Rebel Wilson was born in 1980 in Australia living with her mother; she went to an Anglican girls boarding school. At the University of New South Wales, Rebel Wilson specialized in mathematics, but her dream was to be an actress. Read more:  Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Rebel Wilson later joined the Australian Theatre for the Young people after being inspired by a woman who had just won Oscar award. She was trained, and upon graduation, she started appearing at the Special Broadcasting Studios as Toula in various comedy series; she also wrote Borgain musical series and produced it which earned her Tropfest award.


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In 2003, Rebel Wilson won an internal Scholarship sponsored by Nicole Kidman to move to America at the Sydney Theatre company for more training and acting. She had a passion for becoming famous hence Rebel Wilson had written The Westie Monologue which she starred and was produced at the Sydney company.

In America Rebel Wilson has acted in various movies with top Hollywood starts; some of the movies include Pitch Perfect where Rebel Wilson poses as Fat Amy. She is talented, funny and always on her toes to do even better. Other movies include A Few Best Men, Bridesmaids, How to be Single, Small Apartments, struck by lightning among other hit movies.

Rebel Wilson has been nominated in various categories of acting and awarded many awards including, People’s Choice, Teens Choice, MTV movies, Young Hollywood among many others. Many people emulate her talent.

This year Rebel Wilson together with other top Hollywood Starts such as Priyanka Chopra, Adam DeVine, Liam Hemsworth, and even Jennifer Saunders have been starred in the new movie Isn’t It Romantic. The movie is full of comedy, enlightenment, and music making it a hit. Many people have given the views on the film saying that it’s the best they have watched this season.

Rebel Wilson as the Starring she poses as Natalie an Architect in New York but her life is full of misfortune. One day she hits her head to a pole on the subway after an encounter with a mugger. She later wakes up in the hospital where Tom Ellis is her doctor, and the room is full of color.

She also has a gay friend. Natali`s new apartment is full of new furniture and new clothes. In the streets of New York, Natalie’s realizes that her life had transformed into a PG-13 fantasy comedy. The movie is very entertaining.

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