As one of the most successful Latina businesswomen in the United States, Nina Vaca says that courage is fundamental to success. Having courage in certain situations makes the difference between moving forward and getting stuck in a rut.

Vaca says that even the most powerful and confident people still get “a case of nerves” in those situations when they know they must perform well to avoid disaster. It’s normal to be nervous. But it’s how you face and handle those nerves that determine the outcome at the end of the day.

Vaca knows what she’s talking about based on her life experiences. She is a classic American success story, the daughter of Ecuadorian immigrants who started from humble beginnings and went on to create one of the leading professional staffing agencies in the world.

Her company, Pinnacle Group, is a multinational corporation which industry observers often single out as a case study for how to build “the perfect business.” Headquartered in Dallas, Pinnacle Group has an international presence, including service centers in Jordan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The company recently announced that it will be expanding to Ireland, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina.

All this from a company that Vaca started with just $300 when she was 25. She says that having courage and gaining inspiration from role models has been a key to her success.

Eucatex first went into business in 1951. Since then, the company has grown its operations to cover wood fiber panels, wall partitions, and ceiling lining and insulation materials. The company also operates in the toys, furniture, paint, flooring, and door markets.

Flavio Maluf has been an integral part of Eucatex since 1987 when he joined the commercial side of the business. In 1997, he rose to the rank of president of the company. Under his leadership, Eucatex has focused not only on business growth but also on business sustainability and environmental friendliness.

By 2018, Eucatex was doing business with approximately 40 countries. Financially, the company has experienced steady growth over the years as reflected in its annual revenue earnings. In 2017, the company netted profits worth R$18.6 million. Additionally, Eucatex is one of the largest employers in Brazil with more than 2,000 employees. Flavio Maluf has played a central part in growing the company into a business leader on all fronts.

Given the key raw material for Eucatex operations is the eucalyptus tree, Flavio Maluf led Eucatex in promoting business sustainability by ensuring it plants its own trees. This is in line with global reforestation efforts to fight climate change and maintain the natural environment.

Back in the 2000s, Flavio Maluf led his company in producing environmentally friendly products. During this time, businesses in the industry were not paying attention to this aspect of a business. Consequently, Flavio Maluf served a business niche many did not even know existed, especially in the USA. To date, his company still supplies a significant part of this market segment with environmentally friendly products through the American Home Depot chains.

Before joining Eucatex, Flavio Maluf worked with Citicorp. Here, he worked on his managerial skills –skills that have come in handy in the management of a global giant such asEucatex. For his education, Flavio Maluf studied mechanical engineering at Fundação Armando AlvaresPenteado (FAAP) in Brazil. He then proceeded to New York University where he pursued a course in business administration.



Bernardo T. Chua is a native from the Philippines who has spent decades developing an immense amount of skills in multi-level marketing. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines and began to work as a manager for a company owned by his family. Chua then began working for a travel agency in the Philippines and helped them expand throughout Southeast Asia. Having an already established base of knowledge on herbal medicine and years of experience with management Chua was chosen to manage Gano Excel, a nutritional supplement company.

Role with Gano Excel

Bernardo Chua began working as an executive for Gano Excel while he was in the Philippines. While he served Gano Excel in a position as an executive he aided the company in its expansion to China, Canada, and the United States. After the expansion of Gano Excel to the United States Chua moved to California and began working as the president of Gano Excel U.S.A.

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The Development of ORGANO Gold

Bernardo Chua created ORGANO Gold in 2008. ORGANO Gold was a group of companies that operated under one main name. Chua had a vision that his company would be able to sell a range of different herbal remedies under one large roof. Chua’s large amount of experience in direct sales allowed for him to introduce numerous people to the profits of ORGANO Gold and the benefits that they had to offer. In 2015 ORGANO Gold was rebranded to ORGANO for simplicity.


Armed with a large amount of experience in business, Bernardo Chua has also collected a variety of awards during his journey. In 2014 Chua received the Dangal Bayan Award for Business and Industry at the 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards. Chua has also received the Direct Sales Company of the Year award five times over the course of his career. While he worked with ORGANO Gold the company was recognized as the top direct selling company within its industry by the National Shoppers Choice.

