If you’re returning to school sooner than later, it might be a good idea to get a head start on the . You can get fifty total life hacks for going back to school by following this link. Each and every tip is guaranteed to be something that every student can do and any student will definitely find something useful to apply to their school year in the days ahead.


Just to go over a few of the many tips that are offered, did you know that you can make a neat little to-do list with supplies you probably already have lying around at home? You can get a small chalkboard or a wipe board and stick some pads of sticky notes onto it, choosing different colors to coordinate different types of lists, and write “to-do” above them to remind you every morning that there are things to accomplish today! Who needs an expensive day planner, anyway?


Another tip that is highlighted by Wengie would be to leave the first few pages of your notebooks blank while you’re creating notes. Then, when you write out your notes, you can go back and fill in the first page or two with a table of contents to better find your notes later on when you need them most. Other helpful ways to organize include coloring the tops of your notebooks to keep track of which subject each covers, writing in blue ink instead of black to better memorize your notes and how to organize all your papers using a dish washing rack.


It’s always hard to believe that someone as fit and health conscious as Australian Youtuber Wengie is a self-identified “lazy person.” You think there’s no way! Not with her body! But in her DIY weight loss hacks video, Wengie gives you 30 ways for how it’s totally possibly to be lazy and still be fit. These hacks are sure to help you boost your metabolism, balance your sugar levels, and help you lose weight with minimal effort.


  1. Lemon Detox Water


2 liters of water, 1 fresh lemon, 1 whole cucumber, and 10 mint leaves make for a refreshing drink that will help stabilize your daily sugar levels and reduce fat gain as well as detox your body and clear your skin.


  1. 2 Cups of Cold Water Before Breakfast

Also drinking water before every meal reduces overeating.


  1. Eat From Small Plates


  1. Eat From Plates with Contrasting Colors From Your Food


  1. Get More Sleep


  1. Healthy Fats for Breakfasts

Mono-unsaturated fats, like nuts and almond butter, help keep sugar levels leveled throughout the day.


  1. Turn Down your Thermostats

Shiver that weight off.


  1. Swap Your PJs for Workout Gear

If you’re just laying around the house, wear your workout gear instead of PJs, it might motivate you to work out.


  1. Count Your Steps


  1. Chew Slower


  1. Eat More Often, Smaller Portions


  1. Workout Less

A 15-minute high-intensity workout is the same as a 30-minute low-intensity workout.


  1. Find a Hobby that Keeps You in Shape


  1. Eat Spicy Food


  1. Drink Green Tea Before Bed


  1. Eat a Spoonful of Peanut Butter Before Bed


  1. Wear Form-fitting Clothing While Eating


  1. Never Shop on an Empty Stomach


  1. Pamper and De-stress Yourself


  1. Eat the Healthiest Part of Your Meal First


  1. Limit Sources of Temption—Especially At Night


  1. Ask for Dressing and Sauces on The Side


  1. Healthier Food Substitutions

Cravings 911 on Good Housekeeping can help you find healthier food substitutions.


  1. Sneak in More Vegetables to Your Meals


  1. Eat Right When You Wake Up


  1. Standing Up For 3 Hours a Day

Burns 150 calories.


  1. If You’re Hungry Ask Yourself If You Want An Apple

If the answer is no, then you’re not really hungry


  1. Eat with Your Non-Dominant Hand


  1. Laugh More

Workout those abs!


  1. Watch Scary Movies

Being scared burns calories!

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