Blockchain patent holder and inventor of financial card chip technology Serge Belamant is as real as they get in the financial coding industry. He draws his inspiration from the successful behemoths before him, and co-founds a business with his son in the industry which has made him a living. “It’s easy to see far when one stands on the shoulders of giants.” This is his favorite quote because it acknowledges the modern greats, like Steve Jobs, while also acknowledging the potential greatness in all of us at the same time.

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The history of Serge Belamant is quite fascinating. He was born a Frenchman in the town of Tulle and was moved to South Africa by his father, whose tiling career saw greater opportunity in the budding South African state. While in South Africa, Serge Belamant created the software necessary to digitize the South African welfare system. From there, his confidence rose to a considerable degree and helped to better realize that anything in the world is possible. From there, he created Net1 UEPS Technologies in 1989 which is responsible for the chip technology in card processing licensed at first to VISA (and later, all other major processors).

His company with his son, Zilch Technologies is very cool because it improves the financial literacy of our youth by highlighting their spending and saving habits in order to improve their choices… and all of this done through a mobile device. Success didn’t always come easy for Serge, though. Self-doubt was a factor in his journey, and admittedly it is for everyone. “I believe that anyone who says they don’t experience at least some self-doubt is lying. We all have moments where we wonder, is what I’m doing actually worthwhile? And even beyond that, if we know it’s worthwhile, we wonder whether it will be successful.” So the next time that you have doubt about your path in life, just know that even the most successful businessmen on the planet like Serge Belamant once had their doubts too: it’s human nature.

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The Fortress Investment Group encountered a significant expansion and transformation in 2018. After decades of incredible leadership in the investment surrounding, the previous year characterized the incorporation of Fortress into the SoftBank Group, which is among the financial conglomerates which are very prominent globally. $3.3 billion was the purchase’s worth and has laid a base for the Group’s continuous engagement in cutting-edge and exciting developments within the funds of private equity as well as the real estate’s realms. Fortress Investment Group’s reputation has remained great from the time it was established in 1998. The hedge fund expanded into an international investor and financier. After growing, it became the initial fund in its category by going public alongside an initial public offering (IPO) with regards to the Stock Exchange of New York.

SoftBank’s purchase was among the initial ventures entailing asset management firm into their holdings. Fortress Investment Group preserves the regular supervision of endeavors as a portion of the deal’s approval in line with Foreign Investment Panel at the US. The Financial Times acknowledge the representation of SoftBank as well as the limitations in its operational influence. Whenever some changes or amalgamation happens between firms, each of them have to make some changes. Such a case applies for Fortress Investment Group and SoftBank, but they are doing well. Fortress keeps building its extensive real estate portfolio, infrastructure ventures, and senior housing particularly alongside such affiliates as Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Ventures, and New Senior Investment Group.

Visionary strategies are essential as evident with SoftBank. Through Fortress acquirement, the SoftBank currently has world-class expertise with regards to financial management. Thus, the latter is getting into the business of private equity and asset management. Fortress Investment Group’s experience and interest in real estate are already starting an integration into the SoftBank’s support connected to tech startups as well as the extensive economic infrastructure connected to communication’s revolution. Eventually, Vision Fund currently invest a lot in the establishments linked to real estate. Such include Katerra construction firm, OpenDoor, and Compass brokers on real estate as well as the co-working setting provider by the name WeWork.

Sergey Petrossov is the founder and the CEO of JetSmarter, the developer of a mobile application that lets travelers access the private jet marketplace in order to book a custom private flight. He has been awarded the Forbes 30 Under 30 award in the Consumer Technology category as well as South Florida’s Top Working Professionals. Before he became the CEO of JetSmarter, Petrossov already has an impressive track record in his hands.

Before he decided to make his own company, Sergey Petrossov was a co-founder of two IT projects, an online chat system which serves as website customer service and a distance learning platform that is used for Russian-speaking educational institutions. He was also an advisor to a private jet operator that of a Florida-based company.

Because of his time as an advisor in this private jet operator, Sergey Petrossov saw the inefficiencies of brick and mortar booking of flights. He also realized that the market for mobile application and services are becoming more and more popular around the world. Because of this, he created the idea of a mobile platform that would turn out to be JetSmarter.

