out is an issue that needs to handled with utmost seriousness.


What is burn out?


Burn out is excessive exhaustion brought by excessive mental, emotional and physical stress. When employees in an organization are hit by this exhaustion, their performance will go down and they will no longer meet the objectives of the organization. This is an issue that needs to be looked at keenly by all employers since it has the capacity to destroy an organization. The business environment of today is very competitive and organizations need to get the best from their employees.


Signs of burn out


In an organization, it is important for the employer to know the signs of burn out so that they can mitigate the impact as early as possible. Employers need to know these signs so that they can identify such signs in their emploxyees. If you cannot tell the signs of something, it also means that you cannot deal with it. Paul Saundemployeesers has assisted employers to know the signs of burn out in their employees and the measures they should take. The three signs of employees burn out are the loss of confidence, change in attitude and lack of motivation. Employees who show these signs should be engaged immediately since they could be mentally disturbed in their workplaces.


The remedy


To treat burn out in your organization, there is a need to first engage with the employees and ask them about their experiences. They need to come out clean and agree that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. When employees agree to talk, as an employer, you should open your ears and listen to everything they have to say. If the cause of burn out is related to poor working conditions, a solution should be found immediately.


Paul Saunders


Paul Saunders is the founder and CEO of James River Capital, an investment that was formerly owned by Kidder. Peabody and Co. This firm was founded in 1986 but was acquired by Paul Sauders in 1995. Today it offers investment advisory services.


Paul Saunders grew up wanting to become a financial expert. He pursued a B.A from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Learn more:

Even though Aging is a must, Dr. Dov Rand believes that it can be controlled with doctors help to enable a patient to attain his full potential. He deals with physical Medicines and Rehabilitation also known as physiatry. He is a known specialist in this area. In his practice, the doctor is committed to ensuring that his patients live to the fullest in every phase of their lives. He has Healthy Aging Medical Centers where all this happens which has been the operation for fifteen years. He is the CEO of the centers. He has a reading culture that enables him to maintain an up to date information. This goes a long way to ensure his method of treatment uses the latest of thinking (Yourbeautycraze).

Background and career

The specialist was born in Washington DC. For his undergraduate degree, he went to Rutgers University. After which he attended the Howard University for Medical school. He interned at the Saint Barnabas Medical Centre. Dr. Dov Rand attended Albert Einstein Medical Center for his Medical Residency. After school, he kept the habit of reading articles and literature and scientific studies.

Dr. Dov Rand has a passion and an interest in Medicine throughout his life. Through his athletic pursuits, he learned the value of passion and determination for goal attainment. He came up with the idea of Healthy Aging Medical Centers from deep interest with nutrition and health. He realized various methods of treatment being ignored by the doctors for their own reasons.


It deals with the quality and functional ability of life. Patients with injuries and disability of any kind, and those having declining health because of age and hormonal changes can visit these specialists. They treat patients recovering even in the nervous system.

In physiatry, there is collaboration among nurses, therapists, psychologist, and social care workers to care for various medical areas concerned with recovery. In hormonal conditions, Dr. Dov Rand uses bio-identical hormone therapy to treat men experiencing levels of testosterone decline when they are aging. In his practice, Dr. Dov Rand replaces testosterone to achieve the highest quality of life. In excesses or when the hormones levels are low, negative signs are seen. According to Dr. Dov Rand, there are various benefits of testosterone replacement therapy.

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Born on the first day of April of 1973, Isabel dos Santos is the first daughter of the former president of the Republic of Angola. She is well renowned as a successful businesswoman, who is experienced in her field. As a billionaire, Santos has the power to influence women in Angola and also across the world. She studied electrical engineering at King’s College in the United Kingdom, London. Isabel dos Santos has used her spotlight in the international stage to start and lead companies across a wide range of fields and industries in the world.

