Andrew Frame Reveals His Methods Of Coming Up With New Ideas

December 15, 2021 0 Comments

Andrew Frame, the founder of the Citizen App, was born in Las Vegas, but after starting the Citizen, whose headquarters are located in New York, Andrew Frame splits his time between New York and his hometown, Las Vegas. When he was only 15 years old, he started his own company to provide internet services. In 2004, he later started another telecommunications consumer company called Ooma.

When Andrew was young, he spent most of his career in the infrastructure network. In 1997, Andrew Frame decided to join the Cisco systems company as their support engineer. After spending one year working with Cisco, Andrew Frame was awarded dual CCIE certifications. He became the first young person to receive that certificate of a top technical in Cisco.

While thinking of starting another company, Andrew Frame wanted to come up with a company that would be able to have it all: global scale, mission-oriented, and satisfy consumer needs. Andrew Frame realized that globally, there was no product available for free that could keep people safe through the use of technology. That’s when Andrew Frame came up with the idea and started the Citizen in 2017. The Citizen is designed to be able to keep people safe by combining the information from your location with the intelligence of 911.

The first method that Frame uses to come up with new ideas is by surrounding himself with a team of brilliant people and mission-oriented people. To him, a working team is all that he needs, and that’s why when employing people, you should always consider finding people who are smarter and more intelligent than you. His team that he works with at the Citizen is a group of highly skilled people and brilliant people who he is always thrilled to work with. Secondly, he is always prioritizing his ideas remorselessly. To him, if he ever tries to bring and work with all his ideas, he will end up doing nothing. See this article for more information.


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