In May 2016, Michael was named to be the chairperson of the board, and in 2013 he was appointed to be the president and the chief executive officer. Before becoming a top executive officer of the New Residential Investment Corp, Michael Nierenberg was a top executive officer and the head of the global mortgages at the Bank of America. Throughout his career, Nierenberg has held various positions in different companies including senior leadership positions in the finance and mortgage industry.

Using Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights as Assets by Michael Nierenberg

In his career, Michael Nierenberg continued to support the investment potential for the excess mortgage servicing rights for the past few years. As the chief executive officer, the president and the board chairperson of the New Residential Investment Corp, Michael has been a leader and innovator in residential mortgage loan and investment market.

According to Michael Nierenberg, one of the essential roles for a successful manager is to look for and find the undervalued properties on an ongoing basis. For the mortgage servicing rights, two primary needs for finalizing purchases of the specialized property are the strong long-term enterprise relationships and adequate capital resources. For complex investment assets like excess mortgage servicing rights, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of both limitations and benefits.

Some of the benefits of investing in excess MSRs and mortgage servicing rights include new and substantial asset opportunities, potential to minimize impacts of the interest rate fluctuations, high-quality income flow opportunities and creation of opportunities due to lack of understanding. The limitations include lack of essential business partnerships which can prevent MSR transactions.

Solutions for the Residential Mortgage Investments

For the past few years, residential mortgages have been viewed as a complex financial issue and not an investment opportunity. Michael Nierenberg and the New Residential Investment Corp have proven to be noteworthy exceptions by creating innovative and helpful solutions for residential financial markets.

According to Nierenberg, many investors and residential mortgage-backed securities have been major problems and therefore overlooked as the potential properties for investment portfolios. Active portfolio management style is the only solution for residential mortgage investments.


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