Isabel dos Santos, when given an opportunity to talk to leaders, bring attention to the importance of community leaders in the improvement of their communities. Her organizations will often identify individuals that have more than exceeded expectations in their careers and gives them greater audiences to spread their ideas and messages. Giving them these opportunities helps them increase their outreach and in turn grow their careers and increase their access opportunities. In recent news, Isabel dos Santos helped a telecommunications entrepreneur to move from selling phones in the streets to being in charge of a company that has over twenty branches and even more kiosks in operations.

Isabel Dos Santos has used her status to urge world leaders to support the economic empowerment of women in Africa. She stated that the economic empowerment of African women was the first step to transforming the African society. Her support of the African woman has encouraged the African woman to stand up and be counted in matters that are concerned with the welfare of the African continent. Isabel Dos Santos has a firm belief that Africa has the most promising businessmen and women as compared to other continents.

She also supports the entrepreneurial spirit that African entrepreneurs have and the potential that the African continent has to move to the first world from third world countries. Isabel dos Santos subscribes to a saying that states that first the seed is planted and then the future is changed, a statement that inspires many to pursue their goals with the future of the community in mind.

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Dr. Dov Rand has been practicing and specializing in biomedical hormones medicine and physical medicine for 24 years now. He is passionate about helping patients be healthy throughout their different phases in life. This made Dr. Dov start the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He has contributed to great inventions towards treatments for his patients through numerous involvements in conferences, research, and studies. He has also received great recognition and awards appreciating his commitments. The treatment procedures by Dr. Dov Rand, he incorporates physical therapy and hormonal balances to curb the age-related conditions. The prescriptions and recommendations offered through the treatments are also tested and proven by medical journals or articles an ethical standard Dr. Dov Rand holds highly.

Some of the aging conditions treated by Dr. Dov Rand is the testosterone reduction in men. To curb this, he uses hormonal therapy to understand the problem first to identify the right replacement therapy necessary for the patient. Hormones affect many body functions from reproduction, emotional health, and digestion. Variations in the hormones, therefore, are a good indication of negative body functions. Weight gain is another age-related condition treated by Dr. Dov Rand that comes up especially during menopause (Medium).

This weight gain during this period is as opposed to the one that occurs as a result of effects such as depression. Dr. Dov Rand recommends and provides weight loss through advanced and specialized treatment practices. Dr. Dov Rand through Healthy Aging Medical Centers works towards providing solutions and an environment where patients can freely go to get treatment. He trains his staff on the understanding of the challenges encountered by men and women. The therapies offered at these centers have overruled a notion that most aging problems have no treatment. Aging complications are often thought to be natural and patients are taken through an educative program before undertaking treatment.

Dr. Dov Rand is committed to being a resourceful and the best medical personnel. He also encourages prevention through healthy habits to prevent old age-related complications. Getting informed and adopting healthy choices is a key step towards a happy and healthy old age.

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Blockchain patent holder and inventor of financial card chip technology Serge Belamant is as real as they get in the financial coding industry. He draws his inspiration from the successful behemoths before him, and co-founds a business with his son in the industry which has made him a living. “It’s easy to see far when one stands on the shoulders of giants.” This is his favorite quote because it acknowledges the modern greats, like Steve Jobs, while also acknowledging the potential greatness in all of us at the same time.

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The history of Serge Belamant is quite fascinating. He was born a Frenchman in the town of Tulle and was moved to South Africa by his father, whose tiling career saw greater opportunity in the budding South African state. While in South Africa, Serge Belamant created the software necessary to digitize the South African welfare system. From there, his confidence rose to a considerable degree and helped to better realize that anything in the world is possible. From there, he created Net1 UEPS Technologies in 1989 which is responsible for the chip technology in card processing licensed at first to VISA (and later, all other major processors).

