The rewards of working with appreciative cancer patients are certainly many. Those wanting to enter this challenging work field can apply for one of many new job openings now through CTCA. This amazing cancer treatment provider offers patients cutting edge treatments and the best care possible. This employer is looking for employees that desire to use their compassionate nature to make life easier for this institution’s many patients. The company currently has positions open on first, second and third shifts. Even part time and weekend positions are available. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of this country’s best healthcare providers in the way of higher salary rates, substantial health benefits and more employment amenities.As Cancer Treatment Centers of America prides itself on its top quality care, it is not hard to figure out why this healthcare institution offers their important and very valued employees so many job benefits.

Continuing education is often provided, and this might include pursuing advanced training in some cases. It is not uncommon to find the employees at CTCA that have worked there for decades. This work environment is relaxed and yet still remains challenging. CTCA might have just the right job that you are searching for.Housekeeping, laundry, maintenance and grounds keeping services all need more workers that want an exciting job. Dietary employs many satisfied individuals ranging from seasoned nutritionists, kitchen staff, cooks and dishwashers. The food in CTCA facilities is scrumptious, and these jobs are highly important, as those undergoing cancer treatments need to keep their meals nutritious to better their health. Dietitians and nutritionists work with each patient to develop a meal plan that the patient can easily follow. The buildings at any CTCA campus are remarkably clean and beautiful. The hard work of these and other staff members is evident everywhere.

Accounting specialists, IT techs, research jobs, pharmacy positions and various clinical care jobs are currently open through the CTCA job website page. Doctors and nurses interested and qualified in oncology care should consider applying. Surgical staff is also needed, and X-ray technicians, lab staff and a number of different therapist jobs are now being promoted. Non-clinical work is also always available. This includes, switchboard operators, friendly concierges, healthcare administrative positions and other hospitality positions. Come join one of the best cancer teams in the country at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Browse the full job list online at this center’s unique website.Anyone interested in getting into the oncology field are welcome to contact CTCA for job information. With promising new cancer treatments on the horizons, job seekers will find thrilling job positions through this reputable cancer treatment center. Apply for your dream job at CTCA soon.

Seattle Genetics is Washington’s largest biotech company, and is slowly but surely moving to the big pharma league. It is valued at almost $10 billion, and has 900 employees and plans to increase the number to 1,100. The company was founded in 1998 by Clay Siegall, who is currently its CEO. It has done extensive research on oncology and cancer treatment, and has been studying human antibodies to find out how they can be used to fight cancer.


Seattle Genetics has 11 cancer drugs in the works, 4 of which are likely to be released into the market soon. These 4 are in the final stages of testing. One of these is Adcetris, which is being tested for use as a front-line drug in the treatment of Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of cancer which affects the lymphatic system. Adcetris has already been approved by the FDA for use by patients whose first or second drugs are not effective. Projected annual sales from it are $1 billion if it is approved as a front-line treatment. Seattle Genetics is also doing research on the possibility of using Adcetris in combination with Opdivo, a type of checkpoint inhibitor used in immunotherapy. The other 3 drugs are for the treatment of bladder cancer, breast cancer, and acute myeloid leukemia. The approval of these drugs will be a huge step in the treatment of these types of cancer.


About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall has extensive experience in the biopharmaceutical industry and is very passionate about the fight against cancer. Under his leadership, Seattle Genetics has played a great role in advancements in the treatment against cancer. His secret to success is diversification. Unlike other biotech companies which focus all their energies on one or two drugs and end up crumbling if they are not approved, he does extensive research on different types of cancer and the existing treatment options. This enables him to produce more effective drugs. He also learns from industry authorities and tries to emulate some of their business models in Seattle Genetics. This is how Clay Siegall ensures that Seattle Genetics remains relevant in the industry.



Clay Siegall is committed to the fight against cancer, and this is what gives him the motivation to keep researching and producing cancer drugs. He acknowledges that it is not easy but nothing will stop him. Thanks to his visionary leadership, Seattle Genetics has made huge strides in the treatment of cancer and continues to forge on despite the numerous challenges in the industry.