When he was done developing his initial plan, Sergey Petrossov started in the development of the app by gathering a development team with his own capital. The app was planned to connect flyers with top-rated private jet operators. In 2012, he and his team deployed the beta version for select users. JetSmarter app was launched successfully in 2013 after more help from investors, vendors, and partners.

What makes the JetSmarter app success is because of its well-thought design and the development team’s skills. The member of the team has been involved in successful projects for NASA, Nokia, Microsoft, BMW, and Uber. The team has more than 100 years of experience in technology, air travel, and logistics.

Sergey Petrossov believes that in ten years, the big opportunity for JetSmarter will arise. He and his company targets flights that are shorter-distance and can provide value for its consumers. The company plans to achieve a $500 per seat solution. But because the company is still on its baby steps, he and his team are still learning in this industry.

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If you intend on retiring with Social Security as a financial backbone, you might want to think again. Ted Bauman is an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing with decades of experience in the writing game. A graduate from the University of Cape Town, Ted Bauman has a decorated resume writing about the financial field. With a primary focus of providing his readers with key information for their finances n the future, Bauman has a lot to say and people would do well to listen. Right now, Bauman is working to alert his readers at The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club of the problems that Social Security might present in the future.

Social Security was brought into the fold over 80 years ago by FDR as part of his New Deal. This form of socialism-lite ended up taking roots and becoming a part of the American financial system. Growing up, most people probably anticipated using their Social Security in order to retire a comfortable life. Ted Bauman understands the benefits of Social Security but he is firmly in the camp of believers that are touting a ‘plan b’ option for financial solvency after retirement. According to Ted Bauman, Social Security could become insolvent as soon as 2050. There are many reasons as to why Bauman is advising his readers to start planning secondary paths to financial comfort late in life. Primarily, Bauman points to the shrinking middle class and the profound way that corporations are dodging taxes at an unprecedented rate.

With how complicated the financial field is, Bauman knows that he needs to toe a very important lien with his work. Delivering this key information while maintaining an entertaining voice is absolutely an art form. With that being said, Bauman actively advocates that his readers get as much information from as many different sources as possible. After all, you can’t even begin to understand the national economy, much less the international economy, unless you really take in different sources of information. Bauman even advocates reading from sources that go against your gut feelings, instincts, and inclinations. Ted Bauman Explains 3 Possible Stock Market Crash Outcomes

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Sandy Chin is a New Yorker who works as an investment manager. A 1996 graduate of Barnard College, she has spent over 20 years in the financial industry. She currently works at Tidal Bore Capital where she is a portfolio manager. Sandy Chin is the co-founder of this organization which was launched in 2016. She says that her mentor, William “Bill” Leach, was instrumental in helping her start this new company.

Taking a lead from Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, Sandy Chin said in a recent interview that women who are career-minded should “lean in” to further their professional goals. She said that nobody should be afraid of asking for more whether that is promotions, pay, or opportunities. They should ask to be included in meetings and take part in both analyst and management phone calls.

Serving as a mentor herself, Sandy Chin says that people new in their careers are often pretty confused by the industry they find themselves in and how to advance. They haven’t really established any professional contacts yet and have a lot to learn. Sandy Chin says that having a mentor is crucial as they give you a leg up and offer a lot of experience to younger people.

She brings up her own mentor. Sandy Chin says that he asked her to join the investment analyst team he had at the investment firm Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette. She learned two crucial lessons from William Leach. The first was to never turn down a meeting no matter the size of the company that was asking for one or how junior an analyst might be. The second was to always ask questions of people.

Mentors have the knowledge and experience to boost your career, she says. Sandy Chin attended conferences and meetings with her mentor and gained a wealth of real-world experience. This included how to value a stock and how to talk to business professionals. Her mentor would study people’s body language and verbal cues in order to decide if a company was worth investing in or not, something she learned from him.

Just as important, a mentor can open you up to a wide array of professional contacts in your industry. It really is who you know, now what you know, that improves one career prospects. You have to know the right people if you have a great business idea because, otherwise, it’s just not possible to act on it. Sandy says that her mentor provided her with access to senior professionals in the financial industry which really helped her make strategic moves during her career. A broad professional network’s benefits is something that should never be overlooked.