His company with his son, Zilch Technologies is very cool because it improves the financial literacy of our youth by highlighting their spending and saving habits in order to improve their choices… and all of this done through a mobile device. Success didn’t always come easy for Serge, though. Self-doubt was a factor in his journey, and admittedly it is for everyone. “I believe that anyone who says they don’t experience at least some self-doubt is lying. We all have moments where we wonder, is what I’m doing actually worthwhile? And even beyond that, if we know it’s worthwhile, we wonder whether it will be successful.” So the next time that you have doubt about your path in life, just know that even the most successful businessmen on the planet like Serge Belamant once had their doubts too: it’s human nature.

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The Fortress Investment Group encountered a significant expansion and transformation in 2018. After decades of incredible leadership in the investment surrounding, the previous year characterized the incorporation of Fortress into the SoftBank Group, which is among the financial conglomerates which are very prominent globally. $3.3 billion was the purchase’s worth and has laid a base for the Group’s continuous engagement in cutting-edge and exciting developments within the funds of private equity as well as the real estate’s realms. Fortress Investment Group’s reputation has remained great from the time it was established in 1998. The hedge fund expanded into an international investor and financier. After growing, it became the initial fund in its category by going public alongside an initial public offering (IPO) with regards to the Stock Exchange of New York.

SoftBank’s purchase was among the initial ventures entailing asset management firm into their holdings. Fortress Investment Group preserves the regular supervision of endeavors as a portion of the deal’s approval in line with Foreign Investment Panel at the US. The Financial Times acknowledge the representation of SoftBank as well as the limitations in its operational influence. Whenever some changes or amalgamation happens between firms, each of them have to make some changes. Such a case applies for Fortress Investment Group and SoftBank, but they are doing well. Fortress keeps building its extensive real estate portfolio, infrastructure ventures, and senior housing particularly alongside such affiliates as Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Ventures, and New Senior Investment Group.

Visionary strategies are essential as evident with SoftBank. Through Fortress acquirement, the SoftBank currently has world-class expertise with regards to financial management. Thus, the latter is getting into the business of private equity and asset management. Fortress Investment Group’s experience and interest in real estate are already starting an integration into the SoftBank’s support connected to tech startups as well as the extensive economic infrastructure connected to communication’s revolution. Eventually, Vision Fund currently invest a lot in the establishments linked to real estate. Such include Katerra construction firm, OpenDoor, and Compass brokers on real estate as well as the co-working setting provider by the name WeWork.

Sergey Petrossov is the founder and the CEO of JetSmarter, the developer of a mobile application that lets travelers access the private jet marketplace in order to book a custom private flight. He has been awarded the Forbes 30 Under 30 award in the Consumer Technology category as well as South Florida’s Top Working Professionals. Before he became the CEO of JetSmarter, Petrossov already has an impressive track record in his hands.

Before he decided to make his own company, Sergey Petrossov was a co-founder of two IT projects, an online chat system which serves as website customer service and a distance learning platform that is used for Russian-speaking educational institutions. He was also an advisor to a private jet operator that of a Florida-based company.

Because of his time as an advisor in this private jet operator, Sergey Petrossov saw the inefficiencies of brick and mortar booking of flights. He also realized that the market for mobile application and services are becoming more and more popular around the world. Because of this, he created the idea of a mobile platform that would turn out to be JetSmarter.

When he was done developing his initial plan, Sergey Petrossov started in the development of the app by gathering a development team with his own capital. The app was planned to connect flyers with top-rated private jet operators. In 2012, he and his team deployed the beta version for select users. JetSmarter app was launched successfully in 2013 after more help from investors, vendors, and partners.

What makes the JetSmarter app success is because of its well-thought design and the development team’s skills. The member of the team has been involved in successful projects for NASA, Nokia, Microsoft, BMW, and Uber. The team has more than 100 years of experience in technology, air travel, and logistics.

Sergey Petrossov believes that in ten years, the big opportunity for JetSmarter will arise. He and his company targets flights that are shorter-distance and can provide value for its consumers. The company plans to achieve a $500 per seat solution. But because the company is still on its baby steps, he and his team are still learning in this industry.

