I had a dog a couple of decades ago, and I used to feed him Puppy Chow. I am not sure what happened to the brand because my dog died. After I mourned the loss I really didn’t want to get another dog for quite some time. I had a friend that was moving into an apartment recently that gave me a dog. She couldn’t move the dog into the apartment so somehow I ended up with a dog to feed again. It was like getting acquainted with the dog food world all over again. I found myself researching the best brands on the market. I had to get reacquainted with what was out there.

I saw a lot of brands, but I thought that Purina‘s Beneful was among the best in all that I saw. There is a company that made a lot of people realize the need to healthy dog food. I saw this company putting together things like vegetable blends and all types of meats. I was sold from that point on.

The Beneful brand on Purinastore has worked quite well for me and the dogs that I have. This is a company that has variety for pets of all sizes and breeds. That is why I was so interested in this company. It was like I was seeing a new line of food that wasn’t available when I was younger. I think that this is showing that companies like Beneful are more concerned about dog health than ever before. The dog food industry is embracing a healthier line of dog food, and it appears that I got a dog right before all that this started.

I see even more brands that are hitting the market with things like organic food for pets. There are foods for both cats and dogs that are quite noteworthy. I have made a decision to get acquainted with some of these other brands, but I always go back to Beneful. This is the one that I have had the most success with. It is a brand that is recognized as one of better brands.