Dr. Dov Rand has been practicing and specializing in biomedical hormones medicine and physical medicine for 24 years now. He is passionate about helping patients be healthy throughout their different phases in life. This made Dr. Dov start the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He has contributed to great inventions towards treatments for his patients through numerous involvements in conferences, research, and studies. He has also received great recognition and awards appreciating his commitments. The treatment procedures by Dr. Dov Rand, he incorporates physical therapy and hormonal balances to curb the age-related conditions. The prescriptions and recommendations offered through the treatments are also tested and proven by medical journals or articles an ethical standard Dr. Dov Rand holds highly.

Some of the aging conditions treated by Dr. Dov Rand is the testosterone reduction in men. To curb this, he uses hormonal therapy to understand the problem first to identify the right replacement therapy necessary for the patient. Hormones affect many body functions from reproduction, emotional health, and digestion. Variations in the hormones, therefore, are a good indication of negative body functions. Weight gain is another age-related condition treated by Dr. Dov Rand that comes up especially during menopause (Medium).

This weight gain during this period is as opposed to the one that occurs as a result of effects such as depression. Dr. Dov Rand recommends and provides weight loss through advanced and specialized treatment practices. Dr. Dov Rand through Healthy Aging Medical Centers works towards providing solutions and an environment where patients can freely go to get treatment. He trains his staff on the understanding of the challenges encountered by men and women. The therapies offered at these centers have overruled a notion that most aging problems have no treatment. Aging complications are often thought to be natural and patients are taken through an educative program before undertaking treatment.

Dr. Dov Rand is committed to being a resourceful and the best medical personnel. He also encourages prevention through healthy habits to prevent old age-related complications. Getting informed and adopting healthy choices is a key step towards a happy and healthy old age.

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