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Sussex Healthcare has been on a perpetual journey since its inception to provide the best customer services and offer its employees the best workplace possible. SHC is always striving to come up with innovative ways to serve their customers. They are always looking at affordable, high quality healthcare services as well as support. Sussex considers communication has core to its success. They count on communication to pass through general change as an organization or meet personal health care needs of their customers and employees.

Making continuous progress

Sussex Healthcare leverages a great management team and strategies to impact on the lives of residents. It has trained staff who works under the direction of upper management to provide the best services and support possible to their customers. The Sussex team is dedicated to making a difference and they have maintained continuous progress in service delivery.

Many changes are taking place in the organization for the people they serve. While change cannot be realized overnight, they are proud of the progress they have made so far. They are always working to stay ahead of competitors in the sector. The Sussex Healthcare fraternity recognizes that people can be resistive to change but still, change is inevitable. Read the article of Sussex at

A glimpse at Sussex Healthcare Team

As already stated above, the organization is made up of not only highly qualified staff, but also a team of members who are dedicated to making a difference. Members of the team such as Lynn who have worked in the organization for 22 years take pride in giving care to the elderly and other people with varied needs for personal life fulfillment. The organization leverages proactive approach to operate its various homes.

Another group of Sussex’s dedicated employees if the IT staff. The IT guys handles all IT administration tasks to make sure all the organization’s systems are up and running for operations to continue uninterrupted. The team also helps the organization to advance its use of technology across its locations.

Working at Sussex Healthcare

SHC is one place that you will feel comfortable working at. You will be received warmly, thanks to the supportive and friendly company culture. You will work in a supportive environment. It supports employees to achieve both their personal and career goals. Learn more:

HGGC, a private equity firm, specializes in corporate carve-outs, add-on acquisitions, growth equity, leveraged buyouts, recapitalization, restructuring in middle markets and platform investments. Its primary investments are in North America with diversification in International opportunities.
Executive Leadership
i) Steve Young
The founding father to and chair of the Forever Young Foundation is a co-founder and Managing director. He holds membership in various committees of the firm: The Executive Committee, Fund II Investment Committee, and Fund I policy and the Investment Committee. He was formerly a co-founder and managing director of Sorenson Capital, a firm located in the Western United States. Steve has had a flourishing career from professional football in the NFL and being a corporate spokesperson for various successful companies such as Nike.
ii) Bob Gay
With a vast experience in private equity, Bob is a co-founder and the Executive Director at HGGC. He was the Managing Director and senior partner at Bain Capital from 1989 straight through to 2004. He as well oversaw Bain Capital Europe, responsible for the London and Munich offices of the firm.
iii) Neil White
The former analyst in the Private Equity Group at Och-Ziff Capital Management is a managing director and an integral member of the firm’s investor relations. He joined the company in 2009, two years after its incorporation. He is a BA holder in Economics from Bingham Young University.
iv) Greg Hughes
He is an executive director at HGGC effective from January 10th, 2017. The holder of Masters in Business Administration is also the Chief Executive Officer at Veritas. Formerly, he was a CEO at Serena Software where he foresaw the successful sale of Micro Focus International Plc. He as well holds a bachelors and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts.
v) Pat Dugoni
Pat, a former Investment Banking Analyst in the Natural Resources Group at Goldman Sachs, is the Vice President. He is the firm’s Fund II investments in FPX active member as well as Fund I investment in Innovative.
vi) Hudson Smith
The former manager, consultant and Case Team Leader at Bain and Company joined the firm in 2009 and is a Managing Director. He holds a BSc, Business Administration from Washington and Lee University.
vii) Richard Lawson
The finance director at SGM Contracts is a co-founder, managing partner, and CEO at HGGC. He was a participant in the Mergermarket Technology Forum of May 22nd, 2018.
viii) Gregory M. Benson
He is a managing partner and co-founder at HGGC.