Celebrated finance executive Paul Mampilly has portrayed good skills and knowledge in finance thus proven to be one of the influential and successful leader all over United States. Having acquired his finance certificate in Montclaire State University graduating with BBA Finance and Accounting as well as his MBA in Finance from Fordham School of Business, Paul has been offering the best to maximize his ability. More so, he is an intellectual in finance engineering from New York University Tandon School of Engineering. Currently, he is working at Banyan Hill Publishing serving as a senior editor to the company. He is also the founder of Capuchin Consulting which is a company offering investment advice to entrepreneurs and any other organization willing to seek investment consultation. Pure to his Indian native, he moved and currently residing in US whereby he has come to nurture his finance skills in different companies all over US working as money manager, portfolio manager and also as a senior research analyst.

True to his career, Paul Mampilly has had interest in business world and recently was featured in, as a qualified individual in giving out business and investment advice basing on his successful strategies in investment that he came across working in different companies. He came up with business predictions that could help his fellow investors in emerging the best and helping them make wise and informed decisions concerning their companies so as to enable well growth and development of the company as well as generating innovative and creative solutions in curbing challenges and emerging victorious in all the business dimensions. Paul Mampilly predictions tend to help investors in realizing their strongest and determined extremes in their businesses so as to venture into and make more income and profits through it.

Paul Mampilly has been a true leader and a helper to many who wishes to earn an extra coin into their pockets. Being a research analyst has helped him provide unlimited advice to all in search of money and has been featured in several social media platforms such as Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV where he engages in answering questions and offering business tips. Paul Mampilly’s 10 Predictions for Business in 2019

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Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur with a passion for supporting organizations which strive to improve the health of those living with age-related diseases. Moreover, the entrepreneur is treasured for helping youths who wish to establish successful start-ups in the world’s technology industry. He firmly believes that the future of business is anchored to innovation in the field of digital technology.

How did Jason Hope grow to achieve his present reputation? Following are insights that would help you comprehend.

Jason Hope started his entrepreneurial career after completing his bachelor’s in finance and master’s degree in business management from the Arizona State University. Unlike most youths who went hunting for jobs in corporate America, Hope decided to start and establish his mobile communication company. The company did exceedingly well and earned him a global reputation as a businessman.

Outside his entrepreneurial career, Jason Hope spends his time and resources helping health-oriented not-for-profit organizations. He funds SENS Foundation, a research facility which is dedicated to preventing degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s, aging, diabetes, and atherosclerosis. The diseases affect millions of people, more so the senior citizens.

In 2010, Hope donated $500,000 to the research organization. These funds helped the SENS Foundation to establish their Cambridge laboratory. In addition, SENS used Hope’s funds to start a research project that studied the effects of glycation end- products to the human tissues.

Apart from the SENS Foundation, Jason Hope supports Arizona Science Center, the Leukemia& and Lymphoma Society, Teach for America, and T Gen. These organizations work to improve the future of humankind by fighting detrimental diseases, as well as supporting meaningful research projects.

Jason runs an angel investment, an initiative that helps senior high school and college students who have exceptional business ideas. Through the initiative, Jason finances the young entrepreneurs, helps them create new products, and he accords them any support required to develop the new ventures.

Hope started the initiative to support Arizona’s next generation entrepreneurs who wish to step into the world’s technology industry. “I chose to support the young entrepreneurs since they have great entrepreneurial ideas, but, they lack the funds required to implement the ideas,” says Hope.

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Paul Mampilly is a famous and wealthy man who was born in India in 1933. He came from a poor background. At a very tender age, he faced a lot of misfortunes. His mother died when he was barely three years of age. He was left with this father to take care of him and the other family members. Life was so difficult, and his dad struggled to make ends meet. What is more, he grew up in a village which had very poor people, As such, he would not have looked for help from these villagers. Hunger, poverty, and deaths were the order of the day in this village. His father had to go to Dubai to look for greener pastures to sustain his family. Somehow, despite all those struggles, he managed to go about the college life. Such challenges motivated him to work hard and seek a better life. He was able to move to the US and got a job with an investment bank.

