Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm founded infinity Group Australia in the year 2013. Since its establishment, it has grown into one of the most helpful companies in Australia. It is a debt reduction organization that is committed to helping thousands of Australians to improve their finances, make their future bright and minimize their depts.


Infinity Group Australia has been in existence for a period of five years, and it was recognized as the most innovative organizations for the year 2018. The firm was recognized and ranked by the Australian Financial Review among other nominated companies across the country. The core values of the firm are to develop and create a relationship with customers which is built on trust, passion, integrity, and care. Infinity Group Australia is committed to helping most homeowners who have been offered poor deals with various financial firms.


About Graeme Holm


graeme holm spent approximately six months doing his research and development of the factors that were affecting the mortgage market in australia. at the start, he did not have any ongoing advice, guidance, support, and services for homeowners. the firm then came in and changed the approach, it provided an independent banker to help customers pay back their loans much faster.


the firm provides its clients with a performance report every month which has details on the assistance and reviews in creating and maintaining their budgets to ensure they have a bright future. under his name, the company was able to win the award as the best firm in providing their customers with wealth creation, debt reduction, and retirement solutions.


How Infinity Group Australia Helps Everyday Australians


The firm is working closely with thousands of Australian families to help them get what they need. Infinity Group Australia works closely with customers across the country through multiple meetings to get the tune and help the clients in implementing a cash-based budget on a weekly basis. The budget includes fuel, entertainment, weekly groceries, and travel expenses.


The firm assigns a personal or an independent banker to help customers pay their loans much faster. It also provides its clients with monthly reports which help them to measure if they can adjust their weekly budget. Also, it enables them to know if they are performing towards their expectations and life goals. Clients also get a six months report and reviews that enable them to focus on the success and bright future. Learn more :


Anil Chaturvedi is one of the most respected figures in the banking industry today. It was in 1971 that he graduated from India’s Meerut University. At that time he obtained his bachelors degree in economics. Anil then went on to earn his masters degree from the Delhi School of Economics in Delhi, India. Since his graduation from college, Anil Chaturvedi has been in a number of high profile postings in the highly competetive world of banking. These positions include working for the State Bank of India in the role of a branch manager and later as the head of the North American brand of ANZ Grindlays Bank located in New York City, New York. He also spent time working for Merrill Lynch. Currently, Anil is serving in the role of managing director for Hinduja Bank in Switzerland. Anil has a reputation as a foremost expert in the areas of investment banking as well as private and corporate banking. He regularly serves as a corporate advisor in the area of international transactions between India and Europe.


Anil Chaturvedi recently had a lot to say about the role of banking in a global economy. He notes that there are in fact, several types of banks that include corporate, private and retail. There are different types of banks for different types of customers with different types of needs. Of the different types of banks that exist, investment banks exist in a niche that is quite definitively their own due to the fact that they don’t take deposits and instead provide services to different individuals, businesses and organizations that need to find ways to raise necessary capital. Investment banks also work in the role of assisting with acquisitions and mergers.


The major factor that Anil Chaturvedi wants consumers to remember is that though banks sometimes get a bad reputation, such as the pr that they received during the financial crisis of 2008, the fact is that banks are a necessary entity and critical to the way that capitalist, free market economies work. Without the existence of banks, the reality is that entrepreneurs would be left with few real options in terms of their ability to generate the needed startup capital for their business ventures.

Established only six years ago during the month of May, Infinity Group Australia is vastly and positively changing the lives of most Australians who have partnered with the firm. Its existence is as a result of the collaboration of its co-founders and now directors Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm. Since it was established in 2012, the company has broken the internet as well as the streets of Bella Vista, NSW where it is built and here is why:


a.) Fast and unique debt reduction techniques


One of the listed services provided by Infinity Group Australia is debt reduction which is also a service in other similar firms. The only difference is that with infinity group, debt reduction services are relatively faster and cheaper. Recently, a case was highlighted concerning a young family who through the help of infinity group were able to reduce a debt of $ 96,271. It is not the reduction that is amazing but the fact that the company was able to help in overcoming this debt in only a year and the young family did not have to struggle financially. It is however not the only case of debt reduction handle by the company since it’s established.


b.) Excellence financial services


While most of the companies help clients to manage their company they do this without teaming up with the specific client. Well, at Infinity Group Australia, this is somewhat different. The reason is that the company through the director Graeme Holm offers each client with a private banker. The role of the banker is t first help the clients reduce their debt and guide them on how to effectively manage their wealth in order for them to secure the future of their finances as well as create wealth with their funds any time they wish too.


c.) Award nomination


For how long does it take before a company the niche of a competitive and flocked niche to be listed in award-winning events? Probably a decade or two right? But not in Infinity group Australia. In 2017, the company was listed in various award-winning event and categories including Optus My Business Awards 2017, Vow Financial Altitude Awards and Customer Service Experience category. Speculations are that the company will next year be winning in the nominated awards and categories.


It is because of these three aspects, yet it has been in the industry for only six years that the Australia Infinity Group marveled a multitude of people and companies.

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