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OSI Group is a food service company located in Chicago, Illinois. The company is the leading supplier of various meat and poultry products to various restaurants and food retailers. This company has a very long history of making a positive impact on the food service and retail sectors for over a century. OSI started out as a very small business that would eventually expand into a large major corporation. Today, OSI has processing locations and facilities in 17 countries. It also has 20,000 employees who help operate its 65 worldwide locations. Over the course of its history, OSI Group has emphasized innovation and environmental sustainability. With its success and impact on the food service industry, OSI has also won a number of awards in recognition for its product quality and service.

During the early part of the 20th century, an immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky founded a local meat distribution and butcher shop business. In the first decade, the business was a very successful entity. During the next decade, the business would continue to establish itself as a top local business. With its reputation as one of the top local food businesses, Otto & Sons would then look to expand. Its first expansion was in other parts of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Otto & Sons grew into a top food distributing company right before World War 2. After World War 2, the company would then make a deal that would make a significant impact on the entire food industry.

At the beginning of the 1950’s OSI Group looked to capitalize on the latest trend of restaurant startups. McDonalds was one of the first major restaurant chains to open up and distribute food products to consumers. Since it was looking to sell hamburgers to consumers, it needed a dependable supplier of beef products. Otto & Sons would offer to become the main supplier of beef to McDonalds. After an agreement was made, McDonalds emerged as the top fast food restaurant in the United States. At the same time, Otto & Sons established itself as the top food supplier for restaurants.

Over the next few decades, OSI Group would continue to expand and innovate in the food service and retail industry. The company would continue growing by offering a variety of other products such as pork and poultry to restaurants and food retailers. It would also continue to ensure that its products were sanitary and environmentally friendly. This led to the company winning awards for providing food products that satisfy food industry standards. OSI Group would expand to other parts of the world which included Europe, China, India and Australia.

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Bhanu Choudhrie is the founder and director of C&C Alpha Group Limited, an international private equity firm based in the UK. As a successful entrepreneur and businessman, Choudhrie believes that knowledge and education are the greatest keys to success. To further his education, he enrolled in the Owner/President Management (OPM) program offered by the Harvard School of Business.

The Owner/President Management program that consists of intensive three-week training sessions that span 24 months, over 3 calendar years. The program is designed for business owners/founders with at least 10 years of operating experience to help them enhance their leadership skills in a changing world. Bhanu Choudhrie sat down with the Harvard School of Business and to give his testimonial on the Owner/President Management program.

He chose to attend the OPM program because he believes that as a business owner, he should always be furthering his education. He believes that the global economy is always evolving, and learning new leadership skills will help him tackle the challenges brought on by an ever-changing world. Read more full interview of Bhanu Choudhrie at


Choudhrie’s had a couple of highlights of his OPM program experience. The first of these highlights was intellectual atmosphere that was present throughout the Harvard Campus. The second was he was impressed with the diversity and the high caliber class of entrepreneurs that made it through the rigorous selection process.

A few things during the OPM program surprised him, with the most surprising being the case study discussions. These discussions challenged his view on even the most basic business facts. He was also humbled during the program as prior to enrolling, he was always treated as the boss. However, neither his professor or classmates treated him as such. It helped him realize that there is a lot he doesn’t know about business.

Bhanu Choudhrie believes that business owners should change their mindset that learning stops after earning a bachelor’s degree or running their own business. He believes that programs like the OPM help business owners further their education, and help manage their businesses for the 21st century.

Bhanu Choudhrie is the executive director of C&C Alpha Group Limited an international private equity firm and holding company in the UK. He overseas the day to day operations and has been responsible for many investments mainly those in the Real Estate, Aviation and Utilities industries.



In May 2016, Michael was named to be the chairperson of the board, and in 2013 he was appointed to be the president and the chief executive officer. Before becoming a top executive officer of the New Residential Investment Corp, Michael Nierenberg was a top executive officer and the head of the global mortgages at the Bank of America. Throughout his career, Nierenberg has held various positions in different companies including senior leadership positions in the finance and mortgage industry.

Using Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights as Assets by Michael Nierenberg

In his career, Michael Nierenberg continued to support the investment potential for the excess mortgage servicing rights for the past few years. As the chief executive officer, the president and the board chairperson of the New Residential Investment Corp, Michael has been a leader and innovator in residential mortgage loan and investment market.