Paul Mampilly is a big name in the world of investments. During his days working for leading investment banks, he made many people make a fortune. In the process, he gained a lot of experience and confidence when it comes to dealing with big money. Paul Mampilly managed the Kinetics Asset Management hedge fund and assisted it to make a return of 26% per year. This made the firm to be named as one of the best hedge funds. His investment acumen is very encouraging. He set a record of generating a return of 76% in one year. In this case, he grew $50 million to $88 million in one year. It is worth noting that he achieved this when the stock market was experiencing a severe shock in the years 2008 and 2009.

Paul Mampilly has made a lot of gains from making investments in high growth companies. For example, he made more than 2000% gain in eight months after selling his stake in Sarepta Therapeutics. What is more, his investment in Netflix returned more than 600% of the initial capital in two years. These and other deals have made his name in the investment world.

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How Randal Nardone has Transformed Fortress Investment Group with Two Decades of Innovative Leadership

Since its foundation in 1998, Fortress Investment Group prides itself as an industrial trendsetter. The 2007 entry of the company to the New York Stock Exchange raised the eyebrows of many industrial players. This entry marked the first time a private equity company of such colossal scale was going public on NYSE. But with barely a decade of industrial presence, it was the innovative leadership style of the firm’s founders that propelled its success.

Fortress Group Principals

In 1998, financial experts joined their efforts in founding the Fortress Group. These experts included Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman. While Kauffman retired from his position in 2012, the remaining two principals have been managing the company as principals. As Edens chairs the Fortress board, Nardone has been the company’s chief executive officer since 2013.

Nardone’s Educational Background and Early Career

Even though Nardone is a prominent figure in the investment sector, he is a law graduate and didn’t study investment-related courses. He schooled at the Boston University School of Law where he graduated with a Juris Doctor. He also holds a BA degree in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut.

With a degree in law, Randal Nardone began his law career with the Thacher Proffitt & Wood Law Firm. He then worked with BlackRock Financial Management before joining UBS as a Managing Director.

Tenure of Nardone at Fortress

Since 1998, Nardone has been part and parcel of Fortress Investment Group. The one-time #557 self-made billionaire according to Forbes (with over USD 1.8 billion) has helped transform the company into a leading alternative assets manager globally.

In the two decades at Fortress, Randal Nardone has seen the company diversify its services to cover capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, managing operations, hedge funds investments, and investing in assets. The firm now amasses more than USD 43 billion from its assets.

Other Roles

Apart from running Fortress, Randal Nardone has roles in multiple boards and institutions. For instance, he is the Director of Springleaf Holdings and Brookdale Senior Living, Executive Manager of the New Residential Investment Corporation, and the Director of Gagfah. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO


Whitney Wolfe Herd is a name to reckon with in the world of dating applications. She is the founder and CEO of one of the most popular dating apps out there currently named Bumble. Launched in 2014, Bumble has grown to become one of the game-changing dating apps that have over 30 million subscribers now. The company has grown manifolds in sizes since its launch and is estimated by Forbes to be worth way over $1 Billion. Whitney Wolfe Herd has ensured that the Bumble is integrated with features that are unique and provides users with a satisfying matching experience as a dating app.Whitney Wolfe Herd has personally used the dating apps in the past and knows what is in store for the users. She has analyzed what other dating app offers and as a co-founder of Tinder, has seen closely how the dating app is designing and conceptualizing process works.

It is this experience that Whitney Wolfe Herd has used extensively to design Bumble, which has grown significantly since the time it was first introduced. The number of members it has is growing at a substantial rate and has a presence in over ten countries currently. Whitney Wolfe Herd has made it easier for the women to enjoy dating applications as Bumble only allows the women to contact the men first. It means that women would not have to face getting messages from unknown men day and night, and gets to choose whom they want to date.

Whitney Wolfe Herd believes in women empowerment, and she herself signifies the women empowerment as she has come a long way in the technology business, which is otherwise a male-dominated sector. Bumble started in a small office with just a few employees but has grown tremendously in the past few years to become one of the leading dating apps. Now, the office of Bumble has shifted to another more prominent location, which along with other things also has a salon that the employees of the company have free access to. Whitney Wolfe Herd has made it to the front cover of many popular magazines, including Wired UK, Forbes, and Fast Company. Whitney Wolfe Herd understands the dating game entirely and knows that it is a business that is poised to grow in the time to come. It is for this reason, Whitney Wolfe Herd recently turned down the offer of $450 million by to acquire Bumble.