Education, just like other sectors in the USA is structurally ever changing. The changes in the education sector have been instrumental for making education a human right and more importantly a necessity. However, the mainstream education system has been responsible for the growth of the achievement gap. The federal government, through policymakers, has been on a journey to look for a solution for this growing achievement gap. Rocketship Education, which is captured under 501(c) (3) has been on a journey to change this sad reality. There are many interpretations of 501(c) (3), and the most basic one is that an organization must operate from a non-profit perspective and Rocketship Education prescribes to this legal requirement.

To achieve its objectives, Rocketship Education has a three-point strategy which includes the following. First, this school model is the first one to utilize technology fully. According to the management of this school system, utilizing technology is vital in the sense that it helps the school system to minimize their operation cost. Second, the use of technology helps in increasing the score test. The technology the school uses has all learning dimension for children, and this is ideal for the student to go back and relearn a concept. The primary goal of this education system is to bridge the gap with less resource as possible.

On top of maximizing on technology, the school system understands the value of talents and talents development. Rocketship Education has a solid guideline for talent development, and in the last 13 years, the system has been a perfect illustration that talent development is achievable in the USA. The system has also challenged how talent development is viewed in other school systems around the world. Due to its success, different school systems around the world are adopting the Rocketship Education approach. In their Twitter account, the school continues to share some of the schools around the world that have adopted this school’s approach.

Lastly, the school system is the only education system to bring teachers and parents together is a structured system. The community that is built from this organic relationship is vital in improving the test scores and more importantly, the graduation probability of each student.

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