A Peek Into The Fascinating Life Of Robert Kraft And His Entrepreneurial Skills

December 15, 2021 0 Comments

About Robert Kraft

Sixty-one years ago this fall, when the birth of the National Football League’s New England Patriots formed and played their first game, so did the pique of interest of soon to be the owner of said franchise, Robert Kraft. Today, Robert Kraft has been the proud owner of the New England Patriots for 27 years and stands tall as a Harvard University graduate.

In addition to his ownership of his all-time favorite football league, he is the chairman and chief executive officer of his own crafted business, appropriately titled The Kraft Group. The Kraft Group is an expanded holdings company that specializes in paper, packaging, manufacturing, and distribution of forest products; sports, entertainment, and event management; construction and real estate development; private equity and ventures to invest; sustainability; philanthropy.

Robert Kraft is a graduate of Columbia University where he attended on an earned scholarship. He also is the recipient of a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School. However, these successes do not always come naturally to Kraft.

Robert Kraft has to know just the right moment to make the right business move. Previous to his purchase of the Boston Patriots, Victor Kiam sold his share of the Patriots over to James Orthwein. Since Orthwein is St. Louis bound, and he was quoted saying he wanted to bring the team back to his hometown, rumors of the Patriots moving to a whole other city were widespread.

This ordeal went on for two years until finally in 1994, Kraft was offered a $75 million deal to be sold to the Patriots for the remainder of their lease at Foxboro Stadium in Massachusetts, which of course would mean no moving day for the Patriots. Kraft counteroffered the sale for a whopping $175 million stake at the ownership of the Boston Patriots. Since Kraft had the Massachusetts location as a strong anchor in his rebuttal, James Orthwein accepted the multimillion-dollar deal. Follow this page on Twitter, for more information.


Additional information about Kraft can be found on https://americanfootball.fandom.com/wiki/Robert_Kraft