So, just in case you don’t know about Enhanced Athlete and its sister companies, Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear, it’s a company all about improving the human race as a whole. Led by Dr. Tony Huge, Enhanced Athlete provides all types of assistance for workouts, nutrition and general well-being.


The cutting-edge scientists at Enhanced Athlete believe that carbohydrate consumption is an integral part of bodybuilding crucial to achieving top results. One key factor is no more than 15 grams of sugar a day. To put that in perspective, a can of soda has around 35 grams or more of sugar. According to the American Heart Association, men should have no more than 37.5 grams of sugar a day, and women 25. So, you can see how much of a challenge this can be. Take it from me, I can easily tank down 2-3 sodas a day. It takes no small amount of discipline.


The super team at Enhanced Athlete has a nifty, nutritious and delicious trick for reintroducing sugars back into your bloodstream after a highly intense workout: Low sugar jam on rice cakes. Make that jam strawberry, and I’m all in!!! Enhanced Athlete stresses to cut out corn-syrups (which the body stores as fat regardless) and artificial sweetners. They key: Rely on those ever-so-good, and sweet, natural sugars from fruits. My fav’s? Banana and pineapple combo (yes, I LOVE my tropical fruits even if they are on the higher-end of the sugar-scale), cherries for those lovely antioxidants and strawberries for that extra fiber.


Enhanced Athlete’s Window System states that you should replenish your blood sugar within 20 minutes of working out. The highly-trained and professional R&D team at Enhanced Athlete also backs the maintaining of one’s metabolism through the consumption of small, healthy snacks throughout the day.


This is just one of the many specializations that Enhanced Coaching has. They can help get you on the program that is just right for you and your body. Their program consists of a Diet/Meal Prep, Custom Workout and a Personalized Plan. They offer free consultations as well. You can read more in depth about this and find out even more at


With the top-notch, industry leading coaching, knowledge and plan execution Enhanced Coaching is there for you and your goals.