Born on the first day of April of 1973, Isabel dos Santos is the first daughter of the former president of the Republic of Angola. She is well renowned as a successful businesswoman, who is experienced in her field. As a billionaire, Santos has the power to influence women in Angola and also across the world. She studied electrical engineering at King’s College in the United Kingdom, London. Isabel dos Santos has used her spotlight in the international stage to start and lead companies across a wide range of fields and industries in the world.

Isabel dos Santos, when given an opportunity to talk to leaders, bring attention to the importance of community leaders in the improvement of their communities. Her organizations will often identify individuals that have more than exceeded expectations in their careers and gives them greater audiences to spread their ideas and messages. Giving them these opportunities helps them increase their outreach and in turn grow their careers and increase their access opportunities. In recent news, Isabel dos Santos helped a telecommunications entrepreneur to move from selling phones in the streets to being in charge of a company that has over twenty branches and even more kiosks in operations.

Isabel Dos Santos has used her status to urge world leaders to support the economic empowerment of women in Africa. She stated that the economic empowerment of African women was the first step to transforming the African society. Her support of the African woman has encouraged the African woman to stand up and be counted in matters that are concerned with the welfare of the African continent. Isabel Dos Santos has a firm belief that Africa has the most promising businessmen and women as compared to other continents.

She also supports the entrepreneurial spirit that African entrepreneurs have and the potential that the African continent has to move to the first world from third world countries. Isabel dos Santos subscribes to a saying that states that first the seed is planted and then the future is changed, a statement that inspires many to pursue their goals with the future of the community in mind.

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