Southridge Capital is a financial solutions firm that was formed in the year 1996 by one Stephen Hicks. The company was formed with the aim of offering financial solutions to individuals that were experiencing financial problems. Southridge Capital Solutions is a private firm, and it offers a range of financial services from investment banking to security brokerage services. Stephen Hicks as the founder of the institution is the one that foresees the development of strategies in the organization and how they will be executed to deliver effective results. Southridge Capital is a successful firm earning revenue of over 47.5 million dollars. The firm is one of the leading institutions in finance, and it faces healthy stiff competition from other finance companies such as Kabbage. The staff at Southridge Capital offers financial solutions to its customers if they are having any problems with their revenue. The institution believes in offering the best solutions to any financial constraints that one may have to improve one’s lifestyle and better their income. For more details visit LinkedIn.




Stephen Hicks is the father of Southridge capital, and he founded it while he was working at another hedge fund. This was after his graduation at King’s College where he attained a degree in business administration. Due to his experience, he was able to work at the hedge fund where the principal allowed him to work on Southridge Capital. Stephen Hicks was interviewed by IdeaMensch and in the interview; he spoke about his career and vision for Southridge Capital. Stephen Hick has thirty years of experience in finance and has a wide range of knowledge in risk arbitrage, investment banking, and financial structuring. In the interview, Hicks stated that his experience stems from a lot of interaction with other equity firms on Wall Street. These interactions have allowed him to collect diverse knowledge in finance and experience financial issues first hand while creating solutions to them. At Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks attests to taking new firms under its wing to guide and mold them. This is a form of investment that they are getting the niche on as one company they took to cost them a lot of money.


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Anil Chaturvedi is one of the most respected figures in the banking industry today. It was in 1971 that he graduated from India’s Meerut University. At that time he obtained his bachelors degree in economics. Anil then went on to earn his masters degree from the Delhi School of Economics in Delhi, India. Since his graduation from college, Anil Chaturvedi has been in a number of high profile postings in the highly competetive world of banking. These positions include working for the State Bank of India in the role of a branch manager and later as the head of the North American brand of ANZ Grindlays Bank located in New York City, New York. He also spent time working for Merrill Lynch. Currently, Anil is serving in the role of managing director for Hinduja Bank in Switzerland. Anil has a reputation as a foremost expert in the areas of investment banking as well as private and corporate banking. He regularly serves as a corporate advisor in the area of international transactions between India and Europe.


Anil Chaturvedi recently had a lot to say about the role of banking in a global economy. He notes that there are in fact, several types of banks that include corporate, private and retail. There are different types of banks for different types of customers with different types of needs. Of the different types of banks that exist, investment banks exist in a niche that is quite definitively their own due to the fact that they don’t take deposits and instead provide services to different individuals, businesses and organizations that need to find ways to raise necessary capital. Investment banks also work in the role of assisting with acquisitions and mergers.


The major factor that Anil Chaturvedi wants consumers to remember is that though banks sometimes get a bad reputation, such as the pr that they received during the financial crisis of 2008, the fact is that banks are a necessary entity and critical to the way that capitalist, free market economies work. Without the existence of banks, the reality is that entrepreneurs would be left with few real options in terms of their ability to generate the needed startup capital for their business ventures.

Anil Chaturvedi is a well-experienced banker that holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics (honors) from Meerut University and an M.B.A from Delhi School of Economics at Delhi University. He boasts a four decades experience from some of the leading international banks specializing in corporate and private banking, investment banking, commercial banking and corporate advisory business with a special focus on cross-border transactions between Europe and India.

He has held many significant positions ranging from branch manager, country head to an international manager. He is currently the managing director of Hinduja Bank located in Geneva Switzerland, a position he has held since the year 2011. Among his key responsibilities are developing the corporate advisory business that includes facilitating cross-border strategic alliances between companies in Asia, USA, Europe and India mergers and acquisitions, sale and restructuring of distressed assets, credit syndication, international organizations and capital raising from institutional investors. Before his current position, Anil worked for 17 years and ten months as the international managing director of Merrill Lynch in New York City. In this position, he specialized in tailor-made investment solutions for ultra high net worth individuals and was the leading private banker that covered global Indians located in USA, Europe, Asia, and India. He was also among the top advisors in the world’s largest wealth management company and a member of the Circle of Champions.

Another position that Anil filled before was the Vice President and Senior Representative for US Operations of ANZ Grindlays Bank, New York for two years where he headed the bank’s operations with the responsibility of product development, marketing, regulatory and compliance issues, developing leadership skills and creating a profitable model for the bank. His last held position was Manager (Development & Planning) of state bank India in New York for three years and 11 months with the responsibility of strategic planning and implementation of marketing strategy for capturing businesses of Non-Resident Indians in the USA. His successful marketing and implementation strategy lead to a new business worth over $500 Million in about four years, and he was even honored with the Man of Year award.

Anil has a broad industry knowledge and skills that include but not limited to Private Banking, Portfolio Management, Business Strategy, Corporate Finance, Alternative Investments, Financial Structuring, Finance, Financial Modeling, Financial Markets, Financial Analysis, Risk Management, Wealth Management Services, Middle Market, Securities Lending, MBS among others.

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