NutriMost is unlike any other weight loss program. It examines each individual’s body chemistry. The computer scanning technology and Body Composition Analysis helps the doctor to formulate a plan tailored to each individual to lose weight. Each individual gains and loses weight in a unique manner. Due to this fact, tests are done to pinpoint what works for every person.
The Body Composition Analysis looks at the body’s homeostasis to a certain degree. Hormonal balance, along with minerals, vitamins, fat storage, etc. are examined to find out if they are within normal range. Further, the computer scanning technology also looks to see how the body functions within certain levels.

The Body Scan reveals what foods the body likes to consume. This informs the doctor of what foods optimize weight loss. All these tests calculate a metabolic age. The metabolic age tells us what age are body actually metabolizes at or what age our body is functioning at. Essentially, it tells us how old we really are based on our metabolism. Nutrimost helps improve our metabolism and health.

For example, Gene Shellar is overweight at 270 lbs. with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatty liver, and a sleeping problem called apnea. After signing up for NutriMost, he lost at least 80 pounds and has no fatty liver problem or sleeping apnea. His biometric levels normalized and he’s healthier than ever living without diabetic concerns.

There are a vast number of cases according to NYC FatLoss in which individuals have lost at least 20 pounds in the first 40 days of this program. The rationale behind this is that NutriMost is individualized and geared towards each individual’s body chemistry. NutriMost is under the direction of a physician (see, It is a revolutionary and effective way in losing weight.


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