As one of the most successful Latina businesswomen in the United States, Nina Vaca says that courage is fundamental to success. Having courage in certain situations makes the difference between moving forward and getting stuck in a rut.

Vaca says that even the most powerful and confident people still get “a case of nerves” in those situations when they know they must perform well to avoid disaster. It’s normal to be nervous. But it’s how you face and handle those nerves that determine the outcome at the end of the day.

Vaca knows what she’s talking about based on her life experiences. She is a classic American success story, the daughter of Ecuadorian immigrants who started from humble beginnings and went on to create one of the leading professional staffing agencies in the world.

Her company, Pinnacle Group, is a multinational corporation which industry observers often single out as a case study for how to build “the perfect business.” Headquartered in Dallas, Pinnacle Group has an international presence, including service centers in Jordan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The company recently announced that it will be expanding to Ireland, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina.

All this from a company that Vaca started with just $300 when she was 25. She says that having courage and gaining inspiration from role models has been a key to her success.

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