According to Michael Nierenberg, one of the essential roles for a successful manager is to look for and find the undervalued properties on an ongoing basis. For the mortgage servicing rights, two primary needs for finalizing purchases of the specialized property are the strong long-term enterprise relationships and adequate capital resources. For complex investment assets like excess mortgage servicing rights, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of both limitations and benefits.

Some of the benefits of investing in excess MSRs and mortgage servicing rights include new and substantial asset opportunities, potential to minimize impacts of the interest rate fluctuations, high-quality income flow opportunities and creation of opportunities due to lack of understanding. The limitations include lack of essential business partnerships which can prevent MSR transactions.

Solutions for the Residential Mortgage Investments

For the past few years, residential mortgages have been viewed as a complex financial issue and not an investment opportunity. Michael Nierenberg and the New Residential Investment Corp have proven to be noteworthy exceptions by creating innovative and helpful solutions for residential financial markets.

According to Nierenberg, many investors and residential mortgage-backed securities have been major problems and therefore overlooked as the potential properties for investment portfolios. Active portfolio management style is the only solution for residential mortgage investments.


Dick Devos started to work with the FAA in 2017 as part of the Management Advisory Council. Previously he hadn’t held any political office, but he had been well known by many in the airline and airport business world. Aviation was one of his main passions growing up, and he even has several pilot licenses for jets and helicopters.


Since Richard Devos Sr.’s passing in 2018, Dick Devos has been busy. He has been working on the new headquarters of the Devos Family Foundation in downtown Grand Rapids, and he has been meeting with the new FAA council. The committee was brought together for civilians to advise the FAA on important matters like policies, airport growth, budgets, regulations, and other issues facing America’s aviation industry.


Devos has plenty of reasons to work with the council as he has been working with the CEO of the local Grand Rapids airport for many years. In fact, it all started in the early 1990s. Devos had just come out of a stint at Amway. He was able to lead record-breaking sales at his father’s company, but he wanted more. He specifically wanted to help the businesses in his hometown be more successful.


He came up with a plan to bring in more business travelers. He started by building up the downtown areas. He formed a committee called Grand Action, and together they would build up areas like the Andel Arena, Devos Place Convention Center, and Devos Performance Hall.


The convention center would become a key part of the growth as Devos wanted travelers to the area to see Grand Rapids as a conference destination. He started by talking to the CEO of the local airport. He wanted to help the airport become part of the business traveler strategy. He talked to the CEO of AirTran Airways to open up new flights specifically to locations that were frequented by business travelers. These destinations would include Orlando, St. Louis, Denver, and Las Vegas.


The airport has experienced insane growth since the addition of these flights. In fact, in just a few years, the airport had seen more growth than it ever had before. The new ticket sales brought in so much funding that the airport was able to renovate with a $45 million fund. This would become known as the Gateway Transformation Project, and it’s something that the FAA would see as a way to help other airports across the United States.


The Gateway Transformation Project brought new interest to Grand Rapids as a travel destination, but it also changed the technology inside of the airport, adding a new business traveler center and an updated food court. The second phase of the project will add more technology to curbside areas and security.


Dick Devos will meet with the advisory council until 2020. The council gets together once per quarter to discuss new policies, regulations, and budgets.


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Mr . Felipe Montoro Jens is a well- recognized expert in the Brazilian Finance Industry. Felipe is the current CEO of EnergiparCaptação S.A. He provides consultancy services mostly on infrastructure. He pursued his numerous undergraduate degrees in Business Administration, History and also Spanish. He also went ahead and pursued his masters in Business Administration, Health promotion and also in Kinesiology.

Felipe Montoro starts his normal day by taking breakfast and performing some exercises and then he proceeds to work. He makes his day more productive by avoiding the various social media platforms and also unnecessary talks at work. He believes in involving oneself in important and beneficial talks. His practice of associating himself with hardworking and intelligent people, studying and watching educative films helps him bring forward various ideas to life. He finds healthy feeding, informal dressing and living as the most exciting trends in today’s society. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens is always determined on achieving his objectives in life and does all it appertains for the objectives to be achieved. He advises the young people to always give their best in whatever activities they work on. They should also avoid the habit of assuming things. He also recommends that people should never get tired of going through various pieces of their work such as presentations. He believes that there is always a chance to perform better. Felipe Montoro Jens also believes that his unsatisfaction to various results and his ability to always focus in improving activities is a strategy that has highly contributed to his success.

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