Even though Aging is a must, Dr. Dov Rand believes that it can be controlled with doctors help to enable a patient to attain his full potential. He deals with physical Medicines and Rehabilitation also known as physiatry. He is a known specialist in this area. In his practice, the doctor is committed to ensuring that his patients live to the fullest in every phase of their lives. He has Healthy Aging Medical Centers where all this happens which has been the operation for fifteen years. He is the CEO of the centers. He has a reading culture that enables him to maintain an up to date information. This goes a long way to ensure his method of treatment uses the latest of thinking (Yourbeautycraze).

Background and career

The specialist was born in Washington DC. For his undergraduate degree, he went to Rutgers University. After which he attended the Howard University for Medical school. He interned at the Saint Barnabas Medical Centre. Dr. Dov Rand attended Albert Einstein Medical Center for his Medical Residency. After school, he kept the habit of reading articles and literature and scientific studies.

Dr. Dov Rand has a passion and an interest in Medicine throughout his life. Through his athletic pursuits, he learned the value of passion and determination for goal attainment. He came up with the idea of Healthy Aging Medical Centers from deep interest with nutrition and health. He realized various methods of treatment being ignored by the doctors for their own reasons.


It deals with the quality and functional ability of life. Patients with injuries and disability of any kind, and those having declining health because of age and hormonal changes can visit these specialists. They treat patients recovering even in the nervous system.

In physiatry, there is collaboration among nurses, therapists, psychologist, and social care workers to care for various medical areas concerned with recovery. In hormonal conditions, Dr. Dov Rand uses bio-identical hormone therapy to treat men experiencing levels of testosterone decline when they are aging. In his practice, Dr. Dov Rand replaces testosterone to achieve the highest quality of life. In excesses or when the hormones levels are low, negative signs are seen. According to Dr. Dov Rand, there are various benefits of testosterone replacement therapy.

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