What started as a limited business deal among six countries that wanted to coordinate steel and coal production in 1986 turned into a elaborate supranational 28-member European Union that is governed by an assortment of subsidiary agencies and an array of capitalistic institutions, according to George Soros. Soros sat down with a German magazine recently to talk about the European Union and the health of that consensus seeking group. The New York Review of Books published the interview on their website. Soros was in rare form during the interview. He didn’t disappoint Soros fans that listen to every word the 85-year-old billionaire has to say.

Soros had a lot to say about the independent nation-states that have their own governments and their own political agendas. Soros said those agendas are complicated, but they are not as complicated and complex as federal system in the United States.

The EU has expanded its membership, and the group has become very heterogeneous. Germany’s Gross Domestic Product is more than 300 times larger than tiny Malta, and the per capita income of Luxembourg is five times higher than Greece’s. The population, economic resources, and geographic size of the EU members are vastly different, and the cultures and histories of the members are not as similar since the expansion of the EU. That expansion has made the Union more divided, cumbersome, and considerably less popular. More tha 70 percent of EU citizens say their voice doesn’t count, according to Mr. Soros.

The cultural differences, as well as religious and human rights differences, are causing the EU to disintegrate in terms of cohesiveness and effectiveness. The European Union has been battered by recent unexpected events, and the member nations are not able to agree of the course of action that will right the EU ship from those events. Mr. Soros believes the EU is on a collision course with itself, and there isn’t much time before members explode. In fact, several members are in an explosive mode thanks to the migration crisis.

The migration crisis is turning out to be too much for the European Union to handle. The threat of terrorism is sending a bolt of fear through every EU citizen, and they are blaming that fear on the open-door policy of the EU. When the migration started, European members were following the open door policy, but that changed as more migrants flooded the borders and more terrorists attack developed in Europe. Several countries have set up border control now, and other countries have completely closed their border to the asylum-seekers.

Mr. Soros believes there is a solution to the migration crisis, but he thinks the damage done to the EU by the migration may be